Photographs of Alexander Leahair Kirk's Siblings

Photographs of Alexander Leahair Kirk's Relations

These are annotated photographs of the relations of Alexander Leahair Kirk found in the house of his daughter Violet Sybil Kirk after her death, or sent to me subsequently. Click on the thumbnails for a fullsize scan. For fuller details of the families, see the webpage for Alexander Leahair Kirk

1890 The picture is believed to show Robert Kirk, his first four children (Harold, Robert, Ralph & Gilbert), his wife, and Alice Sherman who became his second wife. The ages of the children suggest a date circa 1890.

Robert Kirk married Eleanor Amelia Leahair

  1. Harold Leahair Kirk married Ethel Stuart Turner
    1. Kathleen Winifred Kirk married Leslie J Porter
    2. Gladys Kirk married Bill Holmes
    Harold married Rose Wortley
    1. Kenneth Harold Kirk
      1. Susan Joan Kirk
      2. David Kenneth Kirk
  2. Robert Leahair Kirk
  3. Ralph Leahair Kirk married Virginia Lizzie Barnhouse
    1. Marjorie Lee Kirk married Frank Lee Trover
  4. Gilbert Leahair Kirk married Ada Austin
    1. Eric Austin Kirk
    2. Madaline Bertha Kirk
    3. Doreen Kirk
    4. Evelyn Marian Kirk
    5. John William Kirk married Sylvia I Wray
      1. Austin John Kirk
  5. Cecil Leahair Kirk married Rose Dudley
  6. Leonard Leahair Kirk
  7. Alexander Leahair Kirk
  8. Georgiana Eleanor Leahair Kirk

For further details of the family, see the list of Alexander Leahair Kirk's siblings


Message on back: Dear A and S. Wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year, from Ralph. Dooley Montana USA


Message on back: This is no good but it shows you how we drive in Canada

Ralph aka Robert

Possibly outside his house in Council Idaho

Marjorie Lee Trover
Gilbert Kirk circa 1918
Cecil and Rose
Alexander Kirk at Brimsdown in 1914
Ethel Stuart Turner
Kathleen Porter
Kathleen Kirk, about 3
Gladys Holmes née Kirk in Tunbridge Wells circa 1955
Kenneth and Rose
Rose Wortley
Rose Wortley

Robert Kirk married Alice Sherman

  1. Winifred Kirk married Ernest Valentine Rodway
  2. Eric Kirk married Dorothy Susie Annie Leader
  3. Stanley Kirk
  4. Laurence Walter Kirk married Ivy Iris Hoare
    Laurence Walter Kirk married Betty F Findlay
    1. Robert Kirk
      1. Jamie Kirk
  5. George Kirk married Vera Blandford.
  6. Edith 'Kitty' Kirk married Jack Long
    1. Lawrence Long
    2. Christine Long
    3. Richard Long
  7. Ethel Grace Kirk married M A 'Rodney' Mason
    1. Janet Mason
  8. Phyllis Kirk


Annotated Stanly Kirk, 134 Effingham Rd, Green Lanes, Harringay, London

Ethel Grace Kirk

Annotated Auntie Ethel

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