St Erth Churchyard


St Erth Churchyard

courtesy of Suezan Elliott via Wayne George

St ERTH is a restful churchyard with flowers and shrubs shaded by tall
trees. On the corners of the towers grotesque dogs lean out as though
reading the headstones.

The Vault of the HAWKINS family is built into the bank at the East End of
the Church.  It is surmounted by a sarcophagus with moulded feet, an urn at
one end and a chest tomb at the other.  Against the wall of the gully at the
east end of the church are some 18th century slates with highly skilled
lettering, even if the spacing is somewhat erratic. One of them has an
heraldic crest cut in relief: it is in memory of William DAVIES of Bosworgy
in this parish who died in 1690 aged 54. The long epitaph begins:

Must death divide us now and close thine eyes
How shall I live when thou art gone to hear our children's cries
Look on but spare your tears, forbear to weep
My Deaths no Death in Christ, a blessed sleep.

A big slate against the same wall is carved with an urn and two roundels.
The epitaph has a metaphorical message:

Near this stone in intr'd the remains of John ROWE of Trevin, Gent who
departed this life June 24th aged 79 and Luce his wife who departed this
life December 1714 aged 62

O lord what a feeble worm is man
That like a flower doth fade
He cometh up and is cut down
Beneath nights sable shade
To thee dear Lord our precious souls We joyfully resigne
Blessed Jesus take us for thine own
For we are ever thine

Several of the headstones are signed by john TREVASKIS Sculptor of St Erth.
By the gate is a small kerbed area and a slate which reads:

Within this enclosure is interred the bodies of 6 persons who in the year
1832 died of the awful visitation of cholera.

Another nearby records the death of Amos DABB who for fifty years was
schoolmaster in the parish, Other occupations are Roger WEARN watch and
clockmaker , who died in 1820 and has a rather worn slate on the church
wall; also Jochebe HOCKIN who was in the service of one family from 1750
until she died in 1814 aged 86.

Under the trees is a little cluster of iron memorials, all similar, and
nearly all of them in memory of small children


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