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Hermes, 1798
Type: Sloop / Armed ship ; Armament 22
Purchased by Government in 1798, and armed with carronades. ;
Disposal date or year :1802

1 Jan 1799 Capt. J. Raigersfield. At Deptford.

25 May 1801 departed N. Yarmouth with the trade for Hamburgh.

19 Jul 1801 arrived Sheerness, the Hermes, Capt Watson, from the River.

21 Aug 1801 the Hermes and the brig Vidette departed Elsineur with a homeward bound convoy of 100 vessels, however the winds turned contrary and they had to put back and remain until the wind changed to a more appropriate direction.

13 Sep 1801 arrived Sheerness with a convoy of 68 sail from the Baltic.

27 Sep 1801 departed Sheerness for N. Yarmouth Roads.

28 Sep 1801 departed N. Yarmouth with a convoy for Hull.

18 Nov 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth, the Vidette, brig ; Lark, lugger ; Trial, cutter ; Inspector, sloop ; Meteor, gun-brig ; Sally, Hermes, and Wright, armed ships ; from a cruise.

24 Nov 1801 arrived Sheerness from Yarmouth.

24 Nov 1801 came into harbour at Sheerness.

30 Dec 1801 remains at Sheerness.

14 Feb 1801 remains at Sheerness the Hebe, Jamaica, Ambuscade (Dutch), Raison, frigates ; Hermes, sloop ; Harpy, Speedwell, brigs ; with 19 gun brigs ; and the Dolphin cutter.

7 Apr 1802 orders have been received at Sheerness and the Nore for the following vessels to be paid off : Hermes, sloop ; Blazer, Sparkler, Swinger, Griper, Acute, Courser, Defender, Safeguard, Cracker, Haughty, Teazer, Hasty, Pouncer, Furious, Gallant, Attack, Manley, and Eclipse, gun-brigs, along with the Scourge, Wolfe, and Dutch hoys. Wind blowing northerly, moderate.

15 Apr 1802 paid off at Sheerness and crew discharged to shore.