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The Sacketts of America

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1683.  Anson Sackett, 1785-1869, son of (711) Richard and Martha Benedict Sackett, was married at Poultney, Vt., the place of his birth, Jan. 31, 1810, to Docia Ruggles, daughter of Denison Ruggles, of Hampton, N. Y.  He was by occupation a farmer, by religious faith and Episcopalian, and in politics a Democrat.  About the year 1812 he moved to Volney, Oswego Co., N. Y., and from there, in the winter of 1838, to Villenova, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., where he resided until his death in 1869.  Jacob Kendal, an aged and respected citizen of Volney, writing in 1899, of by-gone days, says that Anson and Jonathan Sackett came there in 1812, bought a farm and worked it together for a time and then divided it: Anson taking the west part and building a house for which he, Jacob Kendal, working with his father's ox team in the woods, helped get out the timber, and adds: "The Sacketts as citizens were counted number one."  He writes also that Anson was one of the officers of the Episcopal Church at Fulton, four and a half miles from is home.


4182. Geo. R. Sackett, b. Dec. 15, 1815, d. July 15, 1848; m. Clarissa (Payne) Woodbury.
4183. Clarissa Sackett, b. Sept. 26, 1817. d. Aug., 1902. m. Selah Seymour.
4184. William D. Sackett, b. Aug. 30, 1820, d. Feb. 24, 1904; m. Caroline DeLong.
4185. Ezra B. Sackett, b. Oct. 16, 1822, d. Apr. 16, 1896; m. Simena R. Ward.
4186. Martha Sackett, b. Apr. 18, 1824, d. Apr. 6, 1846, unmarried.
[4187 was skipped.]
4188. Cyrus T. Sackett, b. Apr. 14, 1827, d. May 29, 1855, unmarried.
4189. Ozander A. Sackett, b. May 12, 1829, d. Feb. 26, 1894; m. Ophelia A Gould.
4190. Hester Sackett, b. May 2. 1832; m. Medad S. Corey, M. D.
4191. Phoebe D. Sackett, b. Oct. 8, 1834; m. William J. Swits.

1684.  Hester Sackett, 1789-1877, daughter of (711) Richard and Martha Benedict Sackett, was married, Oct. 25, 1810, to William Cadman, M. D.; on June 23, 1822, to her second husband , Amos Frisbee, of Poultney, VT., and on Jan. 16, 1838, to her third husband, MilesHotchkiss.


4192. William A. Codman, b. Oct. 21, 1811, d. Mar. 15, 1888; m. Lucy A. Wilkinson.

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4193. Gustavus V. Codman, b. July, 1813, d. Nov. 16, 1887.
4194. Christina Codman, b. Apr. 11, 1816, d. Oct. 8, 1880; m. Henry Martin.
4195. Delia M. Codman, b. Aug. 15, 1819, c. Nov. 20, 1895; m. Aaron G. Broughton.
4196. Mary Frisbee, b. June 10, 1823, d. Mar. 19, 1899; m. James Harris.
4197. James S. Frisbee, b. Sept. 3, 1824; m. Harriet Zeller.
4918. Emily Frisbee, b. Sept. 12, 1826; m. Chauncey Edgerton.

1693. Anne Sackett, daughter of (715) Ezekiel and Mary Atherton Sackett, was married to Eliphalet Reed, of Nassau, Rensselaer County, N. Y.


4218. Elijah Fitch Reed, b. Sept. 28, 1798, d. in 1861; m. Mary Jacobia.
4219. James Warren Reed, b. in 1799; m. Julia Whitbeck.
4220. Atlas Reed.
4221. Calvin Reed.
4222. Jane Reed, m. a Mr. Leach.

1700.  Ezra Davis Sackett, 1778-1858, of Stephentown, N. Y., son of (716) Benjamin and Phebe Davis Sackett, was married, in 1803, to Chloe Patchin, daughter of Thadius Patchin and his wife Chloe Drake.


4250. Aaron D. P. Sackett, b. in 1805, d. in 1888; m. Emeline Ostrander.
4251. Harvey A. Sackett, b. in 1806, d. in 1879; m. Diantha E. Gray.
4252. Fidelia Sackett, b. in 1808, d. in 1891; m. John Rees.
4253. Eliza Sackett, b. in 1814, d. in 1837.
4254. Lavinia Sackett, b. in 1819, d. in 1833.

1702.  Calvin P. Sackett, 1783-1853, of Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (716) Benjamin and Phebe Davis Sackett, was married to Hannah Douglas.  He was by occupation a contractor and builder.


4257. Orneal Sackett.
4258. Maria Sackett.
4259. Codelia Sackett, m. Edwin Swain.
4260. Lucy L. Sackett, b. in 1816, d. Jan. 31, 1902; m. John Van Cott.
4261. Calvin Sackett, m. Amelia Shaw.

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4262. Hannah Sackett, m. James Bush.
4263. Daniel Sackett, m. Harriet S. Hall. [On page 369 Harriet's surname is given as HART]
4264. Sarah Sackett, m. Horatio Bushnell.

1704.  Daniel Sackett, 1788-____, son of  (716) Benjamin and Phebe Davis Sackett, was married to Abigail Smith.


4268. Daniel Eaton Sackett, b. 1832; m. Mary Baker.

1707.  Lavinia Sackett, 1795-1819, daughter of (716) Benjamin and Phebe Davis Sackett, was married to Joseph Lord, of New Lebanon, N. Y.


4275. Elvira Lord, m. Charles Wheeler.
4276. Daniel Lord.

1710.  Margaret Sackett, 1775-18__, daughter of (717) Richard and Chloe Atherton Sackett, was married, June 6, 1790, in New York City, to Truman Merchant, 1764-1841.


4300. William Merchant, b. Apr. 22, 1792; m. Rebecca Hall.
4301. ______ Merchant, (daughter), b. in Jan. 1794, d. Jan. 20, 1794.
4302. Laura Merchant, b. Apr. 30, 1795; m. Hesea Robbins.
4303. Amos Merchant, b. June, 1797; m. Almira Stannard.
4304. Abel Merchant, b. Dec. 24, 1799; m. Polly Woodworth.
4305. Richard Merchant, b. Sept. 23, 1801.
4306. Chloe Sackett Merchant, b. July 8, 1804; m. Asaph Hall.
4307. John Merchant, b. Apr. 27, 1807.
4308. Chauncey Hyde Merchant, b. Feb. 13, 1810.
4309. Prudence Melvina Merchant, b. Aug. 25, 1817, m. Lucius Bingham.

1713.  Colonel James Sackett, 1770-1821, of Van Levens (formerly Sackett's) Corners, Albany County, N. Y., son of (719) John, Jr., and Prudence Atherton Sackett, was married to a Miss Chitterdon.  Colonel Sackett was an active business man, a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and an enthusiastic militiaman.  He represented his town for several years in the County Board of Supervisors, and in 1818 was a member of the State Assembly.  In the

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militia he served with credit for full thirty years, filling every position from private to regimental commander.  His commissions from Ensign to Colonel are dated as follows:

1800 Ensign of Albany Light Infantry Company.
1803 Lieutenant in regiment commanded by Lt.-Col. Todd.
1805 Captain in regiment commanded by L.-Col. Paul Todd.
1807 Junior Major of regiment commanded by Col. Farington.
1809 Junior Major of regiment commanded by Lt.-Col. Wm. Mackey.
1812 Senior Major of regiment commanded by Lt.-Col. Boardman
1814 Lieut.-Col. commanding 25th Reg. New York State Inf.
1818 Colonel of 25th Regt. N. Y. S. I., with rank from May 1, 1816.
He was buried from church at Van Levens Corners in July 1821 with military and Masonic honors, and laid to rest in Snyder Cemetery.

1714.  Simeon Sackett, 1771-1805, of Wayne, Steuben County, N. Y., son of (719) John, Jr., and Prudence Atherton Sackett, was married in Bath, N. Y., to Hannah Woodard, daughter of John Woodard.  Hannah Woodard Sackett's second husband was Rev. Simeon Fullerton.


4323. Dennis Sackett, b. Jan. 28, 1805, d. in 1856; m. Sarah Ann Pleas

1725[sic] [1726].  Maj. Chauncey Hyde, 1769-18__, of Lysle, N. Y., son of Gen. Caleb and (720) Elizabeth Sackett Hyde, was married in 1790, to Alice Slaughter, of Troy, N. Y.  His military record is given in published volumes of New York "Council of Appointment," is as follows:

1793.  Commissioned Lieut. in regiment commanded by Lt.-Col Benj. Hovey.
1800.  Commissioned Capt. in battalion commanded by Maj. William Whitney.
1802.  Commissioned Brigade Inspector of Brig. Gen. Stodard's Brigade.
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4336. Charles Hyde, b. in 1797; m. Anna Seymour.

1744.  Gery Sackett, 1789-1866, of Windsor, Astabula County, O., and  Wyoming Township, Wisconsin, son of (729) Skene Douglas and Hannah Sexton Sackett, was married to Julia Adams, daughter of Shubal Adams, Sr., one of the early settlers of Astabula County.  He saw six months of active military service in the War of 1812, participating in several engagements, including the recapture from the British of Fort Stephens.  The later years of his life were devoted to farming, at Windsor, Ohio, and Wyoming Township, Wisconsin.  He was buried in Windsor Corners Cemetery, near where his Ohio farm was located.


4348. Rosetta Sackett, b. in 1821, d. Jan. 15, 1861.
4349. Susan L. Sackett, d. Feb. 28, 1865.
4350. Albert A. Sackett, b. in 1832, d. Nov. 4, 1859; m. Eliza Percival.
4351. Adelbert Darwin Sackett, b. Feb. 2, 1842; m. 1st, Julia Griffin.

1745.  Polly Sackett, 1791-1855, daughter of (729) Skene D. and Hannah Saxon Sackett, was married, first to A. Crandal, and second to Luman Frisbie.  Polly Sackett Crandal-Frisbie was buried in Windsor Corners Cemetery, Astabula County, O.


4352. Lydia Crandell.
4352a. Elisabeth Frisbie.
4352b. Anna Frisbie.
4352c. William Frisbie.

1748.  Chauncey Sackett, 1798-1863, of Windsor, Astabula County, O., son of (729) Skene Douglas and Hannah Sexton Sackett, was married, Oct. 23, 1828, to Sarah Gladding, 1811-1882.  Mr. Sackett learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, which he followed for a number of years with success, when he purchased a farm to the cultivation of which he turned his attention, living first in a log house, and later building for his family a commodious frame dwelling.  He was for many years an active abolitionist, and his

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house was known as one of the stations on the so-called "underground railroad," by means of which runaway slaves were conveyed in safety from their southern plantation homes to Canada.


4353. Hannah R. Sackett, b. Oct. 3, 1831, d. Mar. 18, 1889; m. Albert C. Bingham.
4354. Orsemus M. Sackett, b. Sept. 26, 1833, d. June 10, 1882; m. Harriet M. Jelie.
4355. Mary A. Sackett, b. May 13, 1840; m. Corvus J. Gray.
4356. Lucy E. Sackett, b. Oct. 31, 1845; m. Leroy A. Simmons.
4357. Frederick G. Sackett, b. Aug. 4, 1847; m. Ida A. Hess.
4358. Emily F. Sackett, b. Mar. 24, 1849; m. 1st, John N. Dandfear.
4359. Frances J. Sackett, b. Sept. 1, 1856.

1750.  Camelia Sackett, 1793-18__, oldest child of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married, in 1815, to Judge Asa Alling, who was a descendant of James Alling (or Allen) of Hempstead, Oxfordshire, England.

Hon. Roger Alling, colonist, son of above mentioned James came to New England in 1637, and acquired prominence as one of the founders and the first Treasurer of the New Haven Colony.  He was also a magistrate and a deacon of the church there.

Caleb Alling, son of said Hon. Roger, married Thankful Mix.

Asa Alling, son of Caleb and Thankful Mix Sackett [?sic], was born in 1723, and settled permanently in Dutchess County, N. Y.

Captain Asa Alling, son of said Asa of Dutchess County, N. Y., was married to Jane Purdy, of Westchester County, N. Y.  He participated as a patriot soldier in the war of the Revolution, serving in the regiment commanded by Colonel Morris Graham, and after  the war commanded for many years a company of Dutchess County militia.

Judge Asa Alling, son of above mentioned Captain Asa and Jane Purdy, was the husband of Camelia Sackett, and they were the parents of


4359a. J. Sackett Alling, who married Anne C. Bertine.

1751.  Stephen Sackett, 1794-1871, of Stanford, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was mar-

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ried, about 1817, to Rachel Barton, 1797-1875, daughter of Leonard Barton, M. D., and his wife Rachel Gale.


4360. Cornelia S. Sackett, 1820-1895; m. Norman Spurr.
4361. Leonard B. Sackett, b. Aug. 14, 1822, d. in 1906; m. Caroline Davis.
4362. Hiram B. Sackett, b. Nov. 11, 1824; m. Sarah L. Smith.
4363. Morgan H. Sackett, b. Mar. 11, 1827; m. Mary Newton.
4364. William H. Sackett, b. Mar. 11, 1830, d. in 1854, unmarried.
4365. Edward B. Sackett, b. Mar. 17, 1832; m. Anna K. Hill.
4366. Walter Sackett, b.  Jan. 25, 1834, d. in 1858, unmarried.
4367. Mary E. Sackett, b. Mar. 10, 1837; m. Lewis Palmer.
4368. George S. Sackett, b. Aug. 23, 1841. [Added from page 500]
4369. Charles L. Sackett, b.  Jan. 16, 1844; m. Clara M. Adams.
4370. Henry Sackett, died in childhood.

1753.  Colonel Niram Sackett, 1797-1869,  son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married, Sept. 30, 1824, at Washington, Dutchess County, N. Y., to Catherine Thorn, daughter of John T. Thorn and his wife Esther.  He was born at Stanford, Dutchess County, N. Y., and acquired an academic education at the Hudson, N. Y., academy.  From his early boyhood he manifested unusual interest in military affairs.  In 1822 he was commissioned, by Governor Clinton, captain of militia company of his town.  Two years later Governor Yates promoted him to the colonelcy of a Dutchess County regiment, which he commanded at the reception given General Lafayette at Paughkeepsie in 1824.

At an early age Mr. Sackett engaged in mercantile business at Mabbettsville in Dutchess County, in which he continued until 1829, when he removed with his father-in-law, John I. Thorn, to LaGrange in Cattaraugus Flats, now Irving, Chautaugua County, N. Y.  The year following his arrival at LaGrange he was elected Justice of the Peace, and subsequently a judge of the Court of Common Pleas, both of which offices he held for a number of years.

He died at Irving, of heart disease, Oct. 22, 1869.  An obituary notice accompanying the announcement of his sudden death contains the following summary of his character and public life at Irving:  "Judge Sackett was affable and courteous in his manner, decided in his convictions.  He was a man of strict integrity, had a comprehensive mind, and was scrupulously just; evincing in his

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official character those qualities which made him the able and just judge.  His principal occupation during his residence in this county was farming, in which he was successful, leaving his family amply provided for.  His death was deeply lamented by the entire community."


4372. Jehial Sackett, b. Sept. 15, 1825, d. Aug. 9, 1903; m. (4435) Laura Sackett.
4373. John I. Sackett, b. Apr. 5, 1827, d. Nov. 27, 1897; m. 1st, Henrietta Harrison.
4374. Joseph T. Sackett, b. Mar. 4, 1829, d. Aug. 30, 1892; m. Sarah (Clock) Canfield.
4375. Marcus Sackett, b. Nov. 28, 1830; m. 1st, Henrietta Seaman.
4376. Semantha Sackett, b. Sept. 28, 1832, d. Dec. 21, 1895; m. Edwin B. Stiles.
4377*. Niram Sackett, b. June 29, 1835, d. Apr. 4, 1903; m. Arvilla L. Bonney.
[*Number is 4378 on page 377.]

1754.  Artemus E. Sackett, 1799-18__, of Lithgow, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married in 1823 to Laura Hoffman.


4379. Catherine Sackett, m. 1st, John T. Lockwood.
4380. Eliza Sackett, d. in 1894; m. Gilbert Coffin.
4381. Semantha K. Sackett, m. Benjamin Valentine.
4382. Hoofman Sackett.

1756.  Phineas Sackett, 1803-18__, of Attlebury, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married to Eunice Guernsey.


4385. Antonette Sackett.
4386. Tamma Sackett, m. Rev. Mr. Vasser.
4387. Mary Sackett.
4388. Eugene K. Sackett.

1757.  Samuel Sackett, 1806-1880, of Stanford, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married to ______ Case.

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4389. Sarah Sackett, m. Mr. Surnberger.

1758.  John Thompson Sackett, 1808-1882, of Columbia County, N. Y., and South Amenial, Dutchess County., N. Y., son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married, in 1830, to Maria L. Guernsey, 1814-1903.


4390. Guernsey Sackett, b. in 1838, d. in 1892; m. Gertrude B. Bertine.
4391. Lydia Ann Sackett, b. in 1836; m. Franklyn Kline.

1760.  Asa Alling Sackett, 1813-____, of Bangall, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (730) Hon. Jehial and Semantha Knapp Sackett, was married to Rhoda Green.


4392. Byron Sackett.
4393. Emily Sackett, m. Barton.
4394. Lorendus Sackett, d. in 1878, unmarried, killed in R. R. accident.
4395. Beninus Sackett.
4396. Jehial Sackett.
4397. Rhoda Sackett, m. _____ Hicks.
4398. Asa A. Sackett, m. _____ Hartman.

1763.  Capt. Orville Sackett, 1798-1866, farmer, of Town of Stanford, near Bangall, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (731) Samuel W. and Anna Hammond Sackett, was married to Amy Briggs.  In 1820 and for several years thereafter he was a commissioned officer in the 29th or Dutchess County regiment of infantry.


4402. Catherine B. Sackett, resided in 1900 on homestead farm.

1764.  Harry Sackett, 1800-1874, farmer, of Hull's Mills, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (731) Samuel W. and Anna Hammond Sackett, was married, first to Catherine Pulver, 1808-1839, and several years after her death to Mariah Pulver.  They were the daughters of William W. Pulver, 1773-1861, and his wife Christean

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Mullins, 1780-1826, and the granddaughter of Wandell Pulver, 1735-1826, and his wife Susanna, and the great-granddaughter of Peter Pulver, 1708-1794, and his wife Catherine, and the great-great-granddaughters of Johannis Pulver of Livingston Manor.

Johannis Pulver was one of the early settlers of what is now Columbia County, N. Y.  His name does not appear in any of the recorded lists of emigrants from the Palatinate, but is first met with in a record of freeholders residing in the northern part of Livingston Manor in 1720.  This circumstance, with the added fact that several of his descendants intermarried with members of the Knickerbocker family, would indicate that he was a Dutchman from plucky little dike-protected Holland, rather than a pious German from the land of Luther on the banks of the Rhine.

Peter Pulver, at an uncertain date, settled on a section of land he had purchased in the Little Nine Pardners tract, which lies to the southward of and adjoining the Livingston Manor tract.  The site where Peter Pulver erected his dwelling on his extensive farm, is a little over a mile distant from the village of Pine Plains, on the road leading to Pulver's Corners.  Near this road and but a short distance from site of above mentioned dwelling, there is now sadly neglected family burial plot in which there is a well preserved gravestone bearing this inscription:

In memory of
Mr. Peter Pulver
He died May 29, 1794,
In ye 85 year
of his age.

Wandell Pulver and his son William W. Pulver were prominent Dutchess County farmers who tilled with success their large and fertile farms near Pulver's Corners, where their descendants still reside.


4403. Jason Sackett.
4404. Edward B. Sackett.
4405. Alida Sackett.

1768.  Ann Sackett, 1812, daughter of (731) Samuel and Ann Hammond Sackett, was married to Elias Case, of the town of Milan, Dutchess County, N. Y.

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