Southall Correspondence, 11 Jan 1880 Letter From S. O. Southall To Charles S. Grant

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Southall Correspondence

11 Jan 1880 Letter From S. O. Southall To Charles S. Grant

11 January 1880

"This letter in possession of Mrs. W. W. Hines, who has Southall Ancestory [sic].

Dinwiddie Jan. 11, 1880 {note date of 11 Jan 1880, but below, an article is referred to with the date 9 Oct 1880}

Charles S. Grant, Esq. Norfolk, Va.

My Dear Sir;

Please pardon me for not replying to your letter sooner. Just at that time I was very busy. Col. Turner Southall married Martha Vandewall, daughter of Nathaniel of Henrico. However, the Registrar's mistake is quite natural, because she evidently got her information from an article in the Richmond Standard, dated Oct. 9, 1880 {note date of 9 Oct 1880, but the date of the letter is 11 Jan 1880}. My great aunt Emily Stras, who was a half sister of your great grandfather W. W. Southall, and who was the only authority during her life on the genealogy of the Southall Family, always maintained that Dasey Southall married Martha Vandewall, and that Turner Southall married Edith Barrett. Evidently the Richmond Standard got it's information from this source.

Usually accurate in such matters, Miss Strass nevertheless erred at this point, and when Uncle James C. Southall wrote his article on the Cocke Family for the Historical Magazine, I got him to correct this. Soon after this I came across the old Family Bible of the Southall Family, which clearly showed that Aunt Emily was wrong and I was right. But your Registrar's want proof, so here it is.

Dasey Southall and Edith, his wife were married 20 of Jan. 1720. (Bible)

Turner Southall and his wife Martha, were married Feb. 3, 1756. (Bible)

Will S., son of Turner Southall and wife Martha was born 28 April 1765. (Bible)

Martin Vandewall was born April 27, 1765, (Register of Rev. William Douglass at St. James (Northern Parish)

Nathaniel Vandewall, whose will was recorded in Henrico Dec. 8, 1768, names his daughter Martha Southall.

Some Southall married Marhta [sic] Vandewall. Dasey didn't because he married Edith in 1720. Martha Vandewall was'nt [sic] born, and his wife Edith survived him.

Martha Vandewall married Turner Southall, you note the ages and dates, and while Martha Vandewall married a Southall, so Turner Southall married Martha, but to make assurances doubly as sure, note birth of William Southall, son of Turner and Martha Vandewall. It is the same date. Of course the Martin Vandewall is a mistake in copying for Martha.

This will satisfy the Registrar's of D.A.R. I will add that Turner Southall died Wed. 2 7, 1791.

Stephen Southall, son of Turner Southall and wife Martha was born 16 June 1787, and died 2 March 1799. Martha Southall, wife of Turner Southall died 8 March 1781.

I think I have answered all your questions.

Very sincerely, your cousin

S. O. Southall

L.D.S. Film 850,093 - 6th item"

Submitted: Copy sent to Susan Shields Sasek on 22 March 1990 from June Southall.

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