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Constance, 1798
Type: Hired brig ; Armament 18
Hired : 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1801

1 Jan 1799 CO : Lt M Wright, stationed at Sheerness. (N.C.).

19 Apr 1799 Plymouth, in dock.

7 May 1799 Plymouth, in dock.

1 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, departed with a convoy for the Downs.

22 Dec 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

12 Jun 1800 Portsmouth, departed with a convoy for Plymouth.

19 Jun 1800 at 7 p.m., St. Alban's Head bearing N. by E. four or five leagues, captured a small French cutter privateer, of eight men, armed with musquetry, called Les Deux Amis, of Cherbourg, out two days, and had captured the sloop Friends of Guernsey, laden with stone. Mayson Wright.

20 Jun 1800 at Spithead.

9 Jul 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Constance, Lieutenant Alt, from a cruise.

24 Oct 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Constance brig, Lt Wright, from Jersey.

19 Nov 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Active, for Jersey.

1 Sep 1801 arrived Spithead from the Eastward.(although, according to my sources, the Constance was returned to her owners 16 Dec 1800, but there are a lot of problems with the records of these hired armed vessels, and also with the identifying of vessels in general !)