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Thomas Green Osborne was the second child of William P. and Amy Edmondson Osborne.  He was born July 30, 1858 in Johnson Co., IL.

Thomas Green Osborne had two families due to the death of his first wife.  He was first married to Sarah Ellen Vancleve on March 21, 1883.  She was born June 30, 1865, the daughter of William Roswell Vancleve and Elizabeth Canada Vancleve.  He was 24 and she was 17 at the time of their marriage.  Thomas and Sarah Vancleve had seven children: Almus Arthur, born Feb 5, 1894;  William Roswell, born July 20, 1886;  Maude Ann, born July 25, 1888;  Thomas Guy, born September 27, 1890;  Madge, born April 21, 1892;  Lillian Jane, born April 30, 1896; and Herbert T. King, born Jan 13, 1898.  Their mother died February 14, 1898 at the age of only 32, and is also buried at Cedar Creek Cemetery, Ozark, IL.

Thomas' second marriage was to Sarah Ann Trigg on April 6, 1905.  She was born March 5, 1873  the daughter of Ira Warren Trigg (Dec. 13, 1830 - April 8, 1883) and Nancy Melissa Barnwell Trigg (Aug. 10, 1837-Dec. 14, 1923).  Thomas and Sarah Trigg had six children:  Sarah Ellen, born July 17, 1906;  Charles Howard, born September 21, 1908;  Mary Gertrude, born October 14, 1909;  Oscar Kenneth, born May 29, 1912;  Frank Leeman, born October 28, 1913; and Laura June, born June 19, 1917.   Sarah Trigg outlived Thomas by many years and died August 18, 1956, at the age of 83.

The following pictures are from the collection of the late Louise Earnhardt Osborne courtesy of her son William Roswell Osborne, III.  In general there are no dates on the pictures so we can only guess at the dates of the pictures based on judging the ages of the people.  Also, we can't say much about what the family life was like since there are no stories or family lore that have been found.

Notice that the early pictures are mostly posed pictures.  During that period there were no simple cameras and film, since the first camera for general purpose use had not been invented yet.  Pictures were made by professional photographers using special and complex equipment, but it was the only way for families to make visual images, so they arranged for special sessions by professional photographers.

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These pictures of Thomas Green Osborne and Sarah Ellen Vancleve were probably taken when he was in his early to mid 20's, and she was also young, possibly around the time of their marriage.  Sarah Ellen was a charcoal artist and this photograph is actually a photograph of a self portrait she drew of herself.  There are very few pictures of Sarah because she died so young.  However, there are two family reunion pictures in those in the Vancleve Family pages that show her as a young woman after she and Thomas Green were married.
The picture below shows Thomas Green with the seven children from his marriage to Sarah Ellen Vancleve. The youngest son is Herbert King who appears to be about 2 years old and since he was born in 1898 we can deduce that the picture was taken about 1900.  Since their mother died in 1898 only a month after Herbert King was born, this is also taken about 2 years after their mothers death.  In the back would be, L to R:  Almus, about 16;  Thomas Green, about 32; William Roswell, about 14.  In the front, L to R:   Thomas Guy, about 10;  Madge, about 8; Lillian Jane, about 4; Herbert T. King, about 2; and Maude Ann, about 12.  It would be another 5 years before Thomas married again and so one must imagine that the older sons and Maude Ann must have taken a lot of responsibility in raising the younger children.

The following sets of pictures show the older three boys, Almus, William and Guy.  If we guess that Guy is about 16 years old in the left picture, then the picture would have been taken in about 1906 and William would be 20 and Almus 22.  The picture on the right appears to be taken later by maybe a year or two.
William, Guy, and Almus
Guy, Almus, and William
Almus married Grace Steirs, but we don't know the date of their marriage or where they lived.  The records we have show that they had a daughter, Norma, born December 20, 1918.  This picture shows Almus and Grace.  Almus looks to be at a similar age as the pictures above and could be wearing the same coat.  So it is possible that this picture was taken at about the same time, about 1906, so we might deduce that they were married in the period of about 1906 to 1910.   However, if that were so, then Norma would be born unusually late in the marriage. 

Almus died December 15, 1967 at the age of 83 and social security records show his last known place of residence was Maywood, IL

William Roswell, our grandfather,  married Lula Jackson on February 7, 1909.  For more on their family, see the William and Lula family pages.

Maude Ann married James Smoot and they had three children, Ellen Elizabeth, born September 17, 1912;  Fairy Fay, born April 26, 1917; and Margaret Ruth.  The only picture I have of anyone in this family is Ellen and possibly Fairy in the William and Lula family pages.  Maude died April 29, 1979 in St Louis, MO and James Smoot died January 10, 1964

Thomas Guy married Edith Faye Fogarty on October 14, 1924, and they had one son Thomas Guy Jr., born November 20, 1925.  These pictures show Guy and Edith and "Tommy" when Tommy was a baby.  Tommy was born in Madison, WI. 

Thomas Guy Sr died in 1991 at the age of 99, having outlived his son by 2 years.

Madge married Wallace Powley and they had two children Wallace Jr., and Lillian.  These pictures show Madge when she was younger and later with her family when her daughter, Lillian, was a baby.  Unfortunately we don't have dates for their marriage or birthdates for their children.  Madge died April 28, 1979, a year after her younger sister, Lillian Jane.

Lillian Jane was the youngest daughter of Thomas and Sarah Vancleve.  Again there is no date on the picture, but we might guess that she is around 20, so it could be taken about 1916. She married William A. Steimer on September 18, 1919, and they had two daughters Jane and Ann. In later years, she lived in Rhode Island, and in the early 1970's while on a trip to New England, Mother and Daddy visited her there.  Another picture of "Aunt Lillie" with William is shown on page 2 of the William and Lulu family pages.  Aunt Lillie died April 5, 1978.
In April of 1905 Thomas Green married Sara Ann Trigg, who would have been about 32 at the time; and then in July Herbert T. King died at the age of only 7 years.  Only a year later, in July 1906, the first child, Sarah Ellen (probably so named in honor his first wife), of the second marriage was born; but then Sarah Ellen died only two months later.  It must have been a stressful few years for the family.  In September of 1908, the second son, Charles Howard was born; but he died less than a year later.  They went on to have four more children, Mary Gertrude, Oscar Kenneth, Frank Leeman, and Laura June.

This picture of Sarah Ann Trigg was obviously taken when she was a senior citizen, possibly age 60 to 70.  Since the mother of the older children died before any of them had families, she was Grandma Osborne to all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

This picture shows Grandma Sarah Ann Osborne and her four children.  This picture is one of three pictures apparently taken at a family reunion in Illinois in about 1942.  The picture below shows all the family together.

This picture is obviously of a family reunion of the Thomas Green Osborne family in about 1942 judging by the ages of some of the people.  It is taken at the same place and time as the photo above.  Another photo taken at the same time is on the Photo Album page.  See the Thomas Green Osborne Descendants diagram for a list of all his descendants down to the third generation and the relationships of all those in the picture.

Thomas Green Osborne, the  great grandfather of my generation and father of 13 children, died April 19, 1919 at the age of 61 and is buried at Cedar Creek Cemetery, Ozark, Johnson County, IL.  The small headstone to the left is for his first wife, Sarah Ellen VanCleave.  A marker for his second wife, Sarah Ann Trigg is further to the left, but apparently she is actually buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Marion, IL.  (For more information see the note on the RootsWeb geneology page for Sarah Ann Trigg.)  The graves for the two children of Sarah Ann Trigg who died as infants are also to the left.
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