A. C. Roberts Estate Papers

A. C. Roberts Estate Papers

Navarro County, Texas, 1871-1873

These are images of a probate court order book of some sort (exact title not specified). Some of the images are over 500K bytes and so will take a moment to load over a dial-up connection.

January 1871: page 425, page 426 (petition of W. D. Grady to be administrator of the estate).

March 1871: page 446? (no page number visible), page 447 (petition granted; in another case on the same pages, Grady is also named guardian of some minors named Simpson).

November-December 1871: page 494, page 497 (first land sale set aside).

March 1872: page 508, page 509 (second land sale approved).

March 1873: page 550, page 551, page 552 (auditor's report on Grady's administration of estate).

November 1873: page 608, page 609 (new auditor's report).

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