today in histoty 2000 2-6
The Today in History series from Redding Record Searchlight
February 6, 2000 - June 31, 2000
 "Reprinted with permission of the Record Searchlight
 Transcribed by Viola Patton
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Today is Sunday, Feb. 6, 2000.  On this date:

In 1778, the US won official recognition from France with the signing of treaties in Paris.

In 1895 baseball legend Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore.

In 1959, the United States successfully test-fired for the first time a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile from Cape Canaveral.

In the north state.

In 1900 the coroner's jury in the case of Mike Griffin, a man who died of a gunshot wound near the Mitchell Brothers' wood camp on Flat Creek, declared the wound was self inflected.

In 1950, all Redding-area bars, nightclubs, stores and other beverage dispensers closed at 6 p.m. to increase profits for a big fund-raiser for the March of Dimes at the Veterans Memorial hall.

In 1975, Redding residents were digging out of one of the heaviest snowstorms in years throughout the north state and were bracing for more bad weather to come.

In 1990, University of California representatives visiting Redding tied chances of a north state     campus to the passage in June of a statewide transportation tax.
Today is Monday, Feb. 7,  2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the wife of Billy Button, the man who carried mail between Redding and Baird,  choked to death when she was unable to clear her throat.  The circumstances surrounding her death were called "very peculiar."
In 1950, petitions were being circulated for the abolition of Redding's city manager system.  An as-yet unnamed citizen's committee expected to get 1,000 signatures.

In 1975, two Redding women, Ophelia Pleming and Joan McCauley, were bound, gagged and robbed when they opened their apartment door to two men who wanted to use their phone.

In 1990, near-normal amounts of rain fell in Redding in Jan. and more storms were on the way.
Today is Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2000  On this date:

In 1900, two highwaymen, Joe Smith and R. Diller, landed in jail for allegedly robbing an acquaintance of $11 near Keswick. They also claimed they were going to rob the Monte Carlo theater in Keswick that same night around closing time.

In 1950, Shasta College was one step closer to reality when trustees of the district tentatively accepted a low bid of  $636,967 for the main buildings.

In 1975,  Pacific Gas and Electric Co. announced it would give back about $40 million to its California utility customers because its own bills for gas and oil were cut by the same amount.

In 1990, a paraplegic man survived two days in freezing temperatures after he was thrown from his van when it skidded off the road north of Redding. He credited his dog with saving his life by keeping him warm after the accident.
Today is Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2000  On this date:

In 1900, one of the finest gold nuggets ever seen in Redding was brought to town by J. Schiling, the landlord of the Woodward Hotel. The nugget was valued at  $315 and was dug out of the earth near Brandy Creek.

In 1950, the state board of Contractors in Sacramento announced the conditional suspension of Carl Langford's contractors license. The Redding man had reportedly failed to meet government standards on the construction of Alturas Elementary School.

In 1975, Shasta County Sheriff's deputies said somebody broke into Berg's veterinary hospital on Cypress Avenue in Redding and stole 10 vials of morphine and $40 in cash. Whoever used the morphine was in for a surprise because it had been laced with a chemical to induce vomiting in animals.

In 1990, candidates for governor and state attorney general laid out their visions for California's environmental future at a conference in Sacramento for planners and environmentalists.
Today is Thursday, Feb. 10, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Redding liquor dealers were having a hearing before the board of supervisors to protect a new license ordinance that contained unfavorable conditions surrounding a $1,000 bond required to sell liquor.

In 1950, nine people fled to safety in the snow as flames destroyed the hotel in Forest Glen west of Weaverville.

In 1975, more than half the senior citizen tenants of Redding's Lorenz Hotel were moving out. The owners were planning to close it in two weeks because they could no longer sustain the cost of its operation.

In 1990, construction of the $700,000 Sacramento River Trail pedestrian bridge was going at a rapid pace with its completion expected in March.
Today is Friday, Feb. 11, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, plans changed, altering the structure of a bridge to be built over the Sacramento River at the mouth of Spring Creek near Keswick. The bridge would be built in the Pratt truss style instead of the Howe truss style to make it more stable.

In 1950, Trinity County was isolated without power or telephone service as February's first snow knocked out power and telephone lines. Much of Shasta County was also affected.

In 1975, in reaction to a school bus accident at a controversial intersection, sixth-graders at Junction School in Palo Cedro were circulating a petition calling for an overpass at Victor Avenue and Highway 44.

In 1990, pressure put on the timber industry by environmentalist was blamed for the closure of the Louisiana-Pacific Corp. mill in Red Bluff.
Today is Saturday, Feb. 12, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, James Hall, a well-known character around Redding, narrowly escaped death at his own hand at the county jail. Hall accidentally ingested a huge dose of sleeping medication and fell into a deep sleep. His stomach had to be pumped and powerful restoratives used to save his life.

In 1950, LeRoy Cantrell, 24, of Big Bend was taken to the hospital. He had been accidentally shot for the second time in two years.

In 1975, the city of Redding issued $462,202 in building permits in January, nearly doubling the amount of permits granted in the first month of the previous year.

In 1990, a 3-year old Redding boy was injured when he poked himself with a used hypodermic needle he found while playing near an elementary school. His parents feared he may have been exposed to dangerous diseases. It was the second such incident reported in Redding in three
Today is Sunday, Feb. 13, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Albert Norred, James Billings and Frank Read, alleged cattle thieves, were taken to Anderson to appear for a preliminary examination before Justice Keeler.

In 1950, the Shasta Athletic Association was hoping to get a franchise for Redding in the Northern California Amateur Football League. They wanted to either use Tiger Field or an area south of the city tennis courts as a playing field.

In 1975, a 22-year old man identified as John Kaderli of Lakehead was found dead near the Southern Pacific railroad tracks north of Lakehead. Sheriff's deputies said no cause of death has been determined.

In 1990, a dozen Redding businesses were victims of burglars. It was the second consecutive night of numerous window-smashing burglaries in shopping centers in Redding.
Today is Monday, Feb. 14, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, prisoner James Brown escaped from the chain gang that had been working on the grounds of the courthouse.

In 1950, Essau Montgomery, a Weaverville laborer, and his sister-in-law, Maggie Montgomery, died in a fire at his cabin on the southern edge of Weaverville. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

In 1975, plans to widen Redding's Court Street and remove most of the trees beside the street were presented to the city traffic commission. It was said that  the street would need to be wider to handle increasing traffic.

In 1990, a dilemma was confronting the city of Redding regarding whom to let into its new 6.6-acre nonprofit office park located near Lake Redding Park. The city expected to get more requests for the space than was available.
Today is Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the Chinese New Year was celebrated in Shasta's Chinatown. Many residents witnessed the festivities.

In 1950, plans were being made to revamp the electric system serving the Benton district in Redding. The tract was to be serviced by a heavier line about 2 1/2 miles long.

In 1975, a new approach was being used by the U.S. Forest Service to keep floating wood debris out of the main body of Lake Shasta. A flotation system was to be  stretched across the mouths of rivers feeding into the lake to trap the debris.

In 1990, beasts that roamed the earth millions of years ago were set to invade Shasta County. Nearly life-sized dinosaur replicas were to arrive in Anderson as part of a four month show on extinct creatures.
Today is Wednesday, February 16,  2000. On this date:

February 16, 1900, Redding resident Charles Herzinger was going to Washington, D.C. to accept the position of compositor in the government printing office.

February 16, 1950, Shasta College was nearer to reality with the signing of a construction contract and announcement of courses for the first year.

February 16, 1975, the Federal-State River Forecast Center in Sacramento was advising residents along the Sacramento River below Lake Shasta to stay vigilant over the weekend as showers could develop into another storm that could cause flooding.

February 16, 1990, Shasta Alliance for Resources and Environment  (SHARE) gave its support to an initiative proposed by the timber industry that would ban clear-cutting of old-growth timber in State and private forests.
Today is Thursday, Feb. 17,  2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Willard Wood, 18, Of Big Valley started out for home on foot after spending the day in Bieber. He became sick along the way, fell into a river and drowned.

In 1950, triplets were born to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Deforest at Memorial Hospital in Redding.

In 1975, Dr. Norman Woolf of Redding said he would give up his private practice at the end of March to become director of a new residency program at Shasta General Hospital in Redding.

In 1990, a cold and wet winter storm swept across the north state, closing some highways and schools and blanketing parts of Redding in soggy snow.
Today is Friday, Feb. 18, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, arrangements for a big game of baseball between Redding and Chico's high school teams at a recreation park in Redding were complete.  The teams were to play on Washington's birthday.

In 1950, Redding got a franchise in a division of the Northern California Amateur Football league at a meeting of the league in Sacramento.

In 1975, a 26 percent whole-sale rate increase for federal power supplied to the city of Redding was declared illegal by a U.S. District Court judge in Washington, D.C.

In 1990, even though federal water officials welcomed storms that dropped rain and snow above north state reservoirs, they remained pessimistic that the Central Valley Project would be able to meet all its contracted water deliveries that summer.
Today is Saturday, Feb. 19, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Principal A. White of the Redding school was arrested upon complaint of the mother of Andrew Brignon . The boy was severely whipped by the administrator the week before.

In 1950, representatives of the logging and lumber industry  were in the north state and were set to meet in  Redding to discuss ways of reducing occupational injuries.

In 1975, low-income Shasta County residents could obtain $500 no-interest home renovation loans from a $14,000 fund administered by the VISTA Self-Help Home Improvement Project in Redding.
Today is Sunday, Feb. 20, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, the inmate crew of workers engaged in beautifying the Shasta County Courthouse grounds was so  weakened by the illness of four of its members that the rest were not even taken from the jail.

In 1950, men on snowshoes were on their way from McCloud to bring out the body of town resident Floyd Fox who was stricken with a heart attack while on his way to the McCloud River Club.

In 1975, one of the most obvious attractions at the Northern California Sports Show in Redding was a 77,500 cubic-foot hot air balloon. It was displayed on the lawn at the Civic Auditorium.

In 1990, a storm that snarled traffic and painted the north state white over the weekend left sunny skies and mild weather in its wake.
Today is Monday, Feb. 21, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, one of the windows of the Presbyterian Church Sunday school annex was smashed in with a rock while the room was filled with an audience. Flying glass fell on the heads of women and children setting nearby.

In 1950, fast thinking by Redding City police officers ended in the capture of a suspected robber 15 minutes after Frenchy's Liquor store was robbed of $55.

In 1975, approval of the Shasta County Municipal Court was likely after a U.S. Supreme Court decision made non attorney justice Court judges obsolete.

In 1990, new caution signs equipped with flashing yellow lights were installed at Highway 44 and Shasta View Drive. The area was considered a dangerous crossroads.
Today is Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2000.   On this date:

In 1900, Dan McCarthy sold the stock and fixtures of Hotel Keswick to J. W. Brace. Brace came to Redding from Oakland and also owned hotels in Nevada City.

In 1950, bartenders, culinary and hotel service workers unions in Redding voted 107-1 to continue to demand wage increases after employers refused some of the conditions in a second contract offer.

In 1975, a wild chase in Redding included a leap into the frigid Sacramento River from a 60-foot bluff. The chase ended with the capture of a Santa Cruz man. Who was being investigated for possessing 35 pounds of marijuana.

In 1990, an Oregon-based public radio station was intent on expanding service to Redding. The station was courting Shasta College with a proposal to teach a series of courses on broadcasting at the College in exchange for the use of rooms there as a broadcast studio.
Today is Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, C. Behrens, W. Bickford, Sam Brackens and L. Dennis  moved to the Cow Creek Mining District in Shasta County. They intended to prospect their claim with a view of developing oil and/or gas.

In 1950, Elmer McDonald, Trinity County Supervisor, announced he would not seek reelection. Lloyd Karrer and John McDonald announced their candidacy for the position.

In 1975, Jesus Lopez, a Kimberly Clark Corp. worker and father of three, died in an accident at the firm's mill in Mount Shasta.

In 1990, the Redding police Department reported that fewer people were slain, raped and robbed in Redding in 1989 than during each of the preceding three years. Even so, the over-all Redding crime rate was still rising.
Today is Thursday, Feb. 24, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a constable brought Miranda Mitchell of Castle Crags to Shasta for evaluation of her sanity. She apparently hallucinated that her neighbors wanted to kill her children and destroy her property.

In 1950, Shasta County's disabled children would get help from a clinic to be opened in the Pine Street School. It was to be set up by the Crippled Children's Society of Shasta County.

In 1975, a heavy safe was found in a field near Canby Road by two young boys. The discovery resulted in a puzzling burglary investigation for Shasta County Sheriff's detectives. The safe had been taken from B.C. Foster Construction Co. the night before.

In 1990, Enterprise Skypark in Redding, a place where Ronald Reagan's jet once landed by mistake, was being sold and was expected to close soon.
Today is Friday, Feb. 25, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, James Lewis, a young man working with McGregor's crew of railroad men, was killed when he stumbled after jumping off his engine to run ahead and open a switch. He fell and the engine ran over him.

In 1950, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. pledged $20,000 to the Mercy hospital Building Fund, and the Redding Chamber of Commerce renewed its efforts to gather enough money to have the hospital built on a private, voluntary basis.

In 1975, five Central Valley High School students won awards given by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Boomtown Post 9999 for talks they gave on their responsibilities as citizens. Jim Balkovek, John Caton Jr., Lisa Kowalewski, Vicky Cunningham and Kim Convis each won awards.

In 1990, Julia Maria Scarabello Bortoleto of Redding was honored as citizen of the year for 1990 during the 27th annual Chamboree dinner in Redding.
Today is Saturday, Feb. 26, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a new church was to be built in the growing city of Redding on the West line of Oregon Street between Butte and Yuba Streets. The Saint Agnes Guild of the Episcopal Church in Redding was to provide funds for the building

In 1950, William Lewis, 21, of Anderson was killed when a car he was driving South on Highway 99 went out of control and flipped over.

In 1975, 150 pounds of dynamite found in an abandoned mine shaft in Ingot was detonated by Shasta County Sheriff's deputies.

In 1990, 50 Cottonwood citizens took to the neighborhoods of their community to knock on doors and wage war against drugs. They found an encouraging response as many residents agree to support their efforts.
Today is Sunday, Feb. 27, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the baseball season opened with a game between Chico Normal School and Shasta County High School at Recreation Park in Redding. The Chico team won the game after the Redding team made several costly errors in the seventh inning.

In 1950, registration was under way at the Redding Moose Lodge as an estimated 2,000 Moose members from all over the state swarmed to Redding for their annual mid-winter conference.

In 1975, Redding merchants reported prices for goods from bicycles to underwear were dropping. The phenomenon was so contrary to the estimated pattern of steady rises that merchants couldn't explain it fully.

In 1990, the Shasta College Knights tennis team was low on players. Coach Frank Gutierrez had no return players from the previous season and experienced players were hard to find.
Today is Monday, Feb. 28, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900. Isaac McCandliss sold the stock and leased the building of his well-known resort. The Port near Iron Mountain, to William Collins. The price of the stock was $1,200 and the lease called for a monthly rate of $110.

In 1950, a proposed community hall for Cottonwood would cost $25,000, said John Oliver, head of an association formed to promote the hall.

In 1975, a blaze at 3311 Freeman Way near Enterprise destroyed a man's garage work-shop, a new $6,000 boat and a restored Ford Thunderbird, according to a fire department spokesman.

In 1990, Anderson High School District trustees backed away from reassigning principals at the district's two large high schools after the plan was opposed by more than 120 people.
Today is Tuesday, Feb. 29, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, John Wooden well known in the Redding area, was again under arrest in Seattle on a charge of robbery. He had only recently been released from prison for a robbery committed in Redding.

In 1950, a project to provide public power for Central Valley homeowners was dropped because of lack of financial reserves and various legal barriers.

In 1975, the College of the Siskiyou's ski team finished fifth in a field of junior colleges and universities at the Pacific Coast Ski Championships at Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe.

In 1990, the Shasta Dam Area Public Utilities District was taking an aggressive stance on economic development. The district planned to hire an economic development director to recruit businesses to the area.
Today is Wednesday, March 1, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a freight train wrecked near Sisson. There were no fatalities; however, the train was delayed  for 12 hours while laborers cleared and repaired the track

In 1950, Donald Fado won the Redding Lions Club annual Student Speaker Contest at the high school auditorium. He was getting ready to represent the local club in a zone contest against other high school winners later in March.

In 1975, a man fell 15 to 30 feet off the west side of Shasta Dam, but only sprained his leg. Frederick Mason, 18, fell off the wall in the overlook area while he was "  playing around."

In 1990, the Clear Creek Community Services District was facing a costly upgrade to its present water filtering system. The district hadn't yet paid off the loan used to build this present system.
Today is Thursday, March 2, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, an immense power plant to be established on the Pit River appeared more of a possibility as two electrical engineers who were backed by heavy capital came to the area to investigate the proposed territory. They were favorably impressed with it.

In 1950, Howard Isaacs, Bureau of Reclamation electrical engineer, and Vic Anderson, Redding radio service man, demonstrated that television programs from San Francisco could be received in Redding. They used a special high-gain antenna designed by Isaacs and got sound and pictures

In 1975, youngsters from Toyon Elementary School were having an arts and crafts fair at the school. The two-day event was organized and funded by parents.

In 1990, Shasta County Sheriff Phil Eoff announced he would not run for re-election.  Then-Undersheriff Jim Pope immediately announced he would seek the job.
Today is Friday, March 3, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the first payment on the bond for the purchase of the Shasta King copper mine was due. Operations at the mine would begin immediately if it was paid.

In 1950, four women filed a $120,000 lawsuit in Redding against Clifford Wood and others associated with the Guaranteed Pest Control Service. They claimed the insecticide used by the service burned them very severely and caused impairment of vision, shock and nervousness.

In 1975, officials at Braxson's Furniture Store in Shasta Lake were hit with a Shasta County district attorney's office false advertising complaint, which was to result in huge penalty payments to the county.

In 1990: a proposal to unify four elementary school districts with Central Valley High School won narrow approval from the Shasta County Board of Education.
Today is Saturday, March 4, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Redding residents were given the opportunity to witness the laughable farce-comedy "Who is Who" at Armory Hall in Redding. The play had received favorable criticism in the press.

In 1950, Wixon & Crowe of Redding was set to use three huge steel balls in an experiment on clearing 7,500   acres of land on the Hungry Horse Dam project in Montana.

In 1975, Shasta County officials were expecting a poor turnout of voters in the upcoming election even though there were 120 school board candidates and some important money questions to vote on.

In 1990, two accidents on north state highways overnight left three people dead. Officials said they were having trouble identifying the people.
Today is Sunday, March 5, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, R. Bull, a manager of the IXL Store in Redding, was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. He had drawn several checks on a bank where he had no money deposited.

In 1950, the Diamond Jubilee Building Campaign of the First United Methodist Church was under way with a goal of $50,000 in pledges. They hoped to reach their goal by March 26.

In 1975, a federal judge temporarily restored the government's 26 percent rate increase for Central Valley Project Power supplied to the city of Redding

In 1990, passengers stranded in Redding since arriving at the depot on Pine Street were frustrated by the interruption in travel plans caused by striking Greyhound bus drivers.
Today is Monday, March 6, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Lakeview and Redding were soon to be connected by telephone.  Millville, Alturas, Bieber, Fall - River Mills and other towns of the northeast were to be in direct communication with the outside world.

In 1950, words like "picnicking," "conscientious," and "insignificant" didn't faze Redding Elementary School students at the annual citywide spelling bee sponsored by the PTA.

In 1975, the city of Redding granted building permits for 10 homes in February. It was the highest monthly total since July 1973, building officials said.

In 1990, Erin Razo gave Trinity High School in Weaverville its first ever state wrestling title when he took the 105-pound title at the CIF/Reebok Championships at the University of the Pacific.
Today in Tuesday, March 7, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a railroad tricycle, driven by John Graham, collided with a body lying on the railroad track near Keswick Station.

In 1950, Vernon Asher, 17, of Burney died at Mercy Hospital after an automobile accident on highway 299 near Montgomery Creek. He was a student at Fall River Joint Union High School.

In 1975, two young teens pulled a .22 caliber rifle and switchblade knife on a group of 10 people in Redding's South City Park. They took $30 from one man and ran away.

In 1990, Shasta County drug agents reported that 1989 had been their most productive year by far, but a trend toward small processing labs in motels and apartment complexes had them worried about public safety.
Today is Wednesday, March 8, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a petition was presented to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors for a change of boundary in the Prairie School District. The petition was approved.

In 1950, four deputy sheriffs, with guns drawn, surrounded a 14-year-old psychopath with suicidal and homicidal tendencies and forced him to surrender. The boy, wearing only a hospital gown, escaped from the psychopath ward at the county hospital the week before.

In 1975, Ray Rector, owner of Enterprise Sheet Metal Inc., was $4,500 poorer after getting swindled by a con artist. The man was going to sell Rector some damaged air conditioners, but instead took his money and disappeared.

In 1990, supervisors announced there would be no deal between Redding and Shasta County to bring city sewer services to Churn Creek Bottom commercial areas. The county was going to bring services to the area itself.
Today is Thursday, March 9, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the 7-year old son of  J. Renfroe from the Bella Vista area accidentally cut off three fingers of his left hand with an ax. A doctor was called from Redding to attend to the boy.

In 1950, five Weaverville storefronts  were severely damaged when a loaded lumber trailer broke loose from a run-away truck and smashed into them. No one was hurt, but damage was estimated at more than $50,000.

In 1975, Kevin Benson of Redding and 223 other crew members of the Coast Guard icebreaker ship Glacier were locked in ice in a howling snow-storm in the Weddell Sea near the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

In 1990, Jody Seelye, the convicted trigger man in the 1987 murder of Vincent Captain, refused a Shasta County Municipal Court judge's order to testify in a hearing for a woman accused of helping to arrange Captain's murder.
Today is Friday, March 10, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors accepted plans and specifications for a new county hospital building. The proposed hospital would cost between $8,000 and $9,000.

In 1950, a fight for the District 1 supervisor post in Shasta County was assured when two men filed candidacy notices. Supervisor O. "Pop" Turner declared he would seek re-election and Alex Otten said he would oppose Turner.

In 1975, police were searching for a motive and more knowledge about a man killed in a shootout in Mount Shasta. The man broke into a home and shot a woman in the head several times.

In 1990, KIXE-TV in Redding took the top spot as the most watched public television station in California. The findings were based on a percentage of households in the in the station's viewing area.
Today is Saturday, March 11, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Mrs. Joseph Earnest, the wife of the former Shasta County coroner, had a narrow escape from an awful death. Her dress started on fire when it came into contact with the flames from brush her husband was
burning. He was able to extinguish the flames quickly enough to prevent any injuries other than a few slight burns.

In 1950, Mildred Javier and Don Toenjes of Montgomery Creek were set to represent Shasta County 4-H clubs at the California All-Stars conference in Berkeley during Easter week.

In 1975, PFC. Glen Charmichael, 19, of Anderson, stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton near San Diego, was shot and killed while on guard duty. Marine Corps officials said the shooting appeared to be an

In 1990, anti-abortion activists and employees of the Feminist Women's Health Center in Redding scuffled during a pro-life protest that ended in the arrest of a several protesters
Today is Sunday, March 12, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the afternoon serenity of Copper City was disturbed when Frank  Walker cut Pat Silverthorn quite badly about the face and head with a pocket knife. The incident occurred during a barroom fight.

In 1950, Redding was to have a new Catholic school that year. It would have five or six classrooms and be built on St. Patrick's Hill to the south of the church's parish house at the west end of Placer Street.

In 1975, Siskiyou County supervisors ruled that former Undersheriff Charles Foster was not insubordinate when Sheriff A. B. Cotter fired him. The supervisors exonerated Foster after a long closed inquiry into the

In 1990, a 12-year-old Rancho Tehama boy escaped injury when a man tried to cut him with a knife. The boy was riding in a vehicle driven by his mother when the man jumped in front of the vehicle and slashed at him
through an open window.
Today is Monday, March 13, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the body of J. McBroom, a victim of a cave-in at Iron Mountain Mine, was pulled from the debris. An inquiry was conducted at the mine to determine if the company was to blame for the disaster. The company was
neither exonerated nor condemned.

In 1950, a supermarket representing an investment of about $85,000 was to be built in the Benton Street Tract.

In 1975, Redding police officer Robert Blankenship was shot in the head at close range by a man he had stopped near Lim's Cafe on North Market Street in Redding. Blankenship, now the police chief, lived to tell about
it by playing dead until the shooter left the scene. The shooter was later found and jailed.

In 1990, the "footprint" of Redding's new City Hall was planted on the west side of the 30-acre Parkview Avenue site. The project was still in its very early stages.
Today is Tuesday, March 14, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, J. McNeill, one of the oldest employees in the area division of Southern Pacific Co., was leaving for Wadsworth, Nev., to take a new job.

In 1950, a group of 31 students from Austria were set to appear at Shasta Union High School in a concert of folk songs, dances and poetry readings from their homeland.

In 1975, Charles Clifford Meek Jr., 64, founder of two Redding lumber sales businesses, died at Mercy hospital of natural causes.

In 1990, plans were submitted for a shopping mall in north Redding that its developers claimed would be the city's largest. Five stores were to anchor the proposed 651,000-square-foot development at Interstate 5 and
Oasis Road.
Today is Wednesday, March 15, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a club was being organized in Redding to conduct weekly bicycle races through the spring, summer and fall.

In 1950, residents in the Cascade Union Elementary School district were to vote on a $90,000 bond issue. The district said it needed a loan for eight new classrooms and a kindergarten.

In 1975, six of 80 guns stolen in a burglary at Camp's Surplus in Redding in June 1974 were recovered. According to a Redding police detective, they had fallen into the hands of motorcycle gang members.

In 1990, representatives from the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts- promoters of wise use of soil, timber, wildlife and water- gathered in Redding to help set the group's environmental and political agenda for the future.
Today is Thursday, March 16, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the Shasta Oil Co. was formed in Shasta County for the purpose of boring for oil. Local people had long known of oil indicators present in the county.

In 1950, Shasta Plywood Corp. announced they would be building a $750,000 addition to its million-dollar plant in Anderson.

In 1975, Chief Justice Donald R. Wright was considering appointing two Shasta County Justice Court judges as circuit judges with $30,000-a-year salaries.

In 1990, a proposed shopping center in south Redding near Bonnyview Drive that only a month before appeared to be a cinch was a step away from not happening. A vocal, standing-room-only crowd convinced city planning
commissioners that the shopping center shouldn't be built.
Today is Friday, March 17, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Bert Carlock, a well known young miner, took a 90-foot plunge down the perpendicular shaft of the Black Spider mine and lived to tell the tale.

In 1950, crew leaders from seven counties were in Redding for a training school at the Veterans Memorial Hall to get instruction on taking the 1950 federal census.

In 1975, Redding police said an unidentified person reported someone dressed in a purple cape and carrying a purse on Oregon Street "playing Zorro." Police said they went looking for "Zorro" but didn't find him or her.

In 1990, Redding officials broke ground on the $28 million Stillwater sewage treatment plant after a decade of the project being on the drawing boards.
Today is Saturday, March 18, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, The Redding High School baseball team beat the Anderson team 25-1 at Recreation Park in Redding. The team captain, Jesse Young, was the star of the game playing second base.

In 1950, Sametta Sutton, 17, and Reuben Kuehne, 18, both of Central Valley, got in a few dance moves while  practicing for a jitterbug contest to be held at the American Legion Hall in Central Valley that night.

In 1975, students of Shasta and Enterprise high schools won most of the awards at the Shasta College annual regional field day in journalism.

In 1990, a new bill in the state Legislature would require  Shasta and Tehama counties to start vehicle smog inspection programs.
Today is Sunday, March 19, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the trial of Charles McCart and Wesley Harvey, charged with stealing hogs, commenced before Judge C.P. Dunham in Millville.

In 1950, trustees of Trinity County High School in Weaverville accepted the resignation of John Lucas, the school's principal. Soon after this action took place, two of the five trustees also resigned from the board.

In 1975, Redding was to bid for a share of the electricity that would be produced by a proposed nuclear power plant in Sacramento County. The $859 million project was proposed by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District
and set to be built in 1984.

In 1990, Shasta County Board of Education trustee Paul Hughes was considering reversing his vote of approval for the unification of schools in Central Valley. Other trustees said a move like that would hurt the board's credibility.
Today is Monday, March 20, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Henry Callahan, who was born and raised at Callahan's Ranch in Siskiyou County, made a fortune in London through stocks.

In 1950, production was due to begin in the new Rocky Mountain Manufacturing Co. plant in Central Valley. When the mill attained full production, it would employ 150 men.

In 1975, OSHA representative Bruce Thorpe told Shasta District Fair directors that the fair grounds' speedway was unsafe. He recommended a 4-foot-high concrete containing wall be built around the track's curves
to protect the spectators.

In 1990, the Redding City Council was asked to review a document, called the Redding Riverfront Specific Plan, that laid out proposed guidelines for 1,700 acres of land along the Sacramento River where it wound through
the city.
Today is Tuesday, March 21, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, not since the winter of 1869 had the Ono and Bald Hills country had such a productive season. A heavy growth of clover six to eight inches high made splendid pasture for stock.

In 1950, Redding attorney Richard B. Eaton was appointed and took the oath of office as city judge at a meeting of the city council.

In 1975, Shasta County sheriff's deputies were treated to lunch by a class of Enterprise High School students taught by Barbara Avey.

In 1990, timber officials said they earned a small victory in their battle with environmentalists over the northern spotted owl when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an earlier decision to allow timber harvesting.
Today is Wednesday, March 22, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, William Jennings Bryan, a candidate for president of the United  States, passed through Redding on the Oregon Express.

In 1950, Ed Washburn, Burney justice of the peace, was elected  president  of the Shasta County Chamber of Commerce at a meeting of the Chamber in  Cottonwood. He succeeded Alvin Cibula, a Redding attorney.

In 1975, advanced registration was being taken for a belly dancing course offered by the Shasta County YMCA in Redding.

In 1990, U.S. Census Bureau workers in Redding were investigating the uncharted territory of the homeless population. Sixty census workers in Shasta County were visiting shelters, bridges, highway overpasses and
illegal campsites in an attempt to determine the number of homeless in the area.
Today is Thursday, March 23, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a brass band with seven members was organized in the lumber town of Bella Vista. The band was soon to be ready for all engagements.

In 1950, Dunsmuir railman Henry T. "Heine". Long ended 52 years of service for Southern Pacific Railroad.

In 1975, Elizabeth Gordon, a blind and terminally ill 3-year-old kidnapping victim, was flown home to Mount Vernon, Wash., with an FBI agent, after being found by authorities in Redding.

In 1990, despite the loss of a $300,000 state grant, the Redding City Council voted to spend $675,000 to buy a portion of the Hunt Ranch for a regional firing range.
Today is Friday, March 24, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, William Cannon was burned to death and his brother, Walter, was seriously injured in Paskenta.

In 1950, ham radio operators were credited with the arrest of a 31-year-old Trinity County man in Reno, Nev., who ran away with a 14-year-old girl from the county. A radio operator broadcast a description of the man and girl to the ham users in the Mission Trail network to be on the lookout for them. They were recognized and caught.

In 1975, approximately $1,300 was stolen from the check-cashing booth at the Safeway store on Eureka Way in Redding.

In 1990, severe erosion problems at a housing development west of Redding had Department of Fish and Game officials worried that two important trout-spawning streams could be destroyed.
Today is Saturday, March 25, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, the month of March was developing into an unusually good one in the marriage license department  at the Shasta County Clerk's office. Two licenses were issued that day, making a total of 14 for the month.

In 1950, students wore old-time costumes and adopted old-time mannerisms and customs for the day as Shasta Union High School celebrated Pioneer Day.

In 1975, a mudslide that blocked Southern Pacific railroad tracks in Dunsmuir was just being cleared enough to permit the passage of trains.

In 1990, four blue Redding Police Department patrol cars and a motorcycle formed a new traffic unit. The unit was striving to meet the department's goal of increased  seat belt usage.
Today is Sunday, March 26, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the boxing contest between Alonzo Tucker of Keswick and S. Day of Harrison Gulch was all set, except for the drawing up and signing of articles of agreement. The contest was to take place in Redding.

In 1950, a watermelon was brought to Redding from a Florida patch 3,200 miles away to help cheer up 9-year-old Richard Barnett, who had been bed-ridden for the past seven months at Shasta County Hospital.

In 1975, an Auburn man, Franklin French, died in an attempt to climb Mt. Shasta in a howling storm.

In 1990, five Redding men were facing charges, including wire fraud and money laundering, after a federal grand jury indicted them in connection with a telemarketing program based in Redding.
Today is Monday, March 27, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, John Stowell, owner of the Stowell mines near Copely, under bond to the Iron Mountain Investment Co., arrived in Redding. He was in town to check the progress at the mines.

In 1950, Shasta County supervisors were deliberating whether they should grow beards for the upcoming centennial celebration. Supervisor Charles Plumb had heard that anybody not sporting a beard during centennial week would be put in jail.

In 1975, major increases in the cost of livestock feed over the past few years apparently drove some ranchers to abandon supplemental feeding of their livestock, bringing on the threat of starvation to cattle and horses.

In 1990, students from across the north state participated in the 1990 Super Science Saturday at Shasta College in Redding.
Today is Tuesday, March 28, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Reform Democracy candidate William Jennings Bryan passed through Redding. The presidential hopeful made a campaign stop the day before in Sacramento and was on his way to Portland Ore.

In 1950, parents of Redding elementary school children saw evidence of overcrowded school conditions when they attended  open houses at Pine and Little Pine street schools.

In 1975, cold north winds in the north state sent temperatures sliding to record lows for this date. In Mount Shasta, the mercury dipped to 17 degrees.

In 1990, a planned $40 million expansion of Redding Medical Center hit a snag when the city's planning commission, concerned about traffic problems,  recommended that a request to close a key street be denied.
Today is Wednesday, March 29, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Herbert Whitman, engineer at the National Mine, was so badly injured that it was unlikely he would recover. His skull was crushed when he was thrown from a cart and landed on his head in a pile of rocks.

In 1950, French Gulch voters went to the polls to decide if they would get lights. When the votes were counted there were 24 favoring a highway lighting district and 24 against.

No 1975.

In 1990, several people were forced to dive into Lake Shasta and swim to safety after the engine of a boat they were in apparently exploded.
Today is Thursday, March 30, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the smelter at Bully Hill would not be in operation until fall due to a parts order that could not be filled until then.

In 1950, the new Trinity County Fair grounds in Hayfork was taking shape with the opening set for Aug. 26. The construction contract called for $85,000 to complete the fairgrounds.

In 1975, two residents in the Cascade Community Services District were pushing for annexation to Redding. They said they and their neighbors would get a better deal on everything from water to garbage pickup if the district was annexed.

In 1990, more than 3,100 young authors, who spent months creating original works, were descending on the Redding Convention Center for the Shasta County Student Literacy Festival.
Today is Friday, March 31, 2000.   On this date:

In 1900, citizens of Fall River Valley put up a sign to John McArthur to "let up by order of the citizens of Fall River Valley" and attached a hangman's knot to the notice. They had torn down a fence allegedly built
by the McArthurs for the purpose of fencing in a man who had a suit pending against the family in court.

In 1950, Shasta County was soon to be hooked into a nation-wide network of radar defense installations to be manned by U.S. Navy reservists.

In 1975, a woman reported to be a spiritual leader of the "I AM" sect died of head injuries after an inner tube accident on Mount Shasta. The woman was identified as Judith Ann Evans, 41, of Mount Shasta.

In 1990, Redding police said that threats and intimidation at Redding high schools, off-campus fights between warring gangs of youths and two drive-by shootings were all signs of increasing gang activity in Redding.
Today is Saturday, April 1, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, John Pendleton, the slayer of W. L. Randle, was convicted of murder in the second degree. The Redding jury was only out for an hour before making its decision.

In 1950, the Benton addition-land comprising the areas of Benton and Redding Heights subdivisions- was officially made part of Redding. Residents of the area voted to be annexed to the city.

In 1975, resort owners on Lake Shasta battened down docks and moorings in anticipation of more gusting winds that had blown gales of 65 to 75 mph the night before. The violent winds had churned the lake to whitecaps.

In 1990, the Redding City Council decided to tear down Tiger Field and the adjacent youth league park to make room for a new city hall that would be built there.
Today is Sunday, April 2, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, in an hour, the southern end of Keswick's business district was wiped out by fire. Eleven businesses, houses and dwellings were destroyed for a total of $12,600 in damage. The origin of the fire was unknown.

In 1950, the value of building permits in Redding during March soared to $931,140, according to a report by inspector F. Hayball. The figure was aided by three building permits at Shasta College and Shasta High School
for a total of $852,000.

In 1975, Happy Camp Justice Court Judge Paul Connor said he was innocent of wrong-doing when he collected mileage pay for a trip he made to Palm Springs in a car owned and driven by his constable, Richard McIntyre. The
dispute arose because McIntyre also collected mileage reimbursement from Siskiyou County for the trip.

In 1990, operators of a wastewater treatment plant on Churn Creek wanted to double the amount of effluent they placed in the stream, but state officials were opposed to the plan.
Today is Monday, April 3, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Baptiste Ranzi a young miner of Churntown, near Summit City, met with a painful and peculiar accident when a revolver he was handling inadvertently discharged. The bullet ricocheted off some rocks and lodged
in Ranzi's arm.

In 1950, a blazing runaway truck crashed into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Murphy of Round Mountain. The subsequent fire completely destroyed the newly built home.

In 1975, International Paper Co. closed its plywood plant in Weed, leaving 80 workers out of work. The closure was described as temporary by company officials who said the plant could reopen as early as late April.

In 1990, Tehama County teacher Julie Buer of Bidwell Elementary School in Red Bluff, was named the recipient of a Christa McAuliffe Fellowship in honor of the first teacher to be named an astronaut.
Today is Tuesday, April 4, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the saloon belonging to W. L. Eckerman on Market Street in Redding was entered by burglars. They succeeded in getting away with $20 in small change; nothing else was taken.

In 1950, plans were complete for the dedication ceremony of Highway 99 between Cottonwood and Redding. The event was jointly sponsored by the Cottonwood, Anderson and Redding chamber of commerce.

In 1975, a 17-year-old Medford, Ore., youth who told Shasta County sheriff's deputies he had been forced at gunpoint to drive a hitchhiker to Redding from Medford said that his story was made up.

In 1990, five of Shasta County's most notorious killers were holding their death sentences at bay as the lived out lives of legal appeals on San Quentin Prison's Death Row. They were Darrell Rich, Richard Grant,
William Proctor, Charles Riel and Robert Maury.
Today is Wednesday, April 5, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, electrical engineer Sidney Sprout prepared to build a power plant on the McCloud River.

In 1950, a fire started by a group of children who wanted to keep warm caused the death of 6-year-old Patricia Barley, whose dress caught on fire.

In 1975, Norma Oiler, 17, of McAuthur, was crowned Miss Shasta County.

In 1990, U.S. Forest Service officials were still backing the proposed Mt. Shasta Ski Area location after analyzing 25 alternative sites for a second ski area on Mt. Shasta.
Today is Thursday, April 6, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Charles Pollix, a man working for the contractor at the train trestle near the Elmore Station fell 20 feet off the trestle. He dislocated his wrist and hip.

In 1950, more than 19,000 acres of American Indian-owned lands in California were for sale. The unimproved range lands were in Shasta, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas and Madera counties and were ordered to be sold
after the head of the Sacramento office of the Indian Affairs Bureau received written requests from the tribes to sell.

In 1975, the third annual Northern California Arm-Wrestling Championships were set to be conducted. The event was sponsored by the Shasta County Peace Officers' Association.

In 1990, Shasta County agricultural officials said a "serious problem" was avoided when they intercepted a gypsy moth nest with more than 200 eggs. The moth larvae would have been dangerous defoliators with large
Today is Friday, April 7, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, the 5-year-old son of I. S. Moore, a saloon keeper in Redding, was reported lost. He later returned saying he had been making mud cakes in a gulch near the family home.

In 1950, several hundred people turned out to see and hear James Roosevelt when he spoke in Redding on his "grass-roots" tour of California campaigning for governor.

In 1975, the Redding City Council considered state health officials' complaints that the city's water was murky and failed to meet purity standards more than one-third of the time.

In 1990, neighbors of Churn Creek in Redding were hoping to put political pressure on north state leaders to get them to require tough protection standards for the area's several urban streams.
Today is Saturday, April 8, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900 Charles Johnson of Redding was again behind bars. He fired two shots from his pistol at point blank range at June Pharr and missed both times due to the fact that he was extremely drunk. Johnson thought Pharr
was trying to steal his girl-friend.

In 1950, groups of eastern Shasta County residents gathered to examine school problems brought on by rapid growth and decided among other things that they should learn how permanent the communities in the area are.

In 1975, two young Happy Camp boys, John and William Arnold, suffocated when a cave they were digging collapsed on them.

In 1990, a proposed shopping center in Red Bluff that would be anchored by a Wal-Mart department store was approved by the City Council.
Today is Sunday, April 9, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, the house belonging to R. S. Jewell on Sacramento Street in Redding was burglarized. The burglar was caught in the act. Nothing of value was taken.

In 1950, Trinity County supervisors agreed to ask for a $100,000 bond issue for further improvements to the new Trinity County hospital in Weaverville.

In 1975, Siskiyou County sheriff's deputies and Mount Shasta police broke up a burglary ring in southern Siskiyou County. Five adults and three juveniles were arrested.

In 1990, logging of some 800,000 acres of commercial timberlands in Northern California would be stopped if a recommendation was accepted to protect the spotted owl.
Today is Monday, April 10, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, conditions indicated that the sale of the group of Mammoth mines had fallen through. The full payment of the purchase price, $101,500, had not been made.

In 1950, April brought January-type weather as snow blanketed the mountains to the north, east and west of Redding, causing traffic tie-ups and hardship for thousands of motorists.

In 1975, although the state promised to reinstate $90,000 of a Social Services budget cut, chances were slim for Shasta County to get back another $30,000 trimmed from the same budget.

In 1990, Redding police were trying to find out what happened to a former Enterprise High School star swimmer before she was found in a locked baseball dugout, the victim of a severe beating.
Today is Tuesday, April 11, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Mrs. N. W. Williams was thrown from a buggy into the rocks by a roadside. She was unconscious as she was dragged for 25 feet.

In 1950, 1st Lt. Charles McWhirk of Redding was named the top gunner among pilots of propeller airplanes in the U.S. Air Force. He won his title at a tournament in Las Vegas.

In 1975, Publishers Forest Products Co.'s sawmill in Burney,  closed since Oct. 9, was to resume operating, plant manager John Lowe said.

In 1990, mild weather, warm crowds and hot jazz bands created a spicy musical stew to kick off the fifth annual Shasta Dixieland Jazz Festival in Redding.
Today in Wednesday, April 12, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Littleton T. Dryden, a pioneer resident of Redding, died at his residence of an illness that lasted several months.

In 1950, a petition was being circulated to extend the Shasta Dam Public Utilities District practically to the city of Redding border.

In 1975, approximately $4,000 in cash disappeared from Shasta General Hospital over the past seven months in what investigators were calling an embezzlement.

In 1990, the new footbridge linking the two Sacramento river trails in Redding was put to the test to make sure it wouldn't crack under pressure. Twenty-four city-owned and private cars and trucks were driven over the 420-foot span and it withstood the 94,000 pounds. It was to open the following weekend.
Today is Thursday, April 13, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Charley Shay of French Gulch was arrested by constable Eldridge on a charge of  assault by means capable of producing great bodily harm. Shay leveled a gun at neighbor miner Walter Richards with  intent  to
shoot him, but another man took the weapon away and hurried Shay back in the house.

In 1950, A. D. Edmonston, California state engineer, and members of his staff were in Redding to visit Shasta and Keswick dams and power plants and the Keswick rail relocation  site.

In 1975, four Burney teen-agers were hospitalized for drug overdoses following a binge by 20 youngsters. The drugs were thought to have been stolen from a Burney store.

In 1990, Patricia Fotovat, mother of three, was cited for putting a sign in the middle of Alfreda Way in an attempt to slow down traffic to the legal speed limit. Numerous children regularly played near the road and the speed limit was rarely heeded, Fotovat said.
Today is Friday, April 14, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a prospective source of a town water supply was found a short distance west of Keswick. A large volume of water was pumped from the shaft of a mine there and could have been piped into the town with little expense.

In 1950, seeking to improve a section of Highway 299 at Hatchet Mountain, the state highway commission attended a Shasta County Chamber of Commerce meeting.

In 1975, Charlie Byrd, 27, born in Weed, became chief  of the city's six-man Police Department.

In 1990, more than two-thirds of the Enterprise School District's voters supported a $19 million board measure intended to ease overcrowding and modernize school facilities.
Today is Saturday, April 15, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a railroad accident occurred five miles south of Cottonwood resulting in the death of three and the serious injury of four. All the men were members of the train's crew and railroad employees in section gangs.

In 1950, the Shasta Dam Area Chamber of Commerce  and the Shasta Dam Area Improvement Association were working together on a program for a county health code.

In 1975, Mount Shasta Elementary School District trustees voted to continue the district's early childhood education program.

In 1990, a fisherman on the way to a favorite spot on the Sacramento River discovered the body of a Cottonwood woman in a field south of Redding. The body was identified as Donna Rae Branson.
Today is Sunday, April 16, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Anthony Thierkoff, an employee at the Nordyke & Newsome meat market in Redding, got patents on two items. One was a mechanical bill-carrying apparatus and the other a clasp by which bills were held in place in the machine.

In 1950, 75 students and 20 teachers who were to be at the new Shasta College in September were looking for places to live in Redding.

In 1975, citizens appealed to Shasta County supervisors to overturn use permits granted for a gravel and asphalt plant on Clear Creek Road south of Redding and a lime quarry blasting operation west of Round Mountain.

In 1990, Bella Vista Elementary School seventh-grader Tony Didominic of Jones Valley died when he rode a motorcycle on the wrong side of a road and hit an oncoming pickup in the Bella Vista area.
Today is Monday, April 17, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, William Irwin, an employee of the Terry Lumber Co., seven miles east of Bella Vista, slipped and fell 20 feet to the ground from a high lumber flume. His injuries were serious and probably fatal.

In 1950, the California State Legislature called for a continuous open duck season in Modoc, Lassen, Siskiyou, Del Norte and Shasta counties. The Senate and Assembly approved the resolution.

In 1975, judges, constables, lawyers and citizens in outlying areas of Shasta County were arguing whether Shasta County should consolidate its court system. The state legislature was getting ready to make its own decision on the matter.

In 1990, officials predicted the upcoming summer would be the driest  and longest since 1977. Irrigators were facing up to 50 percent cutbacks in water they would get from the Central Valley Project.
Today is Tuesday, April 18, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Buckeye Township finally had a justice of the peace. At their March session, Shasta County supervisors appointed A. R. Bowler to the post.

In 1950, bids for grading and paving parking areas at Shasta Dam were invited by the Bureau of Reclamation.

In 1975, a new three-story wing of the Good News Rescue Mission on South Market Street in Redding was dedicated.

In 1990, 18 people arrested in March at a Redding abortion clinic pleaded innocent to trespassing charges in Shasta County Municipal Court.
Today is Wednesday, April 19, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, an meteor that witnesses said looked as large as the moon was seen over Redding. It was also seen in the Sacramento Valley below and up into Dunsmuir.

In 1950, a record crowd of 17,000 attended the two-day annual Red Bluff Round-Up over the weekend.

In 1975, Shasta County supervisors called for the immediate reopening of facilities at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

In 1990, over the past four years Redding's automobile theft rates had skyrocketed from 242 in 1986 to 404 in 1989.
Today is Thursday, April 20, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a Redding youth and two of his friends were in trouble with the law for stealing $10 from his father. They each bought  a target rifle and started out with plans to walk to Sacramento before being caught.

In 1950, 100 cattlemen from other parts of California, joined by 50 more from Shasta County, visited outstanding cattle ranches in Shasta County on the annual beef cattle tour sponsored by the Western Livestock Journal.

In 1975, Shasta Union High School trustees hired Don Demsher to serve as principal of Nova High School.

In 1990, an advisory group recommended that a public transportation system be created in Anderson, possibly linking that city with Redding within a year.
Today is Friday, April 21, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, search parties were out in Copper City looking for George Mills. It was feared he had drowned in the Pit River while drunk.

In 1950, more than 100 Trinity County citizens turned up at the courthouse in Weaverville to help their supervisors  draw up rules and regulations for running the new county hospital.

In 1975, instead of a $40 million relocation of Highway 299 near Redding, the state Highway Commission said it might widen the existing road for $9.7 million.

In 1990, Shasta County supervisors said they wanted to investigate the possible conflicts of interest stemming from a Sheriff's Department investigation of thefts from its crime locker.
Today is Saturday, April 22, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the 27th Agricultural District, composed of Shasta and Trinity counties, had a full set of directors and money prepared for its district fair.

In 1950, five recommendations, including metered off-street parking lots designed to improve parking conditions in downtown Redding, were presented to the Redding City Council.

In 1975, a 68-year-old Redding man was killed instantly when a 33-car freight train smashed into his truck at 65 mph at Girvan Road and Highway 99.

In 1990, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation was forecasting that Lake Shasta would drop in the upcoming summer to its lowest point since the historic dry years of 1976 and 1977.
Today is Sunday, April 23, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac McCandiss of Redding were assaulted by three "fairly well-dressed men" while returning home from a visit to Iron Mountain and Keswick. The men were later arrested , but denied the

In 1950, a contract was signed to build two blocks of false fronts to give an old-time Western appearance to California Street for the June centennial celebration.

In 1975, timely hitting by Rob Coleman and the strong right arm of Guy Jones carried Shasta High School's baseball team to a  4-2  win over highly ranked Red Bluff at Tiger Field in Redding.

In 1990, it was reported that a chance for the city of Redding to buy land for a regional firing range might have been lost because the deal was never put in escrow as the City Council directed.
Today is Monday, April 24, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, county clerk Blodgett felt he was "up against it" when a man appeared at the office with five live coyote pups on which he desired to collect a bounty.

In 1950, Wilber D. Simmons, a retired business man who had been recently elected to his first term as a Redding city councilman, became Redding's new mayor.

In 1975, Shasta County jobless totals, the highest in memory at 19.7 percent of the work force during February, dropped to 18.9 percent during March.

In 1990, swimmers at Whiskeytown Lake's popular Brandy Creek beach were warned that the lake water might be contaminated. The water was stagnant and harboring bacteria because of lower-than-normal lake levels.
Today is Tuesday, April 25, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, B. Conroy, a Shasta County pioneer and owner of the Redding Hotel, received another $500 payment on the purchase price of his interest in the Balakala mines on Squaw Creek near Kennett. He intended to retire on the money made from selling his interest later that year.

In 1950, an unidentified full-time resident physician was in line to take charge of care of patients at the county hospital in Redding.

In 1975, Louis Johnson, 21, of Redding was put on probation for involuntary manslaughter in the shotgun slaying  of Van Lester Dilworth, 57, of Redding.

In 1990, Shasta County officials agreed to try to come up with ways to keep developers from "raping the land" and to ease traffic congestion and create more parks.
Today is Wednesday, April 26, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the promising Donkey Mine copper property in Shasta County was bonded to reliable parties and was expected to be added to the list of Shasta County producers.

In 1950, water stored behind Shasta Dam reached the highest level in history so far. There were approximately 3,811,913 acre feet of water stored behind the dam.

In 1975, a Redding policeman apparently fell asleep at the wheel of his patrol car in the early morning hours and slammed into two parked cars in Redding, destroying the patrol car.

In 1990, Redding police were trying to unravel the story behind a hiker's grisly find: human bones 200 yards north of the Sacramento River Trail just inside the Harlan Drive entrance.
Today is Thursday, April 27, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, there was considerable activity at the Hart Mine in the Old Diggins district under bond to the Texas Mining Co. The mine's ore was being shipped to the Keswick smelter via Reid's Ferry.

In 1950, Shasta County's voter registration hit a record high for the June primary elections, according to County Clerk Ruth Presleigh.

In 1975, Redding anesthesiologists, in a bold appeal for public support, decided to with-hold their services from all but emergency and urgent cases from May 1 to May 11. The step was to require forced vacations for scores of hospital workers.

In 1990, Redding police officer Dan Straw unintentionally shot and wounded 14-year-old Tim Yanke while attempting to arrest him. Yanke was in good condition at Mercy Medical Center in Redding after undergoing
surgery for shotgun wounds.
Today is Friday, April 28, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a miner named Trimbath from French Gulch went suddenly insane in Redding. He rented a room at the Paragon Hotel for the night and began talking to himself and suddenly dashed outside yelling that  "big Jim"
was trying to kill him.

In 1950, Redding residents getting two daily mail services were cut to one daily delivery.

In 1975, the California Highway Patrol blocked southbound traffic on interstate 5 near O'Brien so pilot Pat Trask of British Columbia could get his airplane back in the air. It had been parked beside the freeway -where Trask landed it- for several hours after the carburetor iced up.

In 1990, a man's body was discovered floating in Lake Shasta near where two fishermen disappeared -presumably drowning- in February. The body has not yet been identified.
Today is Saturday, April 29, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, members of the Woodmen of the World organization were set to unveil a monument erected by them over the grave of Jacob Schuler in Redding. The public was invited to witness the ceremony.

In 1950, Land O' Gold Milk Products Co. of Redding was being sold to Golden State Co. Ltd., a major California dairy company.

In 1975, College of the Siskiyous instructors in Weed asked for a 16.28 percent salary increase and the college's non-teaching employees wanted their salaries raised by 11 percent.

In 1990, Redding physician Dr. James Charles was arrested on suspicion of numerous counts of prescribing drugs without a medical reason or to a person known to be a drug addict. He was later acquitted of all charges.
Today is Sunday, April 30, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a team attached to D. B. Nathon's delivery wagon got spooked and made a short sprint down Butte Street. The owner succeeded in jumping back into the wagon and brought the team to a halt before it reached Market Street.

In 1950, Redding's first flower show since World War II was given at Veterans Memorial Hall under the sponsorship of the Wonderland Garden Club.

In 1975, Doris Johnson of Anderson helped deliver her grandson, Terry Wayne Myles Johnson Jr., in the back seat of her daughter's car on the way to Shasta General Hospital in Redding.

In 1990, Shasta County was starting the first of 11 murder trials. The marathon of trials was expected to last through that fall.
Today is Monday, May 1, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Millville residents J. R. Douease and his daughter Ellen met with an accident when a team they were driving became frightened and jumped suddenly to one side, causing their wagon to strike a fence. Both were
thrown violently to the ground but weren't seriously injured.

In 1950, Shasta County sheriff's deputies were holding four men and a woman in connection with the theft of a $2,500 silver-mounted saddle, horse trophies and other trinkets from the home of Hugh Bowden in Round

In 1975, six people were arrested for investigation of their alleged involvement in a series of bombings in Shasta County in the past week.

In 1990, a Shasta County Superior Court judge issued an emergency order authorizing doctors to surgically remove a baby from an expectant Redding mother who was refusing the procedure.
Today is Tuesday, May 2, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Alice Littlefield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Littlefield, was chosen to preside as Queen of the May at the entertainment to be given May 11 by the ladies of the St. Agnes Guild in Redding.

In 1950, a major water main in Redding burst open on Pine Street near Placer Street, leaving residents along both sides of the street without water.

In 1975, a request to operate midget race cars on Redding Municipal Airport land was considered by the Redding Recreation and Parks Commission.

1990, David Stokes, an eighth-grader at Happy Valley Elementary School, assisted in a felony arrest. He was riding in a patrol car with an Anderson police officer as part of a school assignment on career education when he spotted two suspects in the shooting death of Redding resident Jacqueline Nichols, 23.
Today is Wednesday, May 3, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the residence belonging to W. Morley in Oak Run was destroyed by fire at an early hour. The fire originated in a clothes closet, but the cause was unknown.

In 1950, Hal Mason, a one-time stunt man turned movie producer, was planning to make a comedy movie in Redding. He said three or four cast members would be experienced professionals and the remainder would be local talent.

In 1975, College of the Siskiyous was set to feature radio and television operatic singer Eddy Rhul at a free spring concert at the Weed college.

In 1990, officials with the Shasta County executive office recommended the Board of Supervisors break a five-year lease on the building that housed Central Valley Court because of the possibility that the court would leave the city.
Today is Thursday, May 4, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the complaints of the Shasta Miners Association against Mountain Copper Co. were recognized by the government. J. P. Pryor, a special agent for the general land office, was in the region to investigate the case.

In 1950, bands from 17 different Northern California elementary and High Schools participated in a parade on Market Street in Redding.

In 1975, blood collection at many north state branches of the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank was suspended so the head-quarters in San Francisco could deal with a walk-out by anesthesiologists.

In 1990, Annalee Reuther, a 10-year volunteer at Mistletoe Elementary School in Redding, was given a special volunteer service award by the state Board of Education.
Today is Friday, May 5, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a northbound passenger train jumped the track at LaMoine, one mile north of Slatonis in northern Shasta County.

In 1950, the Redding Chamber of Commerce sponsored an open forum and public luncheon at the Golden Eagle Hotel to discuss a community chest for the city.

In 1975, the National Park Service halted trout planting in all but four lakes in Lassen Volcanic National Park and in many other national park lakes. The move, part of a plan to return wilderness areas to their natural state, was strongly opposed by the state Department of Fish and Game.

In 1990, a program was started in the Fall River Valley to kill off muskrats that were digging holes for their dens into riverbanks and causing a severe erosion problem.
Today is Saturday, May 6, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Redding's junior baseball team was set to go to Red Bluff to cross bats with a team from there. The Redding team consisted of high school and other younger players.

In 1950, Bureau of Reclamation power experts from around the United States were in Redding for a conference and to visit Keswick and Shasta dams and power plants.

In 1975, Redding set a record in April by issuing permits to build 12 houses.

In 1990, a rare joint meeting among Shasta County elected officials failed to produce an agreement to merge police and fire dispatch services serving the county, Redding and Anderson.
Today is Sunday, May 7, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the public schools of Redding closed for summer vacation after a successful eight months.

In 1950, Shasta County supervisors made it clear that they were opposed to construction of a dam on the Sacramento River in Butte County's Iron Canyon.

In 1975, Reginald Reed Howard, 49, of Hayfork was seriously injured in an accident that trapped him behind the wheel of his car for six hours near Hayfork. A California Department of Transportation crew finally spotted Howard and saved him.

In 1990, concerned that fees on new development for road improvement could throw Redding's economy into a tail spin, the City Council set short-term fees and called for a comprehensive study of the issue.
Today is Monday, May 8, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Edwin Owen, the 19-year-old son of Mrs. W. Ford Spencer of Balls Ferry, died from injuries suffered after falling off a horse.

In 1950, among materials being placed inside the copper box to be buried under the cornerstone of Shasta College was a manuscript on the history of Shasta Union High School. The cornerstone was to be put into place that weekend.

In 1975, it was reported that Shasta County's population at the beginning of the year was 87,454 up from 85,988 in 1974.

In 1990, state water authorities ordered the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to build a $50 million temperature control device at Shasta Dam to protect endangered winter-run salmon in the Sacramento River.
Today is Tuesday, May 9, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Charles Cook was happy to be owner of the Victory Mine in Buckeye Mining District. The ore taken from the mine assayed more than $5,000 per ton.

In 1950, about  600  telephone subscribers in the Redding area had their telephone bills reduced because the "base rate area" was enlarged.

In 1975, Lassen Volcanic National Park Superintendent Bill Stephenson said the National Park Service did not intend to ever reopen facilities at Manzanita Lake in the park. He also said it had plans to further discourage the use of the lake.

In 1990, the North Valley Baptist Church preschool closed its doors in part because of a legal case that began six years before over whether the state could require the program to be licensed.
Today is Wednesday, May 10, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, several Redding businessmen secured a lease on Armory Hall in Redding for two years at a monthly rent of $50. The men were planning to turn the hall into a theater and change its name to the Orpheum.

In 1950, Tom Preece, 34, was the new principal of Trinity County High School in Weaverville. He succeeded John Lucas.

In 1975, Eugene Ronald Probst, 34, of Shasta Lake died when he failed to negotiate a sharp turn on his motorcycle on East Bonnyview Road in Redding. He hit a metal culvert and was thrown more than 80 feet from his motorcycle.

In 1990, it was reported that the city of Redding grew by 6.5 percent in 1989, moving the city's population to more than 60,000 people for the first time.
 Today is Thursday, May 11, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the grounds surrounding the Shasta County Courthouse in Redding were to be enclosed with a fence. The plans and specifications were discussed at a meeting of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors.

In 1950, ore-bearing freight trains were rolling again from a portion of Shasta County Copper Belt with completion of a track relocation on Southern Pacific's Redding to Coram line.

In 1975, Debbie Gray, 17, of Shasta Lake was chosen from a group of nine girls at the year's queen for the Shasta Damboree in Shasta Lake.

In 1990, a record of 53,000 people attended the Redding Air Show.
Today is Friday, May 12, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a new oil company was expected to come to Shasta County in the district of the supposed oil belt of Stinking Canyon.

In 1950, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors heard a request from veterans groups in Anderson for a loan of $12,500. The loan would be for the purchase of a site for construction of a veterans memorial hall in Anderson.

In 1975, Redding area doctors faced malpractice insurance costs as high as $25,000, but almost all bought policies.

In 1990, some Redding junior high school students were taking environmental protection into their own hands and volunteering their time and effort to protect fish living and breeding in urban streams. They were painting environmental warning signs on storm drains around town.
Today is Saturday, May 13, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a new wagon road leading from Redding to Copper City and DeLamar's Bully Hill mines was a possibility in the near future. The road would reduce the distance between the points by at least six miles.

In 1950, Clyde Hopkins, 30, of Redding died at Eureka General Hospital in Eureka of stab wounds inflicted in a bar fight there.

In 1975, a weekend outing ended in tragedy for a Mount Shasta High School biology class when their runaway school bus plunged over an embankment of Interstate 5, killing the driver and two students.

In 1990, the Shingletown Library Corp. was planning to build a 2,080-square-foot library on five acres of donated land in Shingletown. It was to be filled with about 8,000 donated books.
Today is Sunday, May 14, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors did not select a site for Shasta County High School to be built at its May meeting.

In 1950, Butte County Public Health Director Dr. John Phillip urged a county health department for Shasta County.

In 1975, Butte and Summit lakes were the only two lakes to be planted with trout that year in Lassen Volcanic National Park, according to the state Department of fish and Game.

In 1990, Shasta High School music teacher Ken Howatt decided to retire after 24 years of teaching at the school. Howatt was the school's third band director.
Today is Monday, May 15, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Shasta County would soon have a new hospital. The Board of Supervisors ordered an advertisement for bids for the construction of the hospital building.

In 1950, top men in the West Coast's lumber industry were on the speakers' list at a Redding meeting of the Forest Products Research Society.

In 1975, blasts from a pair of military explosive devices rattled the Buckeye area, shaking windows, rousing hundreds of people and momentarily blacking out street lights. Shasta County sheriff's deputies were investigating the incident.

In 1990, many residents of the small, timber-based community of Hayfork were offended and upset about a student skit at their elementary school that knocked "greedy loggers" in an equatorial rain forest.
Today is Tuesday, May 16, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, L. Jones, a leading property owner in Keswick, charged that the census returns for the Campton (Keswick) School District had been falsified. He said there were at least 150 more names than there should have been.

In 1950, the body of Robert Johnson, 49, was found under a bridge on his ranch, 12 miles west of Red Bluff.

In 1975, seven people were booked into Shasta County jail as part of a lengthy drug-trafficking investigation that resulted in the indictment of 35 people.

In 1990, the Spiraling cost of developed lots and a low supply of homes were causing Redding housing prices to rise, according to real estate experts.
Today in Wednesday, May 17, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, George Nuzenbello, who was arrested and declared insane in Redding, was committed to the Napa State Mental Hospital. The man made "scrap iron" out of bars on his cell door and a huge jail bed in his cell during his stay at Shasta County Jail.

In 1950, Silas Johnson, 43, a prominent Tehama County  rancher, made a statement to the Tehama County district  attorney that he killed his cousin, Robert Johnson, in self-defense. He had been arrested in Sparks Nev.

In 1975, the California Highway Patrol had determined that driver error, not mechanical failure, caused the crash of a school bus that killed three Mount Shasta teens near Ashland, Ore., earlier this month.

In 1990, a proposal was presented to the Redding City Council to raise residents' water bills by 25 percent over the next two years. The increase, plus a 36 percent hike in hookup fees would pay for $21 million of water system improvements the city would need in the next 10 years.
Today is Thursday, May 18, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, it was reported that the Black Spider Mine near Keswick was producing well. Several men were employed working in the mine's shaft, which was 125 feet deep and steadily getting deeper.

In 1950, four Shasta County men caught and almost brought home 110 fish. Game Warden Bert Mann caught the men and another man who had 50 fish, confiscated the fish and fined the men $10 each.

In 1975, although no additional arrests were made in a  sweeping purge of alleged Shasta County drug dealers in the past 24 hours, county officials and police were still trying to locate 16 people named in Grand Jury indictments  for alleged drug sales.

In 1990, Gary Souza of Atwater won the steer wrestling competition at the 28th annual Cottonwood Rodeo while Kenney Elwood Jr. of Bella Vista was the all-around champion. Each took home a piece of the $17,000 in prize money.
Today is Friday, May 19, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Jim Sallee, onetime owner of Iron Mountain Mine, made a number of oil deals in which he made close to $100,000 profit. It was reported he had interests in a dozen different oil-producing companies.

In 1950, Trinity County Supervisors appointed a staff for the newly completed Trinity General Hospital in Weaverville.

In 1975, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245 ratified a three-year contract with the city of Redding for wage increases based on charges in the cost of living.

In 1990, two Redding men turned themselves in to police in connection with dry ice bombs found at the Redding Greyhound bus depot.
Today is Saturday, May 20, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the pupils of the Redding high school gave their teachers a reception at the high school building.

In 1950, Redding Grange 46 was about to get a new hall. Members were  out  at  the  new  site for ground breaking  ceremonies.

In 1975, scattered remains of 84-year-old Lewiston miner Donald Matheson Jr. were found on a steep hillside a mile from his home. Matheson had disappeared from his cabin Dec. 3, 1974.

In 1990, four Redding men charged with operating a scheme that biked small businesses nationwide entered guilty pleas in federal court. Police said the scheme used phony orders to encourage distributors to buy a fuel additive. They were then stuck with the product and no buyers.
Today is Sunday, May 21, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, J. Wess Moore, a well-known miner of Bragdon in Trinity County, shot and killed Charles Alverson, another miner, at Cherry Flats near Trinity Center. The shooting was the result of a long-existing dispute between the men over a mining claim.

In 1950, the Shasta County Sheriff's Posse was determined to have a first-class rodeo grounds. Members of the posse had been working for more than a year, whipping the grounds at the east end of Butte Street into shape.

In 1975, Jayne Hinman, the widow of a Redding doctor, told police investigators $10,000 to $20,000 worth of gold and silver coins she put in the safe of a Redding coin shop in 1969 was missing.

In 1990, in an unprecedented effort to save the year's generation of endangered winter-run chinook "king" salmon, officials began releasing warm water from Shasta Dam to attract adult fish upstream to areas better suited for spawning.
Today is Monday, May  22, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Frank Marble, a young man employed at Minersville in Trinity County, was buried and killed while working in a gravel pit  by a slide of dirt and rocks.

In 1950, a public hearing on annexation of Buckeye and adjoining areas by the Shasta Dam Area Public Utilities District was set to be conducted at Buckeye School.

In 1975, three Trinity County supervisors, a cattlewoman and a homeowner who hated roaming cows toured the Red Hill section of Junction City to investigate the petition of 37 residents for closed-range status.

In 1990, it was reported that more retail jobs and the increased minimum wage pushed income up by 2 percent in Shasta County during 1988.
Today is Tuesday, May 23, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, the first marriage license for the month of May was issued to Andrew Cantrell and Gracie Bryner, both of Shasta County.

In 1950, Manchester Boddy, a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat for California, spoke at a private luncheon at the Lorenz Hotel in Redding.

In 1975, Shastina Properties Inc., developer of a 17,000- acre Lake Shastina Properties subdivision near Weed, reported to its stockholders that it had suffered a net loss of $959,000 for the first quarter of the year.

In 1990, heavy rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of Independent Truckers Association members who began to convoy from Redding to Sacramento to protest higher fees and taxes proposed for the industry.
Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, a gathering of the businessmen and property owners of Redding was conducted at City Hall to plan construction of a direct wagon road from Redding to Copper City and DeLamar's Bully Hill mines.

In 1950, identification and investigation experts from county, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies convened in Redding to discuss mutual problems and the newest criminal identification methods.

In 1975, the pilot of a crop-dusting plane, Dave Gunsauls of Red Bluff, miraculously escaped death when his plane crashed and burned while dusting vineyards in Manton.

In 1900, a widespread infestation of tiny caterpillars was eating the leaves off thousands of blue oak trees across the north state and causing concern among landowners and scientists.
Today in Thursday, May 25, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, it was reported in the Morning Searchlight that the party given by Mrs. Swasey of Redding in honor of her guest Miss V. Lauck of San Francisco was a "select and greatly enjoyed affair".

In 1950, a special City Council meeting was conducted to discuss improving streets in the Garden and Benton tracts of Redding. The meeting soon turned into a full-scale planning for deciding on more permanent improvements for the areas.

In 1975, some 800 pilgrims from all over California and Oregon gathered on the shores of Lake Siskiyou for a two-day Festival of Humanity.

In 1990, Shasta County students swept three of four energy and conservation awards at a statewide contest in Sacramento. Project City Elementary School, Grant and French Gulch schools and Enterprise High School took top honors for promoting energy conservation, recycling and environmental education.
Today is Friday, May 26, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Fred Kline, a former Redding resident and businessman, came to Redding from San Fransisco and reported there had been 14 new cases and four deaths from the outbreak  of bubonic  plague  there.

In 1950, Shasta County physician Dr. Thomas Wyatt handed in his resignation to county supervisors. He said he was quitting work so he could dedicate time to catching fish on the McCloud River.

In 1975, at least five boats capsized or sunk and one was destroyed by fire in Memorial Day mishaps on Lake Shasta. No serious injuries were reported.

In 1990, for the first time in 12 years a community parade sponsored by the Shasta District Fair would be held in Anderson. Fair officials said they would revive the event For June 23, the final day of the fair.
Today is Saturday, May 27, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Sydney Sprout, Eugene Watson and George Bush returned from a trip to the McCloud River with news that they had selected a site to build an electric power plant.
 In 1950, four new Lake Shasta recreational areas- Antlers Campground, Salt Creek Campground, Lakeshore swimming and picnic area and Salt Creek swimming and picnic area- were open for public use.

In 1975, Trinity County sheriff's deputies were searching the rugged banks of Canyon Creek near Junction City for the body of a 14-year-old Idaho youth who was believed  to have drowned.

In 1990, Redding sailors Ken George, Hank Jotz and Michael Moore won their divisions in the 26th annual Whiskeytown Regatta.
Today is Sunday, May 28, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, George Jarvis, a well-known former resident of Redding and Shasta, was killed near Fall City, OR., when a tree he was cutting down fell on him.

In 1950, north state residents were in mourning after two escapees from the California Youth Authority Camp in Whitmore shot and killed two law enforcement officers last week. The officers were Shasta County Undersheriff Earl Sholes and Shasta County Sheriff's deputy Dan Heryford.

In 1975, residents of the Happy Valley Union School District approved a bond measure that allowed the district to grow by eight classrooms.

In 1990, The Shasta County Grand Jury said it was concerned that the secrecy of its investigation into the sheriff's office had been compromised and that it found two allegations against Undersheriff Jim Pope to be groundless.
Today is Monday, May 29, 2000.  On this this date:

In 1900, one of the most prosperous farming sections of Shasta County was a small tract of land known as Churn Creek Bottom. It was located between Churn Creek on the east and the Sacramento River on the west.

In 1950, new subscription prices for the Record  Searchlight were set to go into effect June 1. The new rate was $1 per month for delivery to Redding residents.

In 1975, a "pill popping party" ended on a frantic note for at least seven Enterprise-area youths when they overdosed on drugs and were taken to hospitals in Redding.

In 1990, late-season rain storms were a mixed blessing. On one hand, they were filling reservoirs. But they were also causing federal water officials to release more water from Shasta and Trinity lakes to downstream farmers.
Today is Tuesday, May 30, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, an election in the Redding School District for trustees was to proceed even though the trustees failed to post election notices in time. The election would be conducted anyway  due to an alternative provided in the political code.

In 1950, the Redding Browns baseball team moved to within nine percentage points of first place after sweeping a three-game series against the league-leading Klamath Falls Gems.

In 1975, a first investment of $88,000 in a nuclear power plant that would supply electricity to Redding was approved by the City Council. The council also allocated $20,000 to find new local power sources, such as windmills.

In 1990, Jim Gibson and Charlie Menoher were running against each other to replace Midge Gates as Shasta County Superintendent of Schools.
Today is Wednesday, May 31, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, boxer Frank Eli knocked out Tom McMahon in the fourth round of their long-awaited match at Armory Hall in Redding.

In 1950, Harold Puffer, vice principal of Shasta Union High School District, was to become principal July 1 to replace Jackson Price. Price was to devote his time to being superintendent of the district.

In 1975, several changes, including allowing levels of Shasta and Clair Engle lakes to drop to even lower summer levels, were proposed to the Central Valley Project at a day long U.S. Bureau of Reclamation public hearing at the Redding Convention Center.

In 1990, District  Attorney Steve Carlton cleared Redding police officer Dan Straw of criminal wrong doing in connection with the shooting death of a 14-year-old theft suspect.
Today is Thursday, June 1, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, a week long show of demonstrations of hypnotism by Sylvain Lee was held at Armory Hall in Redding.

In 1950, Fall River Unified School District trustees voted on a measure to levy a special $1 tax for two years to fund the elementary school.

In 1975, Vaughn Cartwright, a 33-year-old dental lab technician from Enterprise, was the new national middleweight wrist-wrestling champion and was set to watch himself win that title on television before his next tournament.

In 1990, North Valley Ambulance of Redding was set to base two ambulances in Anderson, a move that would dramatically cut response time for medical emergencies in southern Shasta and northern Tehama counties.
Today is Friday, June 2, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, brakeman Frank Curry was badly injured in an accident at Keswick Station. He was struck by a freight car and thrown under its moving wheels but was not run over.

In 1950, Howard Barcus and Don Brockschmidt narrowly escaped death while returning home from a memorial day fishing trip. The new pickup the men were driving overturned and burned 12 miles east of Redding on highway 299.

In 1975, three attempted robberies in Redding area were thwarted  by the intended victims-the manager of Shasta View Market, a 69-year-old woman and two Pacific Gas and Electric Co. employees.

In 1990, it was reported that the previous month was the wettest May on record for Redding. The city received 5.32 more inches of rain than usual.
Today is Saturday, June 3, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Lon and Thomas Layman struck a good ledge of gold on Morgan Gulch in the Hayfork district.

In 1950, 10 months of picketing the Western Auto Supply store in Redding was discontinued in hopes that a long labor dispute would soon be settled.

In 1975, Shasta County Deputy District Attorney Phil Hernandez resigned, saying his reasons for resignation were "personal." He also emphatically said his resignation was not connected to that of Jeff Rosenfeld, another deputy district attorney who quit the week before.

In 1990, dust hadn't had a chance to settle at Redding's privately owned hospitals, Mercy Medical Center and Redding Medical Center. Construction projects were keeping workers busy at both of the hospitals.
Today is Sunday, June 4, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Constable Eldridge left Redding for Round Mountian with a warrant of arrest for H. Griffith, charged with retailing  liquor without a license.

In 1950, graduating seniors and one junior were presented with 22 awards and scholarships, including three for the new Shasta College at commencement exercises at Shasta Union High School.

In 1975, teachers in the Enterprise Elementary School District broke off salary negotiations with the board of trustees. One group voted to strike if a suitable agreement weren't reached by August.

In 1990, veteran hang glider pilot Clarence Edward Schute Jr. of Redding fell more than 150 feet to his death after an equipment failure on his hang glider.
Today is Monday, June 5, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, Texas Mining Co., bonder of the famous Hart Mine in old Diggins district, was meeting with success in its work on the property.

In 1950, building permits for the first five months of 1950 hit a record high of more than $1.89 million for the city of Redding. That was more than the total of any year in Redding's history.

In 1975, a $175,000 judgment was awarded in Shasta County Superior Court to California Highway Patrol officer Dayle Schmidt, who was struck and injured by a pickup in July 1973.

In 1990, Redding's draft 1990-1991 budget was unveiled at a City Council meeting. It envisioned  spending $105,260 million and contemplated projects that would require the city to eventually  borrow $50 million
Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Fred Williams was hit in the abdomen by a piece of wood thrown from a saw at the Pioneer Box Factory in Sisson. He remained unconscious until he died nearly two days later.

In 1950, County Clerk Ruth Presleigh, who was unopposed in a recent election, turned down a sizable salary increase. The Board of Supervisors had been considering raising her salary for some time.

In 1975, a moderately strong earthquake that broke windows and cracked walls along the Northern California coastline jostled several residents from their sleep in Shasta, Trinity and Siskiyou counties.

In 1990, voters gave Jim Pope the sheriff's badge at the end of a bitter Shasta County race that featured claims of mudslinging by both sides.
Today is Wednesday, June 7, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, James Gilliand, 18, of Cottonwood was brought to Redding to be examined by the lunacy commission to determine his sanity.

In 1950, the dedication ceremony for Shasta Dam was set for June 17, climaxing a week of pageantry and observance of the Shasta County centennial.

In 1975, comedian Jerry Lewis visited Redding and Riverview Country Club to participate in the third annual pro-am golf tournament that donated its proceeds to Lewis' muscular dystrophy campaign.

In 1990, responding to a rift with management, employees at Redding's public television station KIXE channel 9 voted to unionize, apparently becoming the first television station in California north of Sacramento
to do so.
Today is Thursday, June 8, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, the citizens of Redding withdrew their petition to the board of supervisors for a road to Copper City and refused a compromise offer on the grounds that the expense was not justified.

In 1950, construction of a sawmill that would eventually have a monthly payroll of $8,000 to $10,000 was under way south of Anderson.

In 1975, air tankers contracted by the U.S. Forest Service and the California Division of Forestry and Fire Protection were activated three weeks early because of fire danger.

In 1990, a jury recommended that convicted murderer Raymond Steele become Shasta County's sixth resident of death row.
Today is Friday, June 9, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, trustees of Redding school district met to decide on the corps of teachers for Redding schools for the coming year.

In 1950, Trinity Congregational Church in Weaverville was set to dedicate its new parish house. The speaker at the service was to be Sidney Buckham of Berkeley, director of Congregational Church extension work.

In 1975, it was reported that Redding's colorful Sacramento River Raft Race would have to be canceled because sponsors were unable to obtain liability insurance.

In 1990, the 12-year tenure of Cascade Elementary School District Superintendent Joe Cresco was to come to an end the next year as three members of the school board voted to terminate his contract.
Today is Saturday, June 10, 2000.  On this date:

In 1990, Almarin Baker, a pioneer resident of western Shasta County, had a painful accident on his ranch on Duncan Creek, north of Ono. He fell off the sled he was using to move hay and broke a rib.

In 1950, a century of Shasta County progress went on display with the opening of the biggest eight-day pageant ever presented in the area - the Shasta Centennial Celebration.

In 1975, the Diestelhorst estate, once a major Redding shopping place for freight wagons on their way to Shasta and Weaverville, was destroyed by fire. Firemen were looking for clues as to what caused the fire.

In 1990, searchers were continuing to look for the body of Tony Anderson, a 22-year-old who drowned in Lake Shasta while swimming.
Today is Sunday, June 11, 2000. On this date:

In 1900, Ben Swasey, a miner and pioneer of Shasta County, was in Redding from his home near Shasta. He reported that he had 15 tons of ore from the dump of the Kit Carson Mine ready to be sent the Keswick smelters. He believed it would average $10 per ton.

In 1950, an order to close "all gambling that's against the law" was given to Police Chief Scott Lincecum by Mayor Wilber Simons following numerous complaints about gambling in town.

In 1975, Shasta County teachers, technically "jobless" for the summer, swamped the California Employment Development Department office in Redding with applications for unemployment payments. The teachers qualified for aid because of a loophole in a recently passed federal law, but the loophole was sealed the next day by a bill signed by President Gerald Ford.

In 1990, Shasta County's public defenders began taking new cases, ending a partial work stoppage that began a week before with the passage of a criminal justice reform proposition.
Today is Monday, June 12, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, there was a rich strike reported at the Black Spider Mine near Keswick. A 3-foot vein of ore was encountered that sampled close to $300 per ton.

In 1950, a weeklong hunt for escaped convict Robert Hanna came to an end in the mountains of Trinity County when he was captured. Hanna escaped from a prison camp near Burnt Ranch without food and attempted to make his way to the coast along the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. right of way.

In 1975, for the first time since 1967 Fred and Lillian Tillman were unable to raise their U.S. flag, a ritual they had performed daily in memory of their son who was killed in Vietnam. The flag's lanyard broke as the couple was raising it.

In 1990, Regional Forester Paul Baker of the U.S. Forest Service told forest service officials to stop timber sales from Shasta-Trinity, Klamath and Six Rivers national forests until the wild and scenic rivers management plans were established for the forests.
Today is Tuesday, June 13, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, George Johnson and John Richards had a thrilling experience and a narrow escape when a bolt of lightning struck the road just ahead of the team they were driving. The team was temporarily blinded and both men were knocked unconscious, but neither was injured.

In 1950, California Highway Patrol officials and the Redding Police Department were forced to work out parking and traffic plans to relieve congestion during the Shasta County Centennial celebration.

In 1975, a judge reprimanded Shasta County District Attorney Robert Baker for his actions in a petty theft case that resulted in a jury being summoned, then not used.

In 1990, directors of the Bella Vista Water District unanimously approved a plan to ration water to its 3,200 customers, effective immediately.
Today is Wednesday, June 14, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, three "hobos" Joe Williams, James Daily and James Black, were sentenced to 60 days imprisonment each for stealing beer from Kahny & Burgbacher's bottling works in Redding.

In 1950, water was released onto the 437-foot spillway of Shasta Dam for the first time. Multi-colored floodlights shone on the cascade of water as an estimated 15,000 people turned out to watch.

In 1975, the largest budget in Redding's history, totaling $11.6 million for 1975-1976, was unanimously approved by the City Council.

In 1990, the Shasta County Grand Jury called for a state Department of Justice probe of the Sheriff's Department's handling of an investigation into an evidence-locker theft to see if deputies broke the law.
Today is Thursday, June 15, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, two men died in an accident on the McCloud River Railroad. The men were crushed while attempting to stop wood from sliding down a hill next to a track. Three cars of the train were completely wrecked.

In 1950, Redding card rooms and taverns were the focus of two proposals at a City Council session. The proposals were that card rooms would have to close at 2 a.m., the same time as taverns, and that tavern fronts would be open so passers-by could see who was inside and what was going on.

In 1975, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. crews were burying power lines on Hartnell Avenue near Wentz Market. The work was the beginning phase of a $1 million project to widen Churn Creek Road and Hartnell Avenue by the summer of 1976.

In 1990, a report released by the agricultural commissioner's office reported healthy agriculture numbers for 1989 in Trinity County.
Today is Friday, June 16, 2000.  On this date:

In 1900, with Redding as the central point, a topographic map of the immediate region was to be made under instructions from the director of the geographical survey. The territory included was to reach north to Slatonis, south to Cottonwood, east to Oak Run and west to Olinda.

In 1950, William Benulis, an elementary school music instructor in Redding, was elected president of the Shasta County Community Concert Association.

In 1975, overall Shasta County property values had increased 6.5 percent in one year, according to County Assessor James Hull.

In 1990, a county report recommended joining the fire services for four districts north of Redding and unifying the Anderson and Cottonwood fire protection districts.
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In 1900, the first fire in several months in Redding burned down Bert Rogers' home on Tehama and Liberty Streets, which was then considered north Redding.

In 1950, Richard Bibbins, 11, of Anderson won second prize in the National Erector Contest by building a working record player with an erector set he got for christmas.

In 1975, about 300 Redding residents who lived near the site of a proposed 245-acre garbage dump south of Placer Road signed a petition opposing the project.

In 1990, the Red Bluff and Coring police departments, along with the Tehama County Sheriff's Department, were in the process of forming an interagency narcotics task force.
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In 1900, preparations were being made for the early run of salmon at the U.S. fishery at Baird on the McCloud River. The River was closed to salmon going upstream by racks placed in the river near the hatchery house. A large trap was placed in the dam to catch salmon so the number and condition of the fish could be noted from day to day.

In 1950, Buckeye Improvement District directors had the first figures of a proposed water system before them. The estimates in a report submitted by Clair Hill of Redding included costs for annexation to the Shasta Dam Public Utilities District, annexation to the Summit City Public Utilities District or formation of an independent district.

In 1975, according to the California Taxpayers Association, Shasta County employed more people and paid them higher salaries than counties of comparable size.

In 1990, the California Highway Patrol was doing a complete study of the unusually high number of fatalities on Tehama County roads that year, hoping to determine what was causing them. More people -17 in all - had died in car wrecks that year than in all the past year.

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In 1900, a deal was closed allowing the Redding Water Co. to buy the franchise, underground pipe and unused pipes of Groves Water Co. for $1,000.

In 1950, Anderson school trustees opened bids for construction of a new high school building, but found that the lowest bid was $57,000 above the architect's estimated cost.

In 1975, the new director of the state Department of Parks and Recreation suprised Siskiyou County officials by reversing the department's recommendation that the state acquire Lake Siskiyou for a state park.

In 1990, Mercy Medical Center won a coveted recommendation to become the north state's trauma center. A five-member team of emergency medical care experts from across the country made the recommendation to the Northern California Emergency Medical Services Board after inspecting both Mercy and Redding Medical Center.
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In 1900, the Board of Fire Commissioners was considering an offer for the establishment of an electric fire alarm system in Redding and the offer appeared to be quite reasonable.

In 1950, lumber mill operators and at least one Southern Pacific official agreed there was a lumber car shortage. J. McKinnon, district superintendent of Southern Pacific Railroad in Dunsmuir, said the shortage was due to late deliveries of cars because of strikes on other lines.

In 1975, Shasta County supervisors unanimously directed county Sanitation Dale Watson and County Supervisor Robert Rehberg to draft an ordinance requiring boats with living facilities to have holding tanks for wastewater.

In 1990, bowing to public pressure, directors of the Clear Creek Community Services District voted unanimously to suspend its mandatory water-rationing rules until it could find a better solution to its water problems.
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In 1900, Harry Munroe of the Monte Carlo Theater in Keswick said he would like his pugilistic protégé Alonzo Tucker to meet the winner of Johnson vs. Day match scheduled for July 3. Tucker was sparring with Hank Griffin of San Francisco.

In 1950, more than 200 U.S. Navy Seabees were set to converge on Redding from all over the United States for the fifth reunion of the 55th U.S. Navy Construction Battalion.

In 1975, Trinity County applied for state refunds to build a boat-launching ramp on Clair Engle Lake at Covington Mill near Trinity Center.

In 1990, it was reported that Redding residents would see their monthly electric rates rise 6 percent beginning in October as part of the city's budget balancing act.
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In 1900, a contract was filed with the Shasta County recorder for construction of a bridge to span the Pit River at the old Bass Ferry site.

In 1950, during the previous week, fire crews of Shasta-Trinity National Forests had fought 35 fires caused by lighting storms.

In 1975, Paul Ogden and Larry Farrell, both of Redding, began a 354-mile canoe trip from Redding to San Francisco on the Sacramento River. They hope to be the first ones to complete the trip.

In 1990, Simpson Timber Co., an affiliated division of Simpson Paper Anderson, was planting 10,000 acres of eucalyptus trees in Tehama County near Corning for eventual use as short fiber pulp, an essential ingredient in making paper.
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In 1900, it was reported that by about Oct. 20 smoke would be issuing from the stacks of the Bully Hill smelter and the second of Shasta County's great copper smelting plants would be in complete operation.

In 1950, Redding had at least 10,550 living within its city limits and the final count  was expected to push the number close to 11,000.

In 1975, it was announced that the state reclamation board would hold a second public hearing before taking any action on proposed designated flood way lines for Cottonwood Creek.

In 1990, a body was found in an eastern Shasta County lake  and the search for missing fisherman Glen Wesley Hightower, 33, was suppended, pending identification of the body.
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In 1900, the Shannon water right and power location on Mill Creek near Shingletown was purchased by the Johns Co. for construction of a power plant.

In 1950, Richard Broke of Sacramento, regional director of the Bureau of Reclamation in California, and members of his staff spent two days inspecting features of the proposed Trinity River Diversion Dam project. The bureau was resuming the study due to rapidly increasing demands for water and power in the Central Valley.

In 1975, Redding Fire Chief L. G. "Babe" Wade retired, putting the lid on a fire fighting career that spanned 3 1/2 decades.

In 1990, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said Shasta Dam's powerhouse would not generate electricity for two months during the summer in an attempt to provide cool water for the endangered spawning winter-run salmon in the lower Sacramento River.
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In 1900, A. Herman, a long time employee at Iron Mountain  Mine, died when he stepped into an ore chute and fell 50 feet to the ground below.

In 1950, burglars made off with money from safes at the Roosevelt Bar and Shasta Market in Redding.

In 1975, two new jet flights were scheduled to start daily service to Redding on Hughes Airwest routes between Portland, Ore., San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 1990, in a significant ruling for anti-abortion activists, a Shasta County Municipal Court judge said those arrested at a march demonstration could argue they had no choice but to block clinic doors to save lives.
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In 1900, David Creighton of Tehama County applied for a patent for a machine he invented that cleaned and blackened shoes while the wearer  relaxed in a chair.

In 1950, arrangements for veterans' education programs and transfer of agricultural students to California Polytechnical College were made for Shasta College by the school's president.

In 1975, the Trinity County supervisors were told that state Gov. Edmund Brown Jr. was not likely to approve  the expenditure of $18 million to set up a statewide 911 system.

In 1990, neighbors opposed to a proposed high school in a rural area of Palo Cedro wanted the Shasta Union High School District to solve its overcrowding problem elsewhere.
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In 1900, residents of Anderson were in a "state of excitement" over a rumor that there was an arsonist in their midst. Four buildings were set on fire the previous week.

In 1950, city manager Phil Storm announced that work was set to begin to extend water lines to the Highland and Greenwood additions in Redding. The estimated cost of the extension was $12,000.

In 1975, the Trinity County Historical Society selected the bandstand across from the county courthouse in Weaverville as an American Revolution Bicentennial project, to be the focal point of a large Independence Day celebration in 1976. The society was asking for federal revenue sharing money to renovate the 73-year-old bandstand.

In 1990, a bill establishing a Shasta County Library Commission was headed back to the state Assembly after an amendment was proposed by Gov. George Deukmejian to allow the commission to levy assessments, charges and fees.
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In 1900, the 12 molders employed at the Mountain Copper Co.'s foundry in Keswick walked out, demanding a pay increase from $3.50 to $4 per day.

In 1950, Redding's building boom continued to set records with $179,145 worth of building permits issued through the building inspector's office so far in June.

In 1975, Anderson City Manager Charles Martin told council members there was no money available to continue purchasing additional land for Anderson River Park during a discussion of the city's financial situation for the fiscal year.

In 1990, the U.S. Forest Service was operating under an interim conservation strategy for the northern spotted owl while awaiting final word from federal lawmakers on what steps were to be taken to protect the bird.
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In 1900, the big boxing match between Day and Johnson in Redding was declared a draw after 20 "clean, fast, hard rounds."

In 1950, Buckeye District residents were circulating a petition for improvements to their main road. The county was expected to work two miles of road from its junction with Highway 99 westward. The petition also set forth that the Bureau of Reclamation had promised the year before to improve the road between the Keswick Dam cutoff and Summit City.

In 1975, Nova High School's acting Vice Principal John Bunton was chosen as the permanent person for the job.

In 1990, after a daylong deliberation, a Shasta County Superior Court jury found 19-year-old Michael Steed innocent in an accident that killed three of his friends.
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In 1900, the Internal Revenue commissioner notified Internal Revenue Collector Lynch of San Francisco that all retail liquor dealers who rectified, blended or diluted spirits or wine in quantities less than five gallons were to pay a rectifiers tax of $100.

In 1950, it was reported that government costs in Redding would increase 13 percent in the coming year, but residents could expect an overall tax decrease if the budget handed to the City Council by City Manager Phil Storm was followed.

In 1975, Bella Vista School District found a prospective construction bond buyer in Birr Wilson and Co. of Redding. The company was in the process of deciding whether to buy the bonds for a $225,000 building project.

In 1990, law enforcement and medical officials agreed to a plan for providing ambulance services to the Cottonwood and Happy Valley areas.

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