Descendants of Mordechai and Telzel Hamerschlag

Descendants of Mordechai and Telzel Hamerschlag



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This family came from Krakow, Galicia (Austria and now Poland).  See for great information about the Jews of Krakow, including references to many Hamerschlags.  Also and


Outline Descendant Chart


Vital Records

Judel's death certificate



1870, Judel Hamerschlag

1870, Samisch

1870, Louis, Fanny, Moritz Samisch

1870, Isaac Goldmann

1870, M. Samisch and Lena Samisch

1870, Louis Gritlefeld family

1880, Judel Hamerschlag

1880, Max Samisch

1880, Louis Gritlefeld family

1900, Moses Hamerschlag

1900, Louis Gritlefeld family

1900, Flora and Harold Thorner (Julius Hamerschlag not listed)

1900, Isadore Hamerschlag (just a possibility)

1900, Max Samisch

1900, Alfred Samisch

1900, Ernest Samisch (Meriden, CT)

1900, Louis Engel

1900, Henry, Harry, Emil Hamerschlag

1910, Moses Hamerschlag

1910, Flora and Harold Thorner with Julius Hamerschlag

1910, Max Samisch

1910, Ernst Samisch

1910, Moritz Samisch

1910, Louis Engel

1920, Moses Hamerschlag

1920, Alfred Samisch

1920, Flora and Harold Thorner

1920, Leopold Gritlefeld

1920, Louis Engel

1930, Walter Hamerschlag

1930, Mina Samisch

1930, Max Gritlefeld

1930, Flora and Harold Thorner

1930, Julius and Beatrice Hamerschlag

1930, Louis Engel

1930, Harry Hamerschlag


Immigration and Naturalization

Judel's 1867 Naturalization:

Harold Thorner

Max Samisch 

Louis Reinitz

Isaac Goldmann



From the New York Times:

isaac hammerschlag mar 31 1922.pdf

moses hammerschlag estate jul 29 1935.pdf

liebeskind hamerschlag.pdf

ray liebeskind.pdf

abraham liebeskind.pdf

park row holdup.pdf

charles liebeskind.pdf

julius hamerschalg engagement.pdf

julius hamerschlag birth son.pdf

harold thorner obit.pdf

flora thorner obit.pdf

joffee hamerschlag engagement.pdf

joffee hamerschlag marriage

leonard hamerschlag marriage.pdf

Minnie Samisch obit

Ernest Samisch obit

Alfred Samisch obit

Leonara Samisch obit

Hattie Samisch Reinitz obit

Louis Reinitz obit


Brooklyn Eagle (search at

Peter Gritlefeld marriage 1884


A Harry Hamerschlag may have been a  cousin of this family. 

From the New York Times:

harry hammerschlag bankruptcy jul 20 1910.pdf

harry hammerschlag ladies neckwear dec 15 1932.pdf

harry hammerschlag son marriage dec 30 1934.pdf

harry hammerschlag daughter marriage jul 2 1939.pdf

ernst hammerschlag nyt obit nov 1 1973.pdf

moses hammerschlag holocaust mar 31 1999.pdf


Military Records

Julius World War I Draft Registration

Julius World War II Draft Registration

Jerome Thorner WWI Draft



New York City Directory Listings

1917 Julius H. 

See also New York City Directory listings


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Buyer, Stier, and Related Families

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