Addendum Concerning the Southalls of Virginia, Page 359

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By James P. C. Southall

Items in [Brackets] are my notes.

Items in {Curly Brackets} are items that either could not be read or I was not sure about the transcription.

[Page 359]

This note, containing some new data communicated to the writer by
Rev. Stephen O. Southall 6 of Amelia, concerns chiefly two individuals,
namely, Ann Southall 2 who married Robert Grant and a certain William
Southall who lived in Amelia County from about 1755 to 1780. It may
be regarded as an appendix to a previous article published in this magazine
in July 1937 (XLV, 277-302).

As formerly recorded, Dasey Southall 1 & his wife Edith were the
parents of five sons all of whom grew to manhood, namely, Stephen
Southall 2 (1722-1748), Philip Southall 2 (1724-1759), James Barrett
Southall 2 (b. 1726), William Southall 2 (b. 1732), and Turner Southall 2
(1736-1791). However, it has come to light that these brothers had a
sister Ann Southall 2 whose name for some reason or other was omitted
from the list of Dasey's children as enumerated in the old family bible
(still in existence) which belonged to Dasey's grand-daughter Anne Barrett
Southall 3 (Va. M.H.&B., XLV, 280, 287).* The new evidence is
supplied by the will of Stephen Southall 2 probated in Amelia county 20


* Pages 336 & 343, this volume.

Source:  Transcribed from images of photocopies, 13 Mar 2002, Susan Shields Sasek.  I received this copy from June Southall many years ago, but didn't have the reference. Carol Southall Atkinson has provided me with a reference for this work, but it has different page numbers than were on my copies: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XLVI, No. 2 (April, 1938), pages 166 through 170. Since my copies of "Concerning the Southalls of Virginia," and "Addendum Concerning the Southalls of Virginia" have consecutive page numbers, I'm assuming my copies are from a reprint of the 1937 and 1938 articles that Carol gave the references to. Thanks to Kathi (my daughter) for scanning these images for me.

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