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1.William Stringfellow born, Barnwell South Carlonia. marriage to ?.

1.Robert Stringfwllow born 18 March 1814 and died 01 November 1882.
Robert Stringfellow[son of William] born 18 March 1814 Barnwell South Carlonia. He died 1 November 1882 Hempstead County Arkansas.

This family is taken from 1850 census of Carroll County Mississippi.[name may have been] William Robert Stringfellow.
Robert, married Sarah Golden? Shipp , born abt 1819 Georgia. Many list marriage 1835 Georgia. There are many Sarah Shipp's many oprhaned by their parents. There seems to be quite a confusion as to which father Sarah Belongs to. Frankly I do not think that you can prove Father and mother of Sarah Golden Shipp-Golden is the name a researcher found in research that linked her to Robert. So as The Shipp Family Genealogy Book tells, It is near impossible to link the correct Sarah Shipp, if indeed her maiden name was Shipp .So the saga goes on. She is not the daughter of Richard Shipp, which so many have thought. Richard C.Shipp, in later years married a Sarah Shipp, but not in the year span that most folks think that can be Dcocumented! The Stringfellow and-Sarah Golden marriage was 16 September, 1837 In Russell County, Alabama. Listed as first children under this marriage was Lydia vs Sylvia Stringfellow.

Children for Robert and Sarah Stringfellow
3. Sylvia Stringfellow , born 1839 Georgia [may be Lydia Stringfellow, many researchers think it is Lydia .Apparetntly they also have not been able to prove, or provide futher on this person. I have not picked her up in census again.
4.Nancy E.Stringfellow. born 1841 Alabama
5. William A Stringfellow, born 1844 Alabama
6.Samuel W. Stringfellow born 1846 Carroll County, Mississippi.
7. Reuben Jefferson Stringfellow born March 01, 1848 and died 1919.
8.Febria Jane Stringfellow born 1851 Carroll
Co Mississippi.
9. Mary Susan Stringfellow, born Feb 18, 1854 Carrol County,Mississippi.
10.James Stringfellow, born 185 Carroll County, Mississippi.
11. Robert Stringfellow, born 1858, Carrol County, Mississippi.
12. Thomas Sringfellow, born 1870 Bowie County Texas.

It is said by family history that Sarah Golden ?Shipp STringfellow died and was buried in Arkansas or Texas. However I have been unable to find a death or cemetery for Sarah Golden? Shipp Stringfellow

Robert remarried,Ursley Caroline MCDonald, March 1876 in Hempstead County, Arkansas.They had the following children.
13. John H.Stringfellow born Hempstead County Arkansas.
14. Henry Stringfellow born 1879 HempsteadCo, Arkansas.
2. William A.Stringfellow(Robert E,1) was born bewteen June 1841 -1844 and died abt 1928 Springhill Hempstead County Arkansas.He married 1.Sophia Angelina Carey, November 02, 1865 in Lafayette County Arkansas. She was born abt 1845 and died December 14, 1875. (2). Married Margaret Lassister White, born abt 1847 in Alabama, and died Feb 03, 1892.(3) Married Martha C.? March 14, 1892 Hempstead County Arkanas. born abt 1841 South Carlonia. Died May 12, 1904. Name may have been Jones from marriage to previous husband.`
Children William Stringfellow and Sophia Carey.
1.William T.Stringfellow Born Jan 02, 1867 Arkansas
2.Sarah E.Stringfellow born September 25, 1869 Bowie County Texas. died April 13, 1941 Hunington Sebastain County Arkansas.

3.Mary Jane Luella Stringfellow born May 13, 1871 died Feb 05, 1952 Lubbock married William Thomas Walton, Feb 11, 1890 Hempstead CountyArkansas.
4. John Robert Stringfellow, botn June 07, 1873 and died April 14, 1876.
5. Andrew J.Stringfellow, born Januanary 25, 1876"Arkansas"
6. Children of William Stringellow and Margaret Lassiter are:
7. Manora Stringfellow botn December 02, 1887 Arkansas.
8.Viola Frances Stringfellow born February 22, 1880 .Hope,Hempstead County Arkansas.died April 20, 1970 Bowie County Texas
9.James Sie Stringfellow, born February 16, 1882 Arkansas died October 23, 1967 Santa Ana ? California? married Lula Rosenbaum August 23, 1905 Hempstead County Arkansas.
10. Ellen Paralia Stringfellow, Born January 1886, Arkansas and died Old Boston Texas Bowie County, m? Banks.

3.Reuben Jefferson Stringfellow( Robert E) born AMrch 01, 1848 Mississippi and died March 12, 1919 Sevier County Arkansas. Marriage(1.)Josephine Walraven born 1848 Alabama and died March 12, 1919 Sevier County Arkansas. Marriage (2.) Annie Shields Brake born 1871 and died 1943 Horatio, Sevier County Arkansas. He married(3). ? and marriage (4) Mary J? born abt 1850 Arkansas. (5) Married Hattie E.Stevens, (6) Sallie Gilmore Hanchies marriage May 18, 1890.

Child of Reuben Stringfellow and Jospehine Walraven is. (not proven)
1,Allen Stringfellow Died Age 8 yrs old.
2.Reuben Stringfellow and Annie Brake Shields
2.Carrie Stringfellow born 1901 and died 1937 marriage to James D.Wilson 1919
3.Ike Stringfellow m Verna Shirey
4.Pinkie Stringfellow
5.I.C.Stringfellow 1904-1985
6.Reuben JeffersonStringfellow
7.Nellie Stringfellow 1911.
Children Of Reuben Sringfellow and ?? are
8. Wilian H.Stringfellow n 1883
9.George T.Stringfelloe, 1886
10.Rebeca C Stringfellow, 1887

Children Of Reubne Stringfellow and Mary? are:
11. Nancy E Stringfellow abt 1873
12.James R.STRingfellow, abt 1875 Arkansas
13.George F.Stringfellow , b 1878 Arkansas.
Children of Reuben Stringfellow, and Sallie Hanchies are:
14.? STringfellow abt 1891
15. Henry Curry Stringfellow abt 1893
16.Katie Stringfellow b 1896 Arkanas and died 1985.

4.Mary Susan Stringfellow, ( Robert E) born February 18, 1854, Mississippi and died March 17, 1917 Texarkana Texas Bowie County. She Married John Henry Shipp, son of Richard Shipp and Rebecca Willingham. born May 02,1846 in Georgia and died March 23, 1901 Bowie County Texas.

Children For JohnHenry Shipp and MarySusan Stringfellow are:
1,John Henry Shipp Jr ,born 1867 Bowie County Texasand died January January 06, 1939 Bowie County Texas, married Virginia Markham born June 13, 1927 Bowie County and died September 05, 1939 Bowie County Texas.
2.Minervia Jane Shipp, born March 05, 1872 Bowie County Texas Died September 05, 1939 Bowie County Texas, m[1] Joseph Holmes, m[2]Tilman McAdam Cantrell, died November 2, 1939 Bowie County Texas.
3. James R.Shipp, born 1876 abd d 1951 married Rebecca May Elliott, b 1878 , d 1941 Bowie County Texas.
4. Lenora F.Shipp, born August 16, 1879 and d March 04, 1941 Bowie County Texas, m.Albert Jackson Clark, b. Minden La? d November 28, 1954 ,BowieTexas. Homer Shipp, was never married.
9. Rebecca E.Shipp, born Jan 01,1892 and d abt 1914, married Ross Akin, b 1891 d,1924 Bowie County Texas.
10.Pleasant Shipp, born March 26, 1894, and died December 03, 1968, Cushing Oklahoma, married Minnie Mosley
12. Barney Gibbs Shipp, born February 27, 1896 Bowie County Texas and died January 29, 1980 Bowie County Texas. m[1] Virgie Belle Strickland b Jan 19, 1896,and died Bowie County Texas.m[2].Grace Elizabeth Downs Baker Shipp, born October 11, 1898 Cabool Missouri,died October24.1990. Bowie County Texas.

Children Of Barney Gibbs Shipp SR and Virgie Belle Strickland were.
1.Mary Geneva Shipp, born Feb 19, 1916, m[1] Leonard Burke, m[2] O.L.Ramsey. b? D?

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