Thomas Stobie's Genealogy Objectives & Guidelines

Thomas Stobie's Genealogy Objectives & Guidelines

Research Objectives

My research objectives are to find my and my wife's relatives and their ancestors. I may add a line or two to this, if a line is heavily intermarried into mine.

To state my objective in other terms, as some have difficulty understainding the first statement: I research my and my wife's ancestors' descendents' ancestors but not ancestors' descendents' ancestors' siblings.

I like to have for any relative of me & my wife, with a good pedigree of their ancestors.

My procedures for recording and posting information

I use the Rootsweb filter to hide the details including given names of people who are born 90 years ago or less and who have not death recorded.

I post my entire file with sources and notes.

Please note that my data is only as good as that of the listed sources. If you have a problem with one of my sources, deal with the source, not me.

My procedures for receiving and sending data

I will make data available about living people to relatives.

Information received from others will be attributed to them and will be treated as above. Exception: if you wish to remain anonymous, tell me and I will use an anonymous source instead of identify you who are.

If you have information that you do not want shared under these conditions on this page, do not send it to me. It is impossible for me to handle special requirements. I will assume that you consent to the way I handle the data.

My procedures for removing data

I will only remove data when proven false. I list all my sources, many of which are publicly available. I will not remove data for the convience or hoarding by particular researchers.

Courtesy required

I ask that people be courteous when communicating with me. See my webpage on Courtesy. People will find that courtesy will get better results than rudeness and demands.

Procedures for disowning family members

I had one person ask me about this, so to address the request I developed these guidelines

If a family member (relative) wishes to disown themselves and other relatives from contact from other family members, each adult involved must submit a statement that they wish to disown the rest of the extended family, with legal guardians addressing it for children. I will encrypt the names and add a disowned family event to all the individuals.

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