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Captivity, 1772
Type: prison ship ; late 3rd rate ; Armament -
Built : at Plymouth as Monmouth 1782 ;
BM : 1370 tons.

Late Monmouth (1772), renamed Captivity 1796 and converted for use as a Prison Ship.

1 Jan 1799 a prison ship at Portsmouth, Lieut. S. Blow.

Circa Aug-Sep 1801 Lieutenant Silver to the Captivity.

15 Jul 1804 at noon, the Rev H Donne, of Fratton, having finished divine service on board the Portland convict ship, at Cumberland Fort, was proceeding on horseback to the same duty on board the Captivity in Portsmouth harbour. However, the horse shying away from an object in the road unseated his rider causing him some injury, included fractured ribs, but was eventually assisted by help arriving from the Portland, and was taken home.

16 Aug 1804 two wagons arrived at Portsmouth from London with a number of young male convicts and were put on board the Captivity.

1 Jan 1806 is reported at Portsmouth to have sunk at her moorings at Portchester Lake.