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Minotaur, 1793
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken : 1793 ;
Disposal date or year : 22 Dec 1810
Disposal Details : Wrecked on Haak sands, at the mouth of the Texel: 360 of her crew perished. Captain John Barrett. See below for list of survivors.
BM: 1718 tons
Complement: 634

4 June 1794, Rear-admiral Montagu, Captain Thomas Louis, departed from Plymouth Sound with nine sail of the line and two frigates, to attempt to join Lord Howe and intercept a large French convoy from America. On the 8th, discovered and chased a French squadron, including 8 ships of the line, under the command of Rear-admiral Cornice, into bay of Bertheaume, and so stood back out to sea.

9 June 1794, sighted the French fleet of 19 sail of the line, returning from their recent meeting with the British fleet, which formed line-of-battle and briefly chased the squadron. With a squadron of equivalent rating on his other flank, Rear-admiral Montagu withdrew as quickly as the poor sailing qualities of the Ganges and Alexander would permit. Continued his search for a further 2 days, but failing in this, returned to Cawsand bay, Plymouth, on 12 June.

21 Dec 1796 chased a part of French squadron from Toulon.

15 Apr - 15 May 1797 Mutiny at Spithead for improved pay and victuals etc. See also p. 520-522->

24 May 1798 departed from off Cadiz with a squadron of 10 ships of the line to join Nelson's squadron in the Mediterranean, arriving 7 Jun.

7 Jun 1798 the search for the French fleet.

1 Aug 1798 the preparation for the Battle of the Nile.

1 Aug 1798 Battle of the Nile.

14 Aug 1798 the Orion, Bellerophon, Minotaur, Defence, Audacious, Theseus, and Majestic, accompanied by the prizes Franklin, Tonnant, Aquilon, Conquérant, Peuple-Souverain and Spartiate leave Aboukir Bay.

Mid Sep 1798 arrived Gibraltar with prizes and made good repairs.

24 Oct 1798 Nelson, with the Vanguard and Minotaur joined the combined squadron of Portuguese and British ships under the Marquess de Niza and Captain Ball of the Alexander in the blockade of Malta.

28 Nov 1798 Vanguard, Culloden, Minotaur, Terpsichore, and hired cutter Flora capture the Genoese corvettes Le Tigre and L'Eguaglianza, near Leghorn. Prize money paid 17 Jun 1802.

24 Mar 1799 arrived at Palermo. 31st detached to blockade the port of Naples.

20 May 1799 joined Nelson at Palermo.

13 Jun-mid Aug 1799 departed from off Palermo for a cruise, arriving Naples 24th, where crews were involved in operations ashore.

Apr-24 Jun 1800 blockade of Genoa and cutting out of the Prima galley. Departed from Genoa as the French re-occupied the city.

3 Aug 1800 in Leghorn Roads.

3 Sep 1800 ships' boats capture two armed Spanish ships.

8 Jan 1801 the Penelope, in Sight of the Swiftsure, Tigre, Minotaur, Northumberland, Malta Schooner, and Florentin, captured, on the Mediterranean station, French Bombard St. Roche, laden with Wine, Liqueurs, Iron Ware, Delfth Cloth, and various other Merchandize, from Marseilles bound to Alexandria.

31 Jan 1801 anchored Marmorice on the coast of Karamania. . 2 Mar 1801 arrived Aboukir bay. 7 Mar 1801 commenced opposed landing of troops, seamen, artillery and stores.

7 Feb 1801 captured by the Squadron under the Orders of Captain Louis, of the Minotaur on the Mediterranean station a French Bombard, (Name unknown,) from Marseilles to Alexandria : the caiques St. Maria de Bassa, and the St. Nichola, both laden with Wine, and from Samos bound to Alexandria : the French Ship La Jeune Union, laden with Coffee, Sugar, Rice, &c. &c. from Alexandria bound to Toulon : and the French Brig La Colombe, laden with Coffee, Sugar, Rice, &c, from Alexandria bound to France : the French Brig La Jeune Rafael, laden with Coffee, Sugar, Rice, &c. from Alexandria bound to France : run on shore a French Brig, Name unknown, laden with sundry Merchandize, from France bound to Alexandria : also run on shore the French Polacre Ship La Prise d'Algiers, laden with Rice, Coffee, Nitre, and Morocco Leather along with the French Brig L'Amitié, laden with Rice, Coffee, and sundry other Merchandize, both from Alexandria bound to France.

26 Feb 1801 the French Polacre ship La Vertue, of six guns and twenty-six men, laden with sundry merchandise, from France bound to Alexandria ; taken by the squadron under the command of Captain Thomas Louis, of the Minotaur.

13 Mar 1801 of the seamen employed on shore in Aboukir Bay two were killed and one was wounded.

21 Mar 1801 of those employed on shore were killed and wounded in action in Aboukir Bay 1 officer killed, Master's-Mate, Mr. Krebs, and 5 seaman wounded.

7 Apr 1801 a letter from the Swiftsure off Alexandria commences : "We have, in our endeavours to keep off the shore, been obliged to carry sail to such a degree as nearly to tear our ships to pieces ; and we received further proof of the impossibility of forming an effectual blockade of any port, even in this fine country. On the night of our return from the offing we spoke the Pearl frigate, bringing us advice of the sailing of a French squadron of 7 sail of the line, a frigate, 2 sloops, and 2 store ships, for this place, having 7,000 troops, and 3 generals on board. Lord Keith has been busy preparing the Stately for the line, and our force now consists of the Foudroyant, 84 ; Tigre, 80 ; Ajax, Northumberland, Swiftsure, Kent, and Minotaur, 74 ; Stately, 64, and several small vessels.

29 Jun 1801 cruising off Alexandria, per UK newspapers of this date, reporting news received from off Egypt.

Circa Aug 1801 the ship's tender, commanded by Lieutenant John Irwin, aged 34 years, was lost with all hands.

23 Dec 1801 arrived at the Motherbank anchorage, off Ryde, IoW, where ships from abroad, in this case from Malta and Egypt, for Portsmouth, were put in quarantine.

4 Jan 1802 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that the Minotaur has been released from quarantine and moved to an anchorage / mooring at Spithead.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Lieutenant Schomberg, of the Minotaur, pro tempore, to the Roebuck.

26 Jan 1802 departed Spithead the Minotaur, 74, Captain Louis, to Chatham, to be paid off.

28 Jan 1802 arrived in the Downs, from Egypt, last from Spithead. Departed the Downs later in the day for Chatham.

8 Feb 1802 came into Sheerness from the Nore, and sailed later for Chatham.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 died at his brother's house at Streatham, Mr. Thomas Henderson, Purser of his Majesty's ship Minotaur.

3 Dec 1802 has arrived Sheerness from Chatham ordinary.

15 Mar 1803 the Minotaur, Capt Mansfield, has been commissioned at Sheerness, and is to be fitted for sea with all possible expedition.

18 Apr 1803 is reported to be ready for sea, apart from not having recruited a full complement.

5 May 1803 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness.

6 May 1803 departed the Downs this morning for Torbay.

16 May 1803 Adm Cornwallis sailed on Monday from Torbay, with a squadron consisting of the following ships : Dreadnought, 98, Hon Adm Cornwallis, First Capt Murray, Second Capt Brace ; Neptune, 98, Capt Drury ; Albion, 74, Capt Ferrier ; Minotaur, 74, Capt Louis ; Ardent, 64, Capt Winthorp ; Culloden, 74, R.-Adm Campbell, Capt Lane ; Venerable, 74, Capt Searle ; Sceptre, 74, Capt Dickson ; Thunderer, 74, Capt Bedford ; and Russel, 74, Capt Williams. The Tonant, Malta, Spartiate, Plantagenet, Mars and Conqueror, lying in Cawsand Bay are nearly ready for sea, and want but few men to complete their complement.

5 Jun 1803 sent into Plymouth the Dutch ship Lust Rust, from Surinam to Amsterdam, with sugar, coffee, and cotton, a prize to the Minotaur.

6 Jun 1803 stopped off at Plymouth briefly to pick up prize crews sent into Plymouth with prizes, e.g. the French Ship La Teresa ; and the Dutch ships Vreede, and Zaam Stroom.

16 Jun 1803 departed Plymouth to join the Channel Squadron.

12 Sep 1803 arrived Cawsand Bay from the Channel Squadron, has orders to refit and return to her squadron with all expedition.

17 Sep 1803 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

28 May 1803, captured the French 36-gun frigate Franchise.

Circa 7 Jul 1804 the Defiance, Capt Durham, has returned to Portsmouth, from off Rochefort, where the Temeraire, Goliath, Minotaur, and Aigle remained under Sir R Calder, blockading that port.

May 1805 Spithead, for foreign service.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle. 20 Oct combined fleet departed Cadiz, fleet manoeuvres.

21 Oct 1805 England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. Individual ship actions and losses : Minotaur. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

7 Aug 1807 arrived Copenhagen for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.

19 Jun 1809 cruising off the coast of Swedish Finland, off Hango, with the Bellerophon.

25 Jul 1809 ships' boats of the Princess-Caroline, Minotaur, Cerberus, and Prometheus attack four Russian gun-boats and an armed brig lying at Fredericksham, near Apso roads, in the gulf of Finland, which were captured and brought off - at a price.

Deal 19 Jan 1810 departed for Portsmouth.

Deal 7 Feb 1811 The following list of those saved from the wreck of the Minotaurl has been received from Holland:-
Robert Snell, Lieutenant ; Robert Thompson, Master ; _______Jones, Assistant Surgeon ; Joseph Bonis, Midshipman &c. ; Philip Cox, Midshipman. ; George Elve, Midshipman ; B. Hart, Midshipman ; G.R. Mitchell, Midshipman ; Joseph O'Brien, Midshipman ; John Chalmers, Midshipman Seamen: Peter Nichols ; Sam. Johnson ; John Marsh ; Edward Benley ; James Walker ; Robert Davidson ; John Cross ; William Williams ; James Hughes ; John Johnstone ; Thomas Bruce ; William Robb ; John McGilvery ; John Feckney ; James Palmer ; William Masis ; James Jacks ; M. McDonnel ; William Ibbotson ; William Holmes ; Stephen Hill ; Robert Tysick ; John Marshall ; Alexander Brown (1st) ; James Brazier ; John Sheers ; John Balie ;Fk. Johnson ; James Gouk ; John Clark ; James Murphy ; Robert Robinson ; John White ; George Rogers ; John Pye ; Jos. Dickinson ; John Davies ; Thomas Steadman ; Thomas Alkenson ; Mat. Harar ; John Thompson (3d) ; Michael Keefe ; Samuel Wilkinson ; William Bloss ; William Blunchel ; Ph. Martin ; Robert Browden ; William Bentle ; Robert Joice ; John Ryan ; Peter Lebaran ; Charles Johnstone ; Ducan Thomson ; Michael Whelar ; Thomas Bucke ; Joesph Collius ; William Doudy ; Philip Tool ; Peter Mullhall ; Hugh O'Roffit ; John Daniel ; John Cranch, (2d) ; Joseph Fickle ; James Sevil ; Andrew Dowsey ; Thomas Eldin ; John White ; ______ Wanton ; Nichols Hutchinson ; William Hayes ; William Clark ; Samuel Vickery ; Benjamin Young ; Jeremiah Hay ; John Brown ; John Curson ; Alexander Fickle ; Josias Murphy ; John Appleton ; Dixon Dawson ; William Robertson ; William Blanchard ; Hugh M'Cormick ; Robert Broughton ; James Mitchell ; Kennet Sharpe ; John Master ; Daniel Murray ; William Burk ; Thomas Back ; Robert Finlayson ; James Warren ; Hugh Raffaty ; John Askew ; William Doughty ; Ducan Thomson ; Samuel Horson ; John Richards ; George Richards.