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Among the multitude of public prints, it is hard to say which lyes the most. --Ignatius Sancho; (1729 - 1780), January 5, 1780.

Sancho Family History

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The Story of Sancho Family, 1848-2005 written by M'lilwana Osanku.

Bentick, John, and Lambert Tuckness Sancho in British Guiana.

There are several versions concerning the origins of the three brothers; Bentick, John, and Lambert Tuckness Sancho. I have choosen herein to present to the best of my abilities my reminiscences of the oral accounts as told to me by my dearest ancestor; Muriel and her generation of family members, and residents of the Golden Grove and Nabaclis community, whose presence I was fortune to share on numerous occassions.

I recognize there are numerous members of our kinship who are much more qualified and capable, and worthy to pen an article of such magnitude.

Thus having stated the preliminaries, I shall now attempt to condense the known history of the Sancho family, spiced with my thoughts, observations, and speculations; concerning the future of Sancho as a people, and what must be the goals of researchers in the future.

Who are the Sanchos?

The Sancho family, who are our kinfolks, are a people of "African Origins". It is obvious our people as a unit is a microcosm of the African experience in Africa, Europe, and the Americas, which occurred during the last four hundred years. The exact date in which our known forefathers; Bentick, John, and Tuckness Sancho arrived in British Guiana; remains unknown. The dates of birth, dates of death, ancestors, siblings, relatives, place of origin, place of residence, of Bentick, John, and Tuckness Sancho, are all unknown.

The information that has survived, via the Black oral traditions states, in the era of the British slave Emancipation and Apprenticeship, three Black men, born in London, biological brothers named John, Bentinck, and Lambert Tuckness Sancho, left England, and in 1838, arrived in colonial British Guiana. The three S brothers settled, for a while in the Golden Grove-Nabaclis area, on the East Coast of Demerara. The Ss were employed in the sugar industry, at Enmore. The three Sanchos were among a number of persons who purchased the plantations Golden Grove, Nabaclis and Belfield. A forefather, born to enslaved parents, on a slave ship on it's way to the West Indies. The child, at a very young age, was taken from the West Indies to England and there was raised by three white women. An atmosphere, of women related problems, led John S to abandon British Guiana. It is understood, he made it to Grenada and there, lived a settled life. I'm of the opinion Sanchos of Trinidad and Grenada, are principally his descendants. Bentick So left Demerara, and it is accepted he resided in the Canjie river valley, a region, in Berbice, perhaps Cumberland. The opinion is Sanchos of Berbice and Surinam are his descendants. The descendants of Christopher "Boss Bentick" So represent a much clearer picture, but however very little is known of that fore father. Tuckness Sancho, a member of the first generation of Sancho born in British Guiana, it is his descendants who are most widely; known.

It is documented that the plantations Golden Grove, and Nabaclis were purchased on January 5th., 1848. Bentick, and Tuckness Sancho, are numbered among the 50 shareholders who purchased the estates. Thus, it is the earliest proven date in the Guyana phase of the Sancho experience. Reverend William Hudson writing about the role of Methodists during the Angel Gabriel Riots of February, 1856 - tells of Mr. Bentick Sancho's leadership skills, and his efforts to prevent loss of life and damage to property of people of Portuguese heritage between Enmore and Belfield on the East Sea Coast, of Demerara. A list of persons qualified as Jurors for the County of Demerara, published in October, 1873 - tells us that John Sancho of the Parish of St. Paul, was employed as the Village Overseer of Golden Grove and Nabaclis district. The Colonial Registrar's Office tells us Tuckness Sancho was a landed proprietor in Friendship, East Coast, Demerara, and he died prior to Saturday, January 18, 1873.

Descendants of Bentick, John, and Tuckness Sancho.

I have not identified any of the children of Tuckness Sancho. Sanchos of Buxton-Friendship district - who are not the descendants of Bentick Sancho are all very likely descendants of Tuckness Sancho.

Most accounts indicate John Sancho had a very serious problem - women. Such an addiction for female companionship, would be the reason for John Sancho to move from one location to another, before he finally abandoned British Guiana. John Sancho settled down, married Elizabeth and raised a family in Moruga, in Trinidad. Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth (nee Sancho) Archer whose mother is a Miss Weatherspoon - is the only child of John Sancho born in British Guiana - I have identified todate.

Bentick Sancho - it is understood married a woman named Mary, and they had two children; Mary Sancho, and Lambert Tuckness Sancho. Mary I am told died following the birthing of Lambert Tuckness Sancho, and is one of seven Sanchos entombed in the vault in Golden Grove cemetery.

Colonial Registrar's Office - Counties of Demerary and Essequebo - Transports and Mortgages - Saturday, January 18, 1873

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