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Challenger, 1806
Type: Brig Sloop (Fly Class) ; Armament 16
Built: by Wallis of Blackwall, Launched 30 Jul 1806 ; whilst built by Wallis, she was completed at Woolwich Dockyard in August 1806, per Rif Winfield.
Disposal date or year : 12 Mar 1811
Disposal Details : captured by a frigate and an armed store-ship, off Isle-de-France. Capt Goddard Blennerhasset

August 1806, commissioned by Cdr. Wm. Barnham Ryder, for service in the English Channel.

7 Oct 1806, arrived Spithead, from the Downs.

27 Oct 1806, remains Spithead.

13 Nov 1806, departed Spithead with a convoy for the Downs.

1 Jan 1807, departed Deal for the French coast.

18 May 1807, at Spithead.

9 Jan 1809, departed Spithead with the frigate Aimable for the Downs.

24 Jul 1809, reported to be with the large Fleet that was soon to depart for the Dutch coast shortly.

30 Sep 1809, arrived Spithead, from the Scheldt.

5 Oct 1809, departed Spithead with a convoy for Plymouth.

13 Oct 1809, came into Portsmouth Harbour from Spithead.

11 Nov 1809, reported to be back out at the anchorage at Spithead.

21 Nov 1809, Portsmouth, went out of the harbour to Spithead. Earmaked for duties in the North Sea, but at some time during the next year departed the UK for service in the West Indies, per next item.

16 Apr 1810, at Portsmouth the newspapers from Barbadoes dated about 6 March have been received and report that the Challenger and Charybdis had arrived safely with the convoy from Cork, previously reported to have been destroyed.

The Hampshire Chronicle of Monday 26 November 1810 reports that a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, at Portsmouth, on William Barnham Ryder, Commander HM brig Challenger, for disobeying orders, by returning to England, from the WIndies with dispatches from the Lieut.-Gov. of Curacoa, without the authority of his Flag Officer. The Court dismissed him from the Service, with a recommendation to the Admiralty for leniency, he having been misled by error of judgment, but he does not appear to have been re-instated.

Circa 1810 recommissioned by Cdr G.Blennerhasset.

Portsmouth 16 Jan 1811 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 26 Mar 1811 reported to be en route for off Brest.