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Camperdown, 1825
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 106
BM: 2404 tons

1825 Trafalgar (1820) renamed Camperdown.

Jul 1830 Sheerness

10 Nov 1832 in Ordinary at Sheerness, and is to be docked at Chatham for repairs to be carried out.

23 Jun 1839 Sheerness, to be taken into dock.

2 Oct 1840 Sheerness, an attempt was made to set fire to the Camperdown, undergoing repairs, but it was extinguished before it could cause any serious damage.

3 Oct 1840 Woolwich will sail tomorrow morning (Sunday) for Sheerness and Portsmouth. She embarked 120 men of the Woolwich division of Royal Marines, for service on the Camperdown, appointed to active service as a guard ship, under the flag of Admiral Sir H. Digby, in place of the Howe, 120 gun ship, on her way to Spithead to raise men, and with the Britannia proceed to the Mediterranean.

15 Oct 1840 Portsmouth, The Salamander took round to the eastward the officers of the Camperdown lent to the Howe, and army invalids.

17 Oct 1840 Gunner John Moncreaff, appointed to the Camperdown.

31 Oct 1840, Chaplain Rev. Joseph Cooper, appointed to Camperdown.

7 Nov 1840 Purser Goate Gurdon, appointed to the Camperdown ;

21 Nov 1840 Portsmouth Lieutenant Caffin, of the Excellent. has been ordered to Sheerness, to superintend the fitting of the gun carriages for the Camperdown, Monarch, and Vernon.

1 Mar 1841 at Sheerness.

18 Dec 1841 Captain Francis Brace, appointed to the Camperdown.

8 Jul 1842 a Court Martial was held on board on the Acting Master of the Larne, Mr. James Bascombe, appointed to the Larne 10 Mar 1837, for alleged negligence and incompetency, the charges being brought by his late commanding officer, Capt. P.T. Blake, the ship having paid off last Saturday. Mr. Bascombe was found guilty and he was sentenced to be dismissed the Service.

24 Aug 1842 departed her moorings at Sheerness for the Nore to join the Queen's escort of the Royal George en route to Granton, Nr. Leith, Scotland ?

Jan 1848 Portsmouth, in ordinary.

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth, in Ordinary.

1854 Harbour Service at Portsmouth.

1861-62 classified in the Naval Budget as a Yard Craft [Coal Depot] at Portsmouth.