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Minden, 1810
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74 reduced to 20.
Launched : 19 Jun 1810 ; Disposal date or year : Aug 1861
BM: 1721 tons

1 Jan 1820 built of teak.

8 Feb 1811 departed Bombay on her first cruise, manned by the crew of the Russell.

13 Mar 1811 departed Madras for rendez-vous for expedition to Java.

Circa May-Jul 1811 planned attack on the fort covering the harbour of Marrack, to the westward of Batavia, abandoned.

25 Jul 1811 2 of Minden's boats used to land prisoners at Batavia and to gain intelligence ashore on the Island of Java.

29 Jul 1811 2 of Minden's boats, with 35 officers and men, attacked the fort covering the harbour of Marrack, to the westward of Batavia, in the knowledge that 450 soldiers were barracked nearby.

3 Aug 1811 a part of the fleet involved in the invasion of Java, which terminated with the surrender of Dutch and French forces on 16 Sep.

2 Aug 1812 Is appointed convoy at Portsmouth for the East Indies, the Cape, South America, and the coast of Africa.

3 Aug 1812 departs Spithead for the Cape of Good Hope to-morrow morning.

11 Jul 1816 went out of Plymouth harbour.

28 Jul 1816 the Minden as a part of a fleet of 19 vessels which departed from Plymouth Sound, for the bay of Algiers, was despatched to Gibraltar to make preparations for the arrival of the fleet.

9 Aug 1816 the fleet arrived at Gibraltar, where it joined the Dutch squadron, which had arrived the previous evening, and which, it was agreed, would join the expedition. Whilst at Gibraltar the fleet was victualled and preparations made for the forthcoming battle, with gunnery practice &c. taking place.

27 Aug 1816 circa 1400 hours, no reply having been received to Lord Exmouth's demands, the ships of the fleet took up their stations and the Battle of Algiers commenced, ceasing about 2200 hours. Account of casualties. Account of powder and shot expended. Conferences &c. held with the Dey following the battle regards the demands of the allies and settlements made : honours and awards. See also p. 226 at

3 Sep the fleet departed from Algiers for Gibraltar and England, although it would appear that the Minden departed for the East Indies.

Medals granted to surviving officers, seamen and marines (and soldiers who served as marines) per order of 7th June, 1848

1 Nov 1816 reported at Gibraltar to be sailing for Madras on 15 Nov.

26 Jul 1817 remains Trincomalee.

18 Aug 1819 had arrived Trincomalee from Bombay.

Jul 1830 Plymouth

15 Jan 1831 has been taken to her moorings up the river, having undergone her triennial inspection, and had defects made good.

14 Dec 1833 is being brought out of ordinary at Plymouth to be rigged etc. in readiness to go to sea, should circumstances dictate.

23 May 1834 Undocked at Plymouth.

2 Jan 1836 it is rumoured at Plymouth that she is to be prepared for sea service.

19 Mar 1836 is understood to have been commissioned at Plymouth.

2 Jul 1836 departed from Plymouth Tuesday last, with stores for the squadron off the coast of Spain.

29 Oct 1836 in the Tagus.

25 Jan 1837 in the Tagus where it is reported that influsenza was endemic amongst the British squadron, causing a number of deaths.

27 Feb 1837 in the Tagus.

8 Apr 1837 at a court martial held on board last week Lieutenant Ommanney was charged with dereliction of duty and sentenced to be placed at the bottom of the list of Lieutenants.

9 Jan 1839 at Malta.

6 Feb 1839 remains at Malta.

2 Feb 1839 Malta, was preparing to convey to Tunis Mr. T. Reade, the British Consul at that residency.

15 May 1839 at Malta.

25 Jun 1839 Malta, arrived Valetta from Naples.

1 Jul 1839 Malta, the Minden, Talavera, Asia, Castor, and Zebra departed and remained in the offing until the following day, when they were joined by Admiral Sir R Stopford, in the Princess Charlotte, the Rodney, Bellerophon, Pembroke, Tyne and Rhadamanthus and departed for the east, but destination unknown.

Sep 1939 at Besika Bay.

13 Oct 1839 Malta, it is reported that a malignant fever had appeared among the crews of both fleets at Besika Bay, but with most intensity on board the French vessels.

4 Nov 1839 Malta, is reported to have departed Besika Bay with the fleet on 23 Oct for a winter anchorage at Vourla."

14 Dec 1839 Malta, did not put back on account of bad weather, but owing to her topmast rigging having been carried away, which as soon as refitted she will proceed on her way to England to be paid off.

20 Mar 1840 Plymouth is to be fitted as a demonstration ship.

27 Sep 1840 Devonport, was damaged by fire whilst in dock.

4 Dec 1841 has been commissioned at Plymouth as a hospital ship for the China station.

4 Dec 1841 Boatswain James Carden, Carpenter Thomas Fuller, and Gunner ----- Hodges, appointed to the Minden.

4 Dec 1841 Captain Michael Quin, appointed to the Minden (hospital-ship, for China) ; Lieutenant H. J. Julian ; Master William Mills (act-ing) and Pilot appointed to the Minden.

4 Dec 1841 Plymouth, is reported to have been commissioned and fitted out as a hospital ship at Plymouth, for service on the China station.

11 Dec 1841 Lieutenants O. Elliott, William Bayley, H. J. Julian, and W. Dorville ; Master Thomas Hancorne (acting) ; Purser John H. Cook appointed to the Minden.

11 Dec 1841 Surgeon A. Nesbitt, appointed to Greenwich Hospital, vice J. Wilson, appointed Deputy Inspector to the Minden, for China.

11 Dec 1841 Gunner John Hodges appointed to the Minden.

18 Dec 1841 Lieutenant T. Crofton ; Assistant-Surgeon D. B. Whipple, appointed to the Minden.

18 Dec 1841 Surgeon G. G. Tucker ; Acting (additional) Assistant-Surgeon D. Thompson (c), appointed to the Minden.

23 Dec 1841 Plymouth, in Commission In Harbour.

28 Dec 1841 Plymouth, is soon expected to be ready for sea.

12 Jan 1842 taken into the new north dock at Plymouth to have her bottom examined, and is expected to be removed circa 14 Jan.

14 Feb 1842 arrived Plymouth, from Woolwich, in the Lightning, a detachment of Marines, for the Minden for service in China.

19 Feb 1842 her Royal Marine contingent joined the ship.

26 Feb 1842 went out to Plymouth Sound.

10 Mar 1842 in Plymouth Sound, her crew have been paid 2 months pay in advance and she now awaits a fair wind to sail for China.

18 May 1842 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.

28 May 1842 departed the Cape of Good Hope for Singapore.

Late 1842 Hospital ship at Hong Kong for harbour service, later converted to a Hospital hulk.

30 Jul 1843 struck by Lightning at Hong Kong in a very long and violent thunder Storm, which damaged several Merchant Vessels near the Minden; the Conductors fixed in the Masts were said to have effectually protected the Ship.

1846 China and India Station - Hulk at Hong Kong

20 Dec 1848 Store/Hospital ship, Hong Kong,

30 Aug 1851 China

from late 1855 the Minden is no longer to be a Hospital Ship at Hong Kong, per Morning Chronicle 31 Jan 1856.

10 May 1857 Hongkong, Mr. Elles, master.

1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858 Parliamentary Grant of 33,000, for services (in lieu of Prize Money) on the China Station to be divided between 56 Vessels.

1860 Store ship at Hong Kong

1861-62 Military Stationary Ship, Hong Kong : sold Aug 1861 : per Parliamentary estimates etc.