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·     Betschdorf, Alsace, France

·     Bourg-St-Andéol, France 




Northern Ireland

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to the genealogy and family history site of
Regis Zagrocki and Doris Martsolf Leek Zagrocki.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit.
May you find at least a little 'something', even just a clue or a new idea,
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"This is what the Lord says:  Do what is just and right.  

Rescue from the hand of his oppressor the one who has been robbed. 
Do no wrong or violence to the alien, the fatherless or the widow, 

and do not shed innocent blood in this place."  Jeremiah 22:3 (NIV)

The genealogy information on this site is organized in two ways:

1) By Our Families to direct you to our direct ancestral information and
the related categories.  All areas of the site can be accessed
 through these categories, including some general site information..

2) By Featured Locales that highlight information and families
for a few areas or locations of key importance to our ancestors.

There are also special family announcements below.

Our Family

New Tree Limbs!

 Luke Johnson Zagrocki born to Jon and Hallie Zagrocki on March 28, 2007.
Angeline Marie Pommier born to Raphaël and Rachel Pommier June 4, 2007.
Emma Nicole Zagrocki born to Jon and Hallie Zagrocki on October 8, 2008. 

In Loving Memory

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Our Ancestral Families, Immigrant Ancestors, & Related Families
Doris's Family Tree and Ancestry
Rege's Family Tree and Ancestry
Documents and Records


Featured Locales - U.S.A




Allegheny County,



BeaverCounty, Pennsylvania



Berks County,


Butler County, Pennsylvania

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania



Featured Locales - non U.S.A



Betschdorf, Canton of Soultz-sous-Forêts,
Alsace, France

Canton of Bourg-St-Andéol, France



Kreis Heilbronn (Grombach, Kirchardt)

Kreis Kusel, Germany
(Miesau, Kubelberg, Waldmohr)

Kreis Neuwied, Germany
(Dierdorf, Wienau, Brüchrachdorf)

Rems-Murr-Kreis, Germany (Murrhardt, Fautspach)

Rhein-Neckar Kreis (Dühren, Eschelbach, Hoffenheim, Reihen, Steinsfurt)

Northern Ireland

Antrim County,
Northern Ireland, UK



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