Model Of The Emma C. Berry 1


The Model Of The Schooner Emma C. Berry


An Epoch To Be Noted

The Happy Modeler

After almost twenty-years, it's about time I document my building of the model of the schooner Emma C. Berry.
As a child, I built many models of ships, planes, and trains, but none survive to this day, and very few were ever completed, and none worthy of mention. Of course, back then, I wasn't aided by "Familiar Spirits" not the kind King Saul of Biblical reknown consulted, but the liquid kind. More as we go along.

The Emma C. Berry Model
Starboard View

First it must be established, that I am not a model builder...not in that leaque. The un-assembled model, purchased by my better half, and a surprise to me, lie in its box, on a shelf in the garage for about five-months. I can say I had never seriously attempted to build a model, and on this one quiet night I opened the box just to peek in. "Peeking in" led to taking out, and inventorying the hundreds of per instructions. Needless to say: "There was no turning back.".

Enlargable Starboard Views
Aft Forward

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Quarter Bow

This presentation seems simple enough...I'm trying to keep it in some kind of sequence: Port, Stbd, Fore, and Aft.


The photos presented here were taken over the past couple of days. Today is June 21st 2002.

The Emma C. Berry Model
Port View

It had to be sometime in early 1984 when I started construction. I have some 35MM film colored slides of the model underway taken by my brother, and dated Nov 1984. This is about three, and half years before I retired.
With that established, we have an idea how old this neglected thing is.

Enlargable Port Views
Forward Aft

However, for several years, it did get "played" with, but only because subsequent models came along, keeping my interest up.


Following this model was the Sternwheeler, Tug Boat ( no pictures...yet ), and Wyman model.
The Wyman was my last.

Bow Quarter

Model building carried over into the very early nineties...the Wyman model taking about two-years to complete.


I had started the Wyman just prior to retirement in Feb. of '88. For more photos of the Berry, Click "Ahead" below.


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