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Tracing our roots back to our first parents

According to Judean-Christian traditions, our first parents were Adam and Eve, the first humans. All peoples on this earth trace their roots to these common ancestors. We are all distant cousins. Medicine also tells us that we are all related. Look at the blood type alleles. There is no connection between race and blood types. The percentage of blood type is similar in all races of people. Indeed we are of the human race. Furthermore, genetic studies in mitochondrial DNA hint that all people have a common female ancestor. Call this common ancestor "Eve".

If we keep tracing our lineage back, in theory we will come to our common ancestor. At this time, this is more an exercise in fun than in genealogical work, at least not yet. There are still many more ancestors to be uncovered. Royal genealogies often trace back to a common ancestor that proved a claim on the crown. Many medieval royal families have a lineage that traces back to royal families of the Bible. Tracing your ancestors back to a royal family can provide you a pedigree that traces back to the first parents.

Bobbie has ties with the British royal family. He is a descendent of Edward III through his grandson Henry de Beaufort and Lady Fitz Alan. The royal families of England and Scotland trace their lines way back, all the way back to our first parents. The tradition is that Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah, last King of Judah, made her way to northern Ireland. Her son became a King of Ireland. From there, the line passed through the ruling families of the Picts and the Scots. The royal family of Scotland traces their lineage through Judah. And from Judah we have the scriptural lineage to Adam & Eve.

Adam & Eve Pedigree

153.      Robert “Bobbie” Way

152.      Gladys Mable Sims m. Robert Clair Way

151.      Thomas Sims m. Mary “Ollie” Smith

150.      Henry Clay Sims m. Elizabeth Davis

149.      James Williams Sims m. Sarah Tatum

148.      Colonel Thomas Sims m. Mary Winn

147.      William Sims m. Judith Cross

146.      Captain Bruster Sims m. Mary Green

145.      Edwards Sims m. Mary Bruster

144.      William II Symes m. Mary Sherwood

143.      Esquire Thomas Symes m. Amy Bridges

142.      Amy Horner m. John Symes

141.      Amy Popham m. Thomas Horner

140.      Sir John Popham m. Amy Games

139.      Alexander Popham m. Jane Stradling

138.      Sir Edward Stradling m Elizabeth Arundel

137.      Thomas Stradling m. Janet Matthew

136.      Sir Henry Stradling m Elizabeth Herbert (Thomas)

135.      Joan (Beaufort), natural daughter m. Edward Stradling

134.      Henry Beaufort and Lady Fitz Alan

133.      John of Gaunt m. Katherine Roet

132.      Edward III Plantagenet, King of England m. Philippa

131.      Edward II Plantagenet, King of England m. Isabella

130.      Edward I Plantagenet, King of England m. Eleanor

129.      Henry III Plantagenet, King of England m. Eleanor

128       John I “Lackland” Plantagenet, King of England m. Isabella

127.      Henry II “Curtmantle” Plantagenet, King of England m. Eleanor

126.      Princess Matilda “Maude” m. Geoffrey V Plantagenet, King of England

125.      Matilda, Princess of Scotland m. Henry I “Beauclerk”, King of England

124.      Malcolm III “Canmore” m. St. Margaret Aetheling (Margaret of England)

123.      Duncan, King of Scotland m. Sibyl

122.      Princess Beatrice m. Crinan

121.      Malcolm II, King of Scotland

120.      Kenneth II, King of Scotland

119.      Malcolm I, King of Scotland

118.      Donald, King of Scotland

117.      Kenneth I McAlpin, King of Scotland

116.      Alpin, King of Argyleshire

115.      Achaisas m. Fergusia

114.      Ethafind m. Fergina

113.      Eugene V m. Spondan

112.      Prince Findan

111.      Eugene IV

110.      Prince Dongard

109.      Donald

108.      Eugene III

107.      Aidan

106.      Conran

105.      Dongard

104.      Gergus More, King of Argyll in Scotland (Argyleshire)

103.      Mortough

102.      Prince Muiredhach

101.      Prince Eogan

100.      Neall

99.        Eochaidh Moihmeodhain

98.        Muirread Head Tireach

97.        Fiachadh Streabhthuim

96.        Caorbre Liffeachaire

95.        Cormac Ulfhada

94.        Art Aonfir

93.        Conn Ceadchadbach

92.        Feidhlimhidh Rrecgtmar

91.        Tuthal Teachtman

90.        Fiachadn Fionhudh

89.        Feroaidhach Fionfachtnach

88.        Criomhthan Niadhnar

87.        Lughaidh Reibdearg

86.        Prince Bias (Fineamhuas)

85.        Feidhlich

84.        Prince Finn

83.        Prince Finlogha

82.        Prince Rioghneaim

81.        Prince Eamhna

80.        Prince Blathachta

79.        Prince Lurie

78.        Enno

77.        Angus Tuirmbreach

76.        Eochaid Foltleathan

75.        Caisfhaidlach

74.        Conla

73.        Jaren Gleofathach

72.        Prince Meilage

71.        Coalbreag

70.        More the Great King of Ireland

69.        Prince Buillaig

68.        Dyach Laighrach

67.        Riachadh Tolgroch

66.        Bolgrack

65.        Simon Breac

64.        Fion Fail

63.        Gaillchadh

62.        Prince Olchao

61.        Siorna Saoghalach

60.        Prince Maoin

59.        Aongus Oilbhuagard

58.        Labhruins

57.        Prince Smiorguil

56.        Tighernmas

55.        Prince Follain

54.        Eithraill

53.        Irail Faidh the Irish King

52.        Tamar "Tea" Tephi1 m. Eochaidh, the Hermon2

51.        Zedekiah

50.        Josiah3 m. Hamutal, daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah

49.        Amon m. Jediah

48.        Manasseh

47.        Hezikiah

46.        Abi

45.        Jotham

44.        Uzziah

43.        Amziah

42.        Joash

41.        Ahaziah

40.        Jehoram

39.        Jehosophat

38.        Asa m. Azubah

37.        Abjah

36.        Rehoboam, King of Judah m. Maacah

35.        Solomon, King of Israel m. Naamah

34.        David, King of Israel m. Bathsheba

33.        Jesse

32.        Obed

31.        Boaz m. Ruth

30.        Salmon

29.        Nashon

28.        Amminadab

27.        Ram

26.        Hezron

25.        Pharez (twin brother Zarah)

24.        Er m. Tamar (Judah and Tamar)

23.        Judah m. Shuah

22.        Jacob “Israel” m. Leah

21.        Isaac m. Rebecca

20.        Abraham m. Sarah

19.        Terah

18.        Nabor

17.        Serug

16.        Reu

15.        Peleg

14.        Eber

13.        Salah

12.        Arphaxad

11.        Shem

10.        Noah

9.         Lamech

8.         Methusalah

7.         Enoch

6.         Jared

5.         Mahaleleel

4.         Cainan

3.         Enos

2.         Seth

1.         Adam and Eve - Our First Parents


1Tamar Tephi was also known as Tea Tephi, the daughter of God’s House, Princess of the House of David. She came to Ireland in 580 BC and brought with her a relic of immemorial antiquity, said to be Jacob’s Pillow of Stone. This became the Coronation Stone used by the Kings of Ireland and Scotland and later the Kings of England.

2Eochaidh is supposed to be a prince of the scarlet-thread bloodline. He is a descendant of Zarah, the twin son of Tamar who had the scarlet thread tied upon his hand at birth. The marriage of Tea Tephi and Eochaidh united the two bloodlines from Judah.

3Josiah Ben Amon and Hamutal Bint Jeremiah had two sons, Jehoahaz and Zedekiah.



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