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Venerable, 1808
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1838

28 Jul 1809 a part of a large fleet which departed from the Downs, with troops, with the aim of demolishing the dock-yards, and arsenals at Antwerp, Terneuse, and Flushing, often known as the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition. 14 Aug bombardment of Flushing.

19 Sep 1810 captured the French privateer Alexandre in the Channel.

Plymouth 12 Jan 1811 arrived to repair damage sustained in a gale in the Channel.

Plymouth 19 Jan 1811 departed for Portsmouth.

Plymouth 20 Apr 1811 arrived from Basque Roads.

Plymouth Dock 23 May 1811 arrived from Basque Roads.

Portsmouth 20 Aug 1811 arrived from off L'Orient.

Portsmouth 8 Oct 1811 Went out of the harbour.

Portsmouth 15 Oct 1811 Dropped down to St. Helen's.

Portsmouth 21 Oct 1811 Reported to be off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 3 Nov 1811 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 5 Nov 1811 arrived in St. Helen's from off Cherbourg, owing to the weather.

Portsmouth 14 Nov 1811 arrived from off Havre.

Portsmouth 18 Nov 1811 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 2 Jan 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 5 Jan 1812 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 6 Jan 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 8 Jan 1812 Came up from St. Helen's.

Portsmouth 22 Jan 1812 departed to resume station off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 27 Jan 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 12 Feb 1812 arrived from off Ushant.

Portsmouth 1 Mar 1812 departed for Basque Roads.

Portsmouth 19 Mar 1812 departed in pursuit of a French squadron.

Plymouth Dock 13 Apr 1812 arrived and anchored in Cawsand Bay, from a cruise after the French Squadron.

Portsmouth 20 Apr 1812 arrived from Plymouth.

Plymouth 26 May 1812 arrived from the westward.

Plymouth 4 Jun 1812 departed for off Brest.

Jun-Aug 1812 details of various operations carried out by the Venerable, Magnificent, Surveillante, Rhin, Medusa and Lyra, in collaboration with the Spanish off the north coast of Spain in expelling the French from their country.

Portsmouth 30 Dec 1812 Is just anchored, from St. Ander.

Portsmouth 30 Dec 1812 arrived with a convoy of transports, with Royal Marines, on Wednesday, from the North coast of Spain.

Portsmouth 5 Jun 1813 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 20 Jul 1813 Will sail tomorrow with the outward-bound convoy for Spain, Portugal, and Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 21 Jul 1813 departed with specie and a convoy of transports with reinforcements for Marshal Wellington.

Portsmouth 29 Jul 1813 departed this morning with the convoy for St. Andero, Portugal, and the Mediterranean, with a fine breeze, with stores of every description, specie and troops for Lord Wellington's army.

Falmouth 2 Aug 1813 arrived with the outward-bound convoy for Portugal, and the Mediterranean, put in here by contrary winds.

Falmouth 7 Aug 1813 departed with an outward-bound convoy for Spain Portugal.

Portsmouth 23 Dec 1813 Dropped down to St. Helen's, bound for the Leeward Islands.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1813 Remains wind-bound.

Portsmouth 26 Dec 1813 departed for the Leeward Island station.

31 Dec 1813 captured the French privateer Jason at sea.

16-20 Jan 1814 on the 16th the Venerable captured the French frigate Alcmène, whilst the Cyane and prize Jason went in chase of the Iphigénie. The Venerable subsequently captured the Iphigénie on the 20th. The Iphigénie (as Palma, later Gloire) and Alcmène (as Dunira, later Immortalité), were both added to the British navy.

5 Feb 1814, arrived Barbadoes, R.-Adm Durham. Portsmouth 10 May 1814 Is expected to sail to-morrow for Ameries.

Portsmouth 12 Aug 1814 Has detained and sent in the Dernare (Sp), French frigate.

Portsmouth 18 Aug 1814 Came in to be paid off.

Barbadoes 28 Dec 1814 Remains.

Falmouth 26 May 1815 Appeared in the offing with a frigate and signalled the Scamander, laying in Carrick Roads, who departed to join them.

Jul 1830 Portsmouth.

The Hampshire Advertiser of 28 Apr 1832 announced the death of Mr. James Terry, Supernumerary Boatswain of the Venerable, at R.N.H. Haslar.