Christmas 2001 from Barbara, Don and Grace in Alaska
Merry Christmas

"Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east,
and are come to worship him."  Matthew 2:2       Wise men STILL seek Him

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Hello! We are all healthy this Christmas season, and hope this finds you well.

Year 2001 is almost gone - it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the first day of the new millennium! We didn't achieve quite the vision that Arthur C. Clarke pictured in his book "2001, A Space Odyssey." Oh well…. I just can't believe how quickly it has passed! It is a year for the history books and will not soon be forgotten. Our prayers are with everyone affected by the terrorist attacks on September 11th and especially those serving in the military during this time of war against terrorism. Our prayers are for "peace on earth, good will toward all people."

Don's job at the Borough keeps him busy enough, but he managed again to take a couple of computer classes (evenings) at the University of Alaska in the Spring 2001 semester. He is also looking at taking some computer classes in the Spring 2002 semester if he can find a schedule that works out. The computer field keeps changing so fast; there's always more to learn. Oh, yes, Don was chosen "Employee of the Month" at the Borough in April. (SMILE)

In August, while he was working on the house, Don took an unfortunate "step" off a slipping ladder that left him with a fractured left tibia (technically called a plateau fracture). It wasn't real painful and fortunately didn't require a cast - but he was not thrilled about being on crutches for several weeks! I gave him rides to and from work until he was off the crutches and by October he was back to his walking. He says it is fine now.

Grace stayed busy this year again with her classes at the University of Alaska, her job as "barista" and spending time with her friends. (SMILE) She is working at a "coffee cart" again (she likes the tips!) at Bassett Army Hospital on Fort Wainwright Army Base. She'll be finished with the fall school semester before Christmas, and she says she's ready for a break. She took two Linguistics classes; she finds the study of languages to be very interesting, and she will probably declare her Major in Linguistics. She also took Spanish, which she says she found in some ways to be more difficult than Japanese! Her last class this semester was World Religion, which was even more interesting in light of September 11th. She says the campus is different this year, since the terrorist attacks. People are stressed about it and it shows. Grace thinks she'll take Japanese again in the Spring. I'm not sure what else she plans on taking next semester. I think she still needs History to complete her core curriculum, so maybe she'll be taking that, and probably more Linguistics classes.

Wild rose close up photo

I (Barbara) am still working part-time at the City of Fairbanks Federal Credit Union and it's STILL the perfect job for me! I manage to MORE than fill up the rest of my time. This year was my 30th high school reunion. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend . . . maybe the next one? I think it would be fun. This year I took a lot of pictures - I do mean A LOT!! We got a digital camera last Christmas and I have really been enjoying it. I do love to take pictures! This is my favorite wild rose photo. I took lots of pictures of flowers, bugs and other things around Fairbanks. You will have to check out our web pages to see my photos, especially this one with some of our Fairbanks wildflowers. (SMILE)

We planted a small garden this year. It was late again, but we did get some Chinese pea pods, green peas, green beans, lettuce, and a few zucchini. The wild raspberries have taken over the back 4 feet of the garden and I got a bunch of those, too. Actually the best part of the garden was a patch of flowers in the very back. Don suggested it and it turned out wonderful! We had a late first frost and snow this year which left us with flowers blooming through late September! There were still poppies and other beautiful flowers even after all the leaves fell off the birch and aspen trees. So far this winter we are below the normal snowfall. Right now we are having the coldest temperatures we've had so far this winter. It's about minus 27 degrees F. right now. Everything is covered with frost. The air is crisp and dry. I like to stay indoors on days like this. (SMILE)

Don and I flew to Fresno, California in February to visit our families for three weeks. While there we celebrated Don's parent's 50th wedding anniversary and my parents had their 56th wedding anniversary, also. It was good to get to visit. Sorry we didn't get to see everyone! Seems like there is just never enough time. Grace wished she could go, too, but she had school. So . . . when are you all coming to see us now?? (SMILE)

We finally hired someone to finish off the sheetrock in the basement hall and closet. YEAH!! He did a great job, and even did the painting. All that's left is to get some carpeting put in and finish the window and door trim. Well, all, except for the laundry room, that is.

We have already had a moose visitor in our backyard. One night last month, just about bedtime, our neighbor alerted us that a moose had been sleeping in our yard all evening and was up and walking around. We didn't even know it was there!! Don opened the gate and it left.

Our pet population dwindles. We only have two Cockatiels now, Daddy Bungee and his daughter Smokey Baby. The Zebra Finch population is down to eight. Grace has three gerbils; not all are the same ones she had last year. That's all the pets. . . (SMILE)

Have a Merry Christmas and may GOD be with you and bless you in the coming New Year!
We love you! Barbara, Don and Grace

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