To Save a King

To Save a King

The video, 'To Save a King', written and photographed by Malcolm Pendrill, and edited and narrated by Bryan Wolfe, is available from the Chairman in both PAL and NTSC formats.

In June 1650, the year after his father Charles I was executed, his eldest son, now Charles II, who had been in exile in France, landed in Scotland at the invitation of the Scottish Presbyterian party.

The year-long campaign to regain the throne that followed ended in failure and military defeat by Cromwell.

In July 1651 Charles marched south into England at the head of a Scottish army hoping to raise support from those opposed to the Commonwealth Government.

Our story starts with his arrival at Worcester in August 1651.

After the battle on September 3rd, and the defeat of his army by Cromwell, King Charles was a fugitive and a wanted man, with a price on his head.

Fleeing north, he was concealed from his Commonwealth pursuers by the five Penderel brothers of Boscobel House in Shropshire. These few desperate days are the heart of this story.

This video was made in the actual locations where the events took place. The City of Worcester, the countryside through which the King passed, the villages of Brewood, Shifnal and Tong, and the houses in which the King was concealed; Whiteladies Priory, Boscobel House, the barn at Madeley near the Severn, Moseley Old Hall, and of course the Royal Oak at Boscobel.

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