The crew of 31 SAAF Liberator KH158

    A photograph of Selwyn S Urry when he was a Captain in the SAAF. In October 1944 he held the rank of Major and was the pilot of KH158, age 29.
Photo from his nephew, Martin .



The second pilot was F/O George G Hudspith RAF, age 29, from England. As yet no photograph is available.

<Lt Geoffrey A. Collard SAAF, navigator, age 19, from South Africa.
 Photo from his nephew, Jeffrey,via Jean Urry.

F/O Thomas Roberts Millar RAAF, observer/bombaimer, age 28, from Australia>

  <Lt Norman W. Armstrong SAAF, air gunner, from South Africa   

             2 Lt Peter J Lordan SAAF, air gunner, from South Africa>.


    <WO1 Leonhard B.Bloch SAAF, air gunner, age 21, from South Africa.
   Photo from his nephew, Mark .

      Sgt Reginald C Fitzgerald RAF, rear gunner, age 19, from England>
     Photo from his brother, Charles.  See his Memorial Service in Staplehurst, Kent, UK