genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Tobias LEIGHTON
Birth 17 Nov 1701, Kittery, York, Maine33,74
Death Nov 1748, Kittery, York, Maine22,74
Marriage 20 Jun 1738, Kittery, York, Maine22
Birth 3 Jul 1720, Kittery, York, Maine33,74
Death Nov 1748, Kittery, York, Maine22,74
Father James* CHADBOURNE (1684-<1765)
Mother Sarah* HATCH (~1685-1765)
Birth 31 Jan 1739/40, Kittery, York, Maine33,74
Birth 31 Aug 1742, Kittery, York, Maine33,74
Death 1818, Harmony, Somerset, Maine33,74
Spouse Mary WOOSTER
Marriage 1763, Kittery, York, Maine
Notes for Tobias LEIGHTON
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Tobias, b. 17 Nov. 1701, son of Capt. John and Honor (Langdon) Leighton; planter, merchant, town clerk. Rep. 1731, 1736, 1743. Served under Pepperell at Louisburg. M. 1st 15 Nov. 1727 Grace Staples, d. 7 Nov 1736; 2d 20 June 1738 Sarah Chadbourne (James). His will 18 Nov. 1748; both d. that mo. Ch. 4 (d.y.) +2. [ref 22]
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Tobias Leighton, born 17 Nov. 1701, married 15 Nov. 1727, Grace, daughter of Capt. Peter Staples. She died 7 Nov. 1736, in her 27th year. He married (2) 20 June 1738 Sarah, daughter of James Chadbourne of Kittery. Planter and merchant. Representative to General Court in 1731, 1736 and 1743. Served under Sir William Pepperrell at the siege of Louisburg. Died Nov. 1748. His second wife died same month and year. Children by first marriage 1728-35: Tobias, Joseph, Mary, Susannah; by second marriage: Sarah, Tobias. [ref 33:577]
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1724 father's will: I Give and Bequeath to my Sons John Leighton & Tobias Leighton Each of them one acre of my home Sted near the Meeting house adjoyning to the Country road to be laid out to them as my said Executrix Shall See meet and also five acres Each of them of ye fourty acres in Controversie with Captn Shapley if it Should be recovered to be laid out to them by my Executrix as afforsaid & five acres Each of my Land at Sturgeon Creek which I bought with Joshua Downing aforsd.
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WILL of TOBIAS LEIGHTON, 18 Nov 1748 - 26 Dec 1748:

In the Name of God Amen. The eighteenth Day of November Andoq Domini 1748. I Tobias Leighton of Kittery in the County of York being very Sick & weak but of Sound Mind do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament, In hope of Salvation through Iesus Christ; I Will that my Body Shall have a decent christian Burial, at the Discretion of my Executors; and that in convenient time my just Debts be paid out of my Estate; and for that purpose I order & hereby give Power to my Executors, Such as Shall be alive, and undertake the Executing of this my Will, to Sell that part of my Farm at Sturgeon Creek, between Mr Frosts Land & Capt Heards Land, on the North Side of the High Way, and Such other Goods & Chattels & Credits not otherwise disposed of in this my Will to and for ye Payment of my Debts.

Item. I give & devise to my son Tobias Leighton all this my House & Land where I now live Buildings & appurtences Mill Priviledges & Marshes to be to him his Heirs & Assigns forever, to be possess'd of the Same at the age of twenty one years or Sooner if his Mother Shall die or Marry before that time, reserving to my Wife the Use & Improvement of the Same for Such term, and for the Uses hereafter in this my Will mentioned.

Item. I give & bequeath to my Said Son Tobias one Half of my Stock of Cattle & other Creatures.

Item. My Will is that my Executors in Selling the Land I ordered to be Sold for the Payment of my Debts Shall Sell so much of the Same from the North End of the Farm extending Southward as Shall be Sufficient to pay what Debts remain unpaid after Such of my personal Estate as they Shall think reasonable to Sell & apply to that use, that so if any of the Lands on the North Side of the Way remain it may be that part of ye Same where the House Stands.

Item. I give & devise to my two Daughters Susannah* & Sarah all that my Barn & Land & Marsh, on the South Side of the High Way at Sturgeon Creek in equal Halves, in Severalty to them and their Several Heirs & Assigns, in Fee Simple forever; reserving Such estate in the Same for my Wife for Term as hereafter in this my will Shall be mentioned.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Wife Sarah the Use & Improvement of all my Houses and Lands which I now live on and have in this my Will given to my Son Tobias for her own Support and the Suport of my Said Son during her Widowhood or his Minority. And also the Lands I herein give to my two Daughters until She marry or until they respectively arrive to the age of eighteen years or Marriage.

Item. I give & bequeath to each of my daughters a good Feather Bed & Furniture.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Susannah four Cows to be winter'd out they being her due out of my Stock for Cattle I formerly gave to her but now remaining with my Cattle.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my Son Tobias my Negro Boy.

Item. I give & bequeath all the rest of my moveable Goods and Estate not otherwise in this my Will disposed of to my Wife Sarah for her comfortable Support and the Support of my Children.

Item Notwithstanding what is before mentioned about paying any part of my Debts of my personal Estate my Executors may apply the Money due to me from my Brother Peter Staple for that purpose, and pay the Remainder by the Sales of my House & Land on the North Side of the Road before mentioned or by the Sale of so much as will do it.

Item. I appoint my wife Sarah to be Sole Executrix, and my Friend Noah Emery Executor of this my last Will & Testament.

Item. My Wife Shall have the Improvement of the Stock of Cattle and other Creatures herein given to my Son Tobias for So long time as She Shall have the Care of & Support my Children She making Good the principal Stock to him when he comes of Age or when She marries again.

Item. I give & bequeath to my Wife Ten Acres of my Land at Sturgeon Creek where the House is if So much Shall remain unsold, and if there is not enough on that Side of the Road, then So much on the other Side as Shall make up Ten Acres To Hold for the Term of her Life.

Item. My will is that my Executors or Such of them as Shall act in executing this my will Shall Sell all my out Lands and Real Estate not here in particularly mentioned for the Payment of my Debts and defreying other Charges that so as much as may be of my Lands of Sturgeon Creak Farm may be Saved for my Children. In Witness that this is my last Will & Testament, revoking all others in any Manner by me before made by Word or Writing, I hereunto Set my Hand & Seal the Day & year first aboue written.

Tobias Leigon (seal)

Signed Sealed pronounced & declared
by the Said Tobias Leighton to be
his last Will & Testament, in
presence of Iohn Rogers Humphrey
Chadbourn Edmd Coffin Iames Ferguson Jr.

Probated 26 Dec. 1748. Two Inventories returned, 3 April 1749 and 6 Nov. 1749, together amounting to 10,298:4:9, old tenor, by John Shapleigh, samuel Fernald and Joshua Staple, appraisers.

*Susannah is probably a child from Tobias' first marriage
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Notes for Sarah CHADBOURNE
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SARAH b. 3 July 1720; m. Tobias Leighton 20 June 1738. [ref 33:313]
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SARAH, b 3 July 1720; d Nov 1748; m 20 June 1738 as his second wife TOBIAS 3 LEIGHTON (John 2 William 1) b 17 Nov 1701, d Nov 1748, son of John and Honor (Langdon) Leighton of Berwick. He had 4 children who dy by Grace Staples before marrying Sarah. Children, surname Leighton: Sarah, Tobias. [ref 74:66]
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