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The Bay State the 6th state in the United States February 6, 1788

In 1659, Massachusetts Puritans outlawed the celebration of Christmas applying a 5 shilling fine for those who did. Read more in The laws of Christmas: 2018 reprise by Judy G. Russell published December 24, 2018 in her Legal Genealogist blog.

Bristol County

My fourth great-grandparents Joel THURSTON 1738-1833 Bristol County, Massachusetts to Niagara County, New York and Miriam BLAKELY 1739-1819 Pennsylvania to Niagara County, New York.

Joel's parents John THURSTON 1714-1767 Bristol County, Massachusetts to Duchess County, New York and Saberah last name Stodder Stoddard or Seabury which has yet to be clarified 1715-1764 Plymouth County, Massachusetts to Duchess County, New York.

Norfolk County

John's parents David THURSTON 1688-1759 of Norfolk and Bristol County, Massachusetts and Mercy CARY 1685 of Bristol County, Rhode Island to Massachusetts. Mercy is supposed to be a Mayflower descendant. I need to do a lot more research to verify this.

David's parents John THURSTON 1656-1711 of Norfolk and Bristol County, Massachusetts and Hannah CARY 1661-1718 of Plymouth and Bristol County, Massachusetts. Hannah was an aunt to Mercy CARY THURSTON, sister of Mercy's father James CARY.

John's parents Thomas THURSTON 1633-1704 Wrentham, Suffolk, England to Norfolk County, Massachusetts and Sarah THAXTER 1635-1678 of Plymouth and Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Thomas' parents were the immigrant John THURSTON 1600-1685 Wrentham, Suffolk, England to Norfolk County, Massachusetts and Margaret about 1605-1662 of Norfolk County, Massachusetts. John THURSTON arrived at Boston, Massachusetts on the ship Mary Anne of Yarmouth, England June 20, 1637. It sailed from Ipswich, England in May 1637 with William Goose as ships master. John THURSTON was from Wrentham, England, 30 years old with his 32 year old wife Margaret, sons Thomas and John, and a 23 year old spinster Lucy Poyett.

Plymouth County

Sarah's parents Thomas THAXTER 1594-1653 Plymouth County, Massachusetts and Elizabeth COFFIN 1599-1660 Norfolk, England to Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

The Pilgrims on the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 only 17 years before John THURSTON's family arrived in 1637. You have heard of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. I never thought I had ancestors that may have participated or witnessed them until I found this family. Who knows maybe they were there?

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