Creek Indians who served in the "Indian Wars", 1817-1840s.

Creek Indians who served in the "Indian Wars", c.1817-1840s

This is an index to the "complied service records" of the Creek Indians who served with the U. S. military in the various Indian Wars from 1817 to the 1840's.  This includes the "friendly" Creeks who helped the U. S. during the 1st Seminole War in 1817-18, the Creek uprisings in 1836-7, and the 2nd Seminole War 1836-43. This information was collected from National Archives microfilm series M629, rolls 1-42 titled "Index to Indian Wars, 1815-1858". The information includes the name of the Indian, their rank upon entering service, their rank upon exiting service, and a reference to the name the service record is originally filed under. The information below does not include the Creeks and half-breeds who helped the U.S. during the Creek Civil War 1813-14.

Copies of the original compiled service records can be ordered from the National Archives with the use of "NATF Form 86".  This form can be ordered by mail or in person from the National Archives and it's regional branches or more easily from the National Archives'  Inquire Form  page. 

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Text Database   A list of Creek Soldiers and their heirs who applied for Bounty Land under the act of March 3d, 1855.

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The (1st) Seminole War, 1817-1818:

The Creek War, 1836-37:

The (2nd) Seminole War (aka Florida War), c. 1836-43:

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