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Southall Marriage Records

27 Jan 1988 Southall Surname Search

Early Marriages

Date Name Spouse County State
May 31 1792 Ann Southall Thomas Mutter York Co. VA
Jan 15 1871 Ceasar Southall Kate King Albemarle Co. VA
Jul 16 1842 Christiana A. Southall William A. Ammons Charles City Co. VA
Dec 9 1846 Elizabeth Southall Leniaus S. Cruse Franklin Co. VA
May 14 1851 Elizabeth D. Southall Thomas J. Hutton Richmond VA
Oct 10 1894 Emily V. Southall Thos. L. Waters Charlotte Co. VA
Jun 20 1787 Frances Southall John Dangerfield York Co. VA
Dec 27 1793 Henry Southall Elizabeth Holdsworth Charles City Co. VA
Jan 1 1822 Henry Southall Rebecca R. Price Surry Co. VA
Aug 18 1760 Holman Southall Elizabeth Dancy Sussex Co. VA
Dec 25 1798 James Southall Judith Wilkinson Chesterfield Co. VA
Jun 20 1847 James B. Southall Mary Louisa Tazewell Richmond VA
Oct 11 1821 James T. Southall Mary Bryan Richmond VA
Jun 1 1793 Jane Southall Laurence Muse Middlesex Co. VA
May 30 1793 Jane Southall Lawrence Muse Middlesex Co. VA
Dec 18 1784 John Southall Susanna Sorsby Surry Co. VA
May 30 1833 John B. Southall Mary Jane Poore Richmond VA
Mar 26 1850 Lucinda Southall Jesse Trent Franklin Co. VA
Nov 27 1856 Lucy S. Southall Charles Sharp Albemarle Co. VA
Jan 15 1784 Lucy Timberlake Southall Seth Stubblefield Charles City Co. VA
Mar 28 1807 Maria Southall Nicholas B. Van Zandt Richmond VA
Nov 26 1895 Martha C Southall Joseph B. Dunn Charlotte Co. VA
Dec 21 1840 Mary Southall John D. Scott Franklin Co. VA
Mar 20 1828 Mary C. Southall Samuel Ellis Richmond VA
Apr 15 1858 Mary M. Southall Jno. T. Brown Albemarle Co. VA
Nov 30 1869 Nannie Southall Chas P. Benson Albemarle Co. VA
Sep 12 1788 Philip Southall Jane Neilson Middlesex Co. VA
Sep 14 1788 Philip Southall Jane Nelson Middlesex Co. VA
Jan 15 1868 Randall Southall Bettie Moorman Albemarle Co. VA
Dec 20 1836 Rebecca H. Southall Geroge [sic should be George] D. Shell Richmond VA
Dec 20 1784 Stephen Southall Martha Wood Goochland Co. VA
Sep 9 1796 Susan Southall Francis Dillard Surry Co. VA
Dec 13 1841 Turner Southall Julia Ann Palmer Franklin Co. VA
Feb 1 1825 Valentine W. Southall Martha Cocke Albemarle Co. VA
Jan 18 1820 Valentine W. Southall Mary A. Garrett Albemarle Co. VA
Mar 3 1780 William Southall Sarah Dudley Charles City Co. VA
Dec 3 1850 William A. Southall Mary V. Bottom Richmond VA
Jan 9 1849 William H. Southall Elizabeth A. Allen Richmond VA
Jan 6 1845 William H. A. Southall Martha A. E. Taylor Richmond VA
Sep 5 1836 Wm. P. Southall Elizabeth P. Watkins Henry Co. VA
Oct 13 1866 Caroline Southal [sic should be Southall] John Brown Albemarle Co. VA
Apr 15 1858 Mary M. Southal [sic should be Southall] J. Thompson Brown Albemarle Co. VA
30 Oct 1788 Ann Southall Samuel Crawford Baltimore MD

Submitted by: [I believe June Southall sent this to me but need to locate my original copy to verify]. Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek, 8 Apr 2002

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