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Welcome to our genealogy and family history site.  Like many people, both of us had always had a certain amount of interest in our family backgrounds, the origin of the family names, and the countries of origin.  It was not until April 1998 that we assumed the roll of amateur genealogists.  A brief visit to Shamokin, Pennsylvania to look for some Berger relatives was all it took get us started, and we have been going strong (obsessed, really) ever since.

Some of the credit to getting us started goes to Rege's daughter, Rachel, who did some research in 1993 on the Zagrocki and Wisniewski families as a high school honors project.  This stirred a desire to go to Shamokin, which were the deepest roots of the Berger family that we knew at the time.  Hopefully, some of Rachel's work will appear among the Stories section of this site.


It goes without saying that we thank our ancestors.  As individuals, we all exhibit the sum of the genes we have inherited from our ancestors.  We are the compilation and expression of those who have come before us.

Likewise, as family researchers and genealogists, we owe much to the work of others who have so painstakingly transcribed faded records, inventoried overgrown cemeteries, hoarded the discarded refuse of a relative's attic, and otherwise contributed to the 'cause'.

There have been and are numerous 'cousins' and personal contacts, too many to list, who have provided invaluable information, photographs, stories, and clues.  Discussions with many of them, whether face-to-face or across the world, have been instrumental in piecing together many of the puzzles.  We thank you all.

Finally, we wish to thank those family members, and some friends, who are less 'turned on' about family history than we are, for patiently putting up with our obsession.


We are providing the information on this web site as an aid for family history research by people related to the families listed here.  None of the information contained here is intended for redistribution for profit or any other commercial use, but it may be freely copied and shared for non-profit genealogical research.

Our claim of copyright extends to any and all of our original contributions to this site, as well as to the site as a compilation of materials and information, including images and stories.  In the cases where others have made contributions to this site, they are given credit where appropriate, and they retain the copyrights to their works.

The information contained on this web site is correct to the best of our knowledge.  Nonetheless, you should consider the validity of all the information contained on this web site to be subject to confirmation with other sources.  Even when such sources as civil and church records are cited, you are encouraged to seek out the original, or a copy of the original (for example microfilm) whenever possible.  In spite of best efforts, there is always the possibility of errors when transcribing information, and information could be incomplete or out-of-date.

We are sensitive to privacy issues concerning genealogical information on the Internet.  If  your family is listed here, one of your relatives has shared information about your family with others interested in genealogy.  If you find the posting of your relatives intrusive, or have additions, corrections, or comments, please contact us at [email protected].


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