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Royal William, 1719
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 84
Rebuilt : 1719 ; Disposal date or year : 1813
BM: 1918 tons ;

Circa 1790 Guardship.

15 Jan 1799 Portsmouth, at Spithead.

19 Mar 1799 at Spithead.

6 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, the Goliath, 74, is paid off and her crew turned over to the Royal William and Puissant.

Circa Jan 1800 J. Willoughby. Esq. of the Royal William, is appointed one of the Lieutenants of the Prince, with Admiral Sir C Cotton.

30 Jul 1800 Portsmouth, a Court Martial was held on board the Gladiator in this Harbour, for the trial of Thomas Nelson, a supernumerary seaman belonging to the Royal William, for having on the 14 June used reproachful and provoking speeches to a man who had given evidence before a Court Martial held for the trial of one of the Mutineers of the Hermione. The prisoner being found guilty, he was sentenced to be imprisoned two years in the Marshalsea.

Circa 1 Aug 1800 Lieutenant Alt, of the Royal William, who has for a considerable time commanded the Ant schooner, with great credit to himself, and advantage to the public service, is put on half pay; and William Hird, Esq. is appointed to the command of the Ant.

7 Aug 1800 Portsmouth, at nine o'clock, a gun was fired on board the Royal William, at Spithead, and the yellow flag hoisted as a signal for executing J. Watson and and J. Allen, who were condemned by a Court Martial as being concerned in the mutiny on hoard the Hermione. The signal being repeated, the yellow flag was hoisted on board the Puissant at Spithead, and the Braakel in the harbour, on board which ships they were executed, boats from all the ships at Spithead, manned and armed with marines, attended the Puissant as those in the Harbour did the Braakel.

Circa 1 Sep 1800 Lt Alt, late of the Royal William, is appointed to the Carteret cutter. The inclusion of the Royal William for the appointments of Lt. Alt suggests that the vessels may have been tenders to the Royal William.

14 Jun 1801 remains at Spithead.

24 Aug 1801 remains at Spithead.

23 Sep 1801 the Admiralty have ordered that the Port Admiral's ship at Portsmouth shall in future have her proper number of guns and men, and should be ready for sea, if required. In view of the age of the Royal William she couldn't meet these requirements and was no longer fit for service and was ordered into harbour to be paid off.

25 Sep 1801 came into Portsmouth harbour, after many years as guard ship at Spithead.

15 Dec 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, to try Lieutenant Joseph Murray, of the Guildford prison-ship, for the embezzlement of stores ; also on Mr. William Bell, Carpenter of the Royal William, charged with the like offence. After a full investigation of the charges, they were both acquitted.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Lieutenant Edwards, late of the Royal William, is appointed a Lieutenant of Haslar Hospital, vice M'Gregor, deceased.

7 Feb 1802 recent reports of a ship's boat being lost in Portsmouth harbour with the lives of 11 officers and men, in the harbour, in a severe gale, are erroneous. A boat belonging to the Royal William ran athwart a hawser in the harbour, and upset, but no lives were lost.

Circa 3 Oct 1803 Capt Wainwright apptd to the Royal William, at Portsmouth.

Circa 3 Oct 1803 Lieut Rosson/Roffon apptd to the Royal William, at Portsmouth.

4 Nov 1803 the Royal William, guard ship, Capt Wainwright, has gone out of Portsmouth Harbour to Spithead.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 remains at Spithead.

23 Nov 1804 James Couch, a supernumerary seaman, was court martialled for having procured spiritous liquors from shore and sold them on board, contrary to orders, and was sentenced to 50 lashes.