Elizabeth Grove [1830 - 1866]

[1830 - 1866] FMFFM

Father: James Grove

Mother: Elizabeth Grove

5-generation pedigree

Baptismal Entry:

Date17 October 1830
ParentsJames and Elizabeth Grove
Father's OccLaborer


  1.   Elizabeth Grove [1830 - 1866]
  2. Ester Grove [1831 - ]

Married: Richard Poole 25 February 1850

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictCradley
Solemnized atCradley Church
in the Parish ofCradley
in the County ofWorcestershire
When Married25 February 1850
Name and Surname Elizabeth Grove
Father's NameJames Grove
Father's ProfessionLabourer
WitnessesJohn Southall, Sarah Southall


  1. Joseph Poole
  2. Caroline Poole
  3. Amelia Maria Poole
  4. George Poole
  5. William Poole
  6. Richard Henry Pool
  7. William Poole

Vicar of Cradley's Notebooks: 1863, "Teaches ragged school, was no church."

Died: 28 July 1866

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictStourbidge
in the Sub-District ofHalesowen
in the County ofWorcester
When and where died28 July 1866, High Town Cradley
Name and Surname Elizabeth Pool
Age36 years
Occupationwife of Richard Pool, Anchorsmith
Cause of DeathChild Birth (exhaustion), bleeding, certified (§)
InformantX the mark of Richard Pool, present at the death, High Town Cradley
When Registered30 July 1866

(§) There is no other Pool or Poole death recorded in Stourbridge for the 3rd qtr or 4th qtr quarters of 1866, suggesting the child survived. However, there is no Pool birth recorded in Stourbridge in 3rd qtr 1866. The birth of a Hannah J Poole is registered in Stourbridge 4th qtr 1866.

Buried: 31 July 1866, Cradley St Peter


1841Butchers Lane, Cradley
1851 - 1861East side of Village, Cradley
1857High Town, Cradley
1857High Street, Cradley
1863High Town Top, Cradley

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