The RootsChat Collection

of Victorian and Edwardian Portrait Photography

What is this website about?

This site has been set up to exhibit a collection of old photographs that have been donated to the community of
Some of the photos have been digitally enhanced to make them easier to see. Many are very faded in real life.
If you find a photo that you think is of someone in your family, please contact me via Rootschat, or using the contact details on this website. I'll send you a larger scan so you can confirm the connection, and then if you want it I'll post the original to you. I might be able to provide an educated guess on the age of the photograph if you want it.

Enjoy browsing these pictures, and I hope you find someone who's "one of yours".

A HUGE thank you to all those who have so generously donated their photos, and to RootsWeb for supplying this free webspace.

Please do not use the images on this website without asking.
They are copyright and any unauthorised use of the images will be considered as stealing.
Please contact me if you wish to use an image.