Elizabeth Tilthorpe [1785 - 1869]

[1785 - 1869] MMMFMFM

Born: 1785 Castle Acre
census entries

Married: William Skipper, 23 October 1808, West Acre NFK
Parish Register transcript: "William Skipper & Eliz Tilthorpe 23 Oct 1808"

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  1. Mary Skipper
  2. John Skipper
  3. Mary Tabitha Skipper
  4. William Skipper
  5. Susan Skipper
  6. Tabitha Skipper
  7. Sarah Skipper
  8. Robert Skipper
  9. Mary Skipper

Died: 5 August 1869, Castleacre

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictFreebridge Lynn
in the Sub-District ofGayton
in the County ofNorfolk
When and where died5 August 1869, Castleacre
Name and SurnameElizabeth Skipper
Age83 Years
OccupationWidow of William Skipper, Farm labourer
Cause of deathNatural decay, certified
InformantTabitha West, Present at the Death, Castleacre
When Registered6 August 1869

Buried: 8 August 1869, Castle Acre, aged 84, Parish Register


1841Green, Castle Acre NFK
1851 - 1861St James Green, Castle Acre NFK

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