Moses Estes Genealogy  
Moses Estes


(pronounced es-tis)

Submitted by:  Peggy Estes

Generation 1

Moses Estes,  b. bet. 1730 - 1732,  Kent, ENG, d. abt. 1790.
     Children of Moses Estes are:
        1.  Bethlehem Estes
        2.  Gallant Estes [see next generation]
        3.  Nathaniel Estes, b. 1783, VA;
            +Nancy FINLEY; b. Pendleton District, SC.

Generation 2

Gallant Estes, b. abt. 1780, VA or SC; d. 26 Jan, 1814 in War of 1812 Tallapoosa, AL.
    +Margaret "Peggy" BARNHILL m. 1802 in Greenville Co., SC
        Children of Gallant Estes and Peggy BARNHILL are:
            1.  Francis Estes
            2.  Edward Estes, b. abt. 1795, SC; d. AL
            3.  David Estes, b. abt. 1799, SC
            4.  John Minton/Moses Estes [see next generation]
            5.  Bethany E. Estes, b.27 Feb, 1808, TN;
                +Andrew McCABE; b. Abt. 1818, TN; Immigrated from Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN
            6.  Melinda Estes, b. 2 Mar, 1812;
                +William B. Thomas
            7.  Landa Estes, b. 10 Sep, 1813, TN; m.

Generation  3

John Minton/Moses Estes, b. 28 Apr., 1804, SC; d. Mar. 13, 1881, MCAR; bu. Flippin Cem.; m. 1829 in Cannon Co., TN
                                        Emigrated from Woodbury , Cannon Co., TN, 1849 w/ brother-in-law Andrew McCABE arriving
                                        in Yellville (1849). John was a blacksmith.
    +Charlotte ELKINS, b.  9 Mar, 1809, Buncombe Co., NC; d.  9 Jan, 1908; bu. Flippin Cem., Marion Co., AR; 1880 in Union Township.
                                        d/o Gabriel ELKINS and Stacy DILLIARD  (Charlotte lost her eyesight. )
        Children of John Estes and Charlotte Elkins are:
            1.  Edward Estes, b. 4  Sep, 1826, Cannon Co., TN; d. 13 May, 1862;
                + Mary Ann PARKER.
            2.  Margaret Ann "Manda" Estes, b. 9 Aug, 1828, Cannon Co., TN; d. 1909;
                +Gideon THOMPSON.
            3.  James C/E Estes [see next generation]

Generation 4

James C/E Estes, b. 10 Jul, 1839, Cannon Co., TN; d. 4 Apr, 1900, MCAR; bu. Yellville Cem.; m. 1861;
                                        Emigrated with his parents abt. 1850.  Settled on Greasy Creek.  Served in Shaver's 14th Arkansas Infantry.
    +Myra M. MOORE, b. 1 Sep, 1843, NC; d. 1922, MCAR;  applied for pension in 1908.  In Union Twp. 1880.
                                        d/o Alfred MOORE  and Lavina MARLOW.
        Children of James Estes and Myra Moore are:
            1.  Theophalis "Lee" Estes, b. Feb 1866; d. 1921.
                +Harriet HAMPTON, August 1879; d. August 1879, MCAR
            2.  Albert L. "Al" Estes, b. Dec 1867; m. abt. 1890
                + Jannie __?__, b. Oct 1862.
            3.  Eleanor T. "Ella" Estes, b. Dec 1869, MCAR
                + J. E. BUTLER, 4 Jan, 1890; b. TX.
            4.  George Emory Estes, b. abt. Dec 1871, MCAR; d. 8 Dec, 1965;
                + (1) Nancy Ellen NOE; b. Abt. 1881, MCAR; d. 14 Sep, 1898;
                + (2) Nellie Jane (PANGLE) FLIPPIN, m. July 21, 1942; b. 7 Sep, 1891; d. 31 Oct, 1992; bu. Flippin Cem.
            5.  Gilbert James Minton Estes [see next generation]
            6.  Claude Carl Estes, b. 24 Mar, 1876, MCAR; d. 17 Oct 17, 1970;
                +Ellen LOVELL; b. abt. 1874; d. abt. 1904, bu. Keesee Cem.
            7.  Daisy Amanda Estes, b. Aug 1879, MCAR; m. 6 Jan 1901
                +Willis BOYD
            8.  Virgil Estes, b. Dec 1881, MCAR; (Possibly married Mary SHARP)
                +MARY CASSIE SHARP; b. 16 Sep, 1872, MCAR
            9.  Cassie Estes, b. May 1884, MCAR; d. 1927;
                +David Ransom TABOR; b. 1881; d. 1954.
          10.  Edna Ruby Estes, b. 13 Jan, 1887, MCAR; d. 1990; m. 27 Dec, 1908
                +William Garland SHARP, b. 22 Feb, 1888, MCAR; d. 1953.
          11.  Irene Estes, b. Sep 1890, MCAR.

Generation  5

Gilbert James Minton Estes, b. 22 Jan, 1874, Yellville, MCAR; d. 17 Apr, 1958, Harrison, BCAR; bu.  Elmwood Cem.; m. April 1910, MCAR
    +Anna Gertrude HAWKINS, b. 18 Oct, 1878 Yellville, MCAR; d. 5 Mar, 1963, Harrison, BCAR; bu. Elmwood Cem.
                                        d/o Byard HAWKINS and Minerva NALL
        Children of Gilbert and Anna are:
            1.  Arzona Bell Estes.
            2.  Floyd Barley Estes [see next generation] Gen. 6
            3.  Elmer James Estes [see next generation] Gen. 6

Generation  6

Floyd Barley Estes, b. 26 Jan, 1911, Yellville, MCAR;  m. 1 Jun, 1947, Harrison, BCAR
                                        He spent a large part of his earlier years around Boat Mountain. Floyd also used to drive a school bus for 
                                        Valley Spring where he met his wife, Jean Iilene Dunn.  They married and then raised their family around the
                                         'Boat Mountain' and Valley Springs area.  Floyd worked for Farmers Lumber for 25 years where he retired.
        +Jean Iilene DUNN, b. 22 Nov, 1924, Villisca, IA; d. 9  Nov, 1995, Harrison, BCAR.  Was homemaker at time of death in Nov 1995.
                                        Floyd and Jean raised two other children; Jennifer and Chris Peacock.
                                        Jean was the d/o Charles and Phala [PATTERSON] DUNN.
            Children of Floyd and Jean are:
                1.  Anna Marie Estes [Private]
                2.  Sandra Sue Estes [Private]
                3.  Floyd"Wayne" Estes [Private]
                4.  Charles Minton Estes [Private]
                5.  Marvin Ross Estes [Private]
                6.  James Fredrick Estes [Private]

        Elmer James Estes, b. 1 Oct, 1912, Yellville, MCAR; d. 19 Oct, 1971, Fayetteville, AR; bu. Elmwood Cem.; m. 17 Oct, 1945,
                                        Valley Springs, BCAR
        +Hazel McINTURFF [Private]  d/o Page and Martha [McKINNEY] McINTURFF.
            Children of Elmer and Hazel are:
                1.  James Harold Estes [Private]
                     +Penne BERGMAN [Private]
                2.  Edward "Eddy" Dale Estes [Private]
                     +Mary CONNOLLY [Private]

Generation  7

            Anna Marie Estes, [Private]
             +Raymond EDWARDS [Private]
                Children of Anna and Raymond are:
                    1.  Tamara Kay  Edwards, b. 28 Mar, 1968; d. 1 Apr, 1968, Harrison, BCAR; bu. Burlington Cem., Burlington, AR
                    2.  Angela Darlene Edwards [Private]
                    3.  Anthony Mark Edwards [Private]

            Floyd "Wayne" Estes [Private]
             +Peggy Jo TAYLOR  [Private]
                Children of Floyd and Peggy are:
                    1.  Jason Dwayne Estes  [Private].
                    2.  Rebecca Lynn Estes  [Private]

            Charles Minton Estes [Private]
             +Sharon WOODS [Private]
                Children of Charles and Sharon are:
                    1.  Jonathan Estes  [Private]
                    2.  Tabitha Estes [Private]

            James Fredrick Estes [Private]
             +(1) Cecilia "CISSY' BIGMAR [Private]
             +(2) SUSAN BEACH [Private]
                Children of James and Susan are:
                    1.  Phala Jean Estes [Private]
                    2.  James Estes,  [Private]
                    3.  Timothy Estes [Private]

Generation  8

                Angela Darlene Edwards [Private]
                 +Joey SMITH. [Private]
                    Child of Angela and Joey is:
                        1.  Shelby Marie Smith [Private]

                Phala Jean Estes  [Private]
                 +Joey EADES [Private]
                    Children of Phala and Joey are:
                        1.  Christen Michael Estes [Private]
                        2.  Zachery James Estes [Private]

NOTE:     ¹ MCAR = Marion County, AR
                 ²  BCAR = Boone County, AR
                 ³  Bu. = buried

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