R_042: Uuldrik Geert Boekweg

Uuldrik & Peitraka had 4 children when the LDS missionaries baptized Uuldrik in Nov 1888. A few months later in Feb 1889, Peitraka was baptized. Afterwards 3 more children were born to them in the Netherlands, then my Great Grandmother Renski was born Nov 1896. Then 3 more children were born, the last one being born 27 Jun 1901. Peitraka died 10 days later on 7 Jul 1901 (she being 42 years old having given birth to 11 children). Two weeks later this last child also died (July 21st). The second to last also died sometime that year (1901). Uuldrik and his 9 children split up into 3 different groups, left the Netherlands and move to Utah.

29 Mar 1902 Ship NewEngland
Father Uuldrik 46yrs old link
2) Heiko 18yrs old link
4) Fijke 15yrs old link
7) Uuldrik 8yrs old link
9) Geessien 4yrs old link

28 Aug 1902 Ship Commonwealth
1) Geert 19yrs old link
8) Renske 6yrs old link
"Aunt" Renske? 28yrs old link

7 May 1903 Ship Mayflower
3) Thijs 17yrs old link
5) Jacob 14yrs old link
6) Hendrik 11yrs old link

In May 1906, he is sealed to his wife in the Salt Lake Temple. He died 5 months later in October 1906 (at 50 years old).

photo Uuldrik Geert Boekweg

Spouse: Peitraka Vander West
  1. Geert Boekweg b.1883 d.1957 (lived 73 years)
  2. Heiko Boekweg b.1884 d.1972 (lived 87 years)
  3. Thijs Boekweg b.1885 d.1922 (lived 36 years)
  4. Fijke Boekweg b.1887 d.1960 (lived 73 years)
  5. Jacob Boekweg b.1889 d.1947 (lived 57 years)
  6. Hendrik Boekweg b.1892 d.1904 (lived 12 years)
  7. Uuldrik Boekweg b.1894 d.1921 (lived 26 years)
  8. Renski Boekweg b.1896 d.1945 (lived 48 years)
  9. Geessien Boekweg b.1898 d.1918 (lived 19 years)
  10. Aaltje Boekweg b.1900 d.1901 (lived about 1 year)
  11. Harm Boekweg b.1901 d.1901 (lived less than 1 mo.)
Father: Geert Boekweg
Mother: Fijke Slijm

                          |--Lolke Werkman
     |--Geert Boekweg
     |                    |
     |                    |--Jacobje Boekweg
--Uuldrick Geert Boekweg
     |                    |--Uuldrick
     |                    |
     |--Fijke Slijm
                          |--Geese Geeske Hak