Convict record of Richard Terry the younger in Van Diemens Land (Tasmania), previously from Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

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Convict record of Richard Terry (the younger)

  1. Richard Terry was tried at Aylesbury Assizes on 9 March 1844 and sentenced to transportation for life for rape
  2. Gaol Report: first conviction, not married. Stated this offence: aiding and abetting in the rape of Ann Pepper, had nothing to do with it. Hale was the only one who did.
  3. Terry arrived at Norfolk Island per Agincourt on 9 November 1844. He arrived in Van Diemens Land in 1847.
  4. Conduct in the Colony
    1. 19 November 1844 Norfolk Island / Larceny, 7 days irons
    2. 9 May 1848 Probation pass-holder
    3. 8 February 1850 Prisoners Barracks Launceston / Misconduct in not proceeding according to his pass and producing a forged one. Six months imprisonment and hard labour.
    4. 5 December 1854 Ticket of Leave
    5. 25 November 1856 Conditional Pardon
  5. Description:
    1. Trade: Farm labour
    2. Height: 54
    3. Age: 23
    4. Complexion: dark
    5. Head: oval
    6. Hair: grey
    7. Whiskers: grey
    8. Visage: oval
    9. Forehead: narrow
    10. Eyebrows: dark
    11. Eyes: hazel
    12. Nose: medium
    13. Mouth: medium
    14. Church of England
    15. Native Place: near Buckingham (CON 33/83)
    16. Cannot read or write
  6. Marriages NS 373/32 Richard Terry, aged 28, ticket of leave, married Mary Ann Baulch, aged 16 at the Perth Chuch on 27 December 1855