Persons Past: Family Documents - Genealogy of Troy Philis and Family. History, records, information and facts dating back to the Civil War and past.
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Family Documents and Correspondance

The following is a partial list of Items of Interest in the family archive. I'll sort this list and make items available on the Web Site as time allows.

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Long Philis Terry Unruh



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Enlistment Record of William Lafayette Terry

Robert Mosley - Certificate of Death

Woodrow Lafayette Mosley - Army Discharge

Woodrow Lafayette Mosley - Civilian Conservation Corps Discharge

Marriage License - Duncan Lafayette Terry to Ina Adams

Marriage License - Duncan Lafayette Terry to Molly Gaddy

Marriage License - Hettie Terry to Robert Mosley

Mosley Family Bible

Louis A. Terry Sr. Death Certificate

Louis A. Terry Jr. Army Discharge

Louis A. Terry Jr. Birth Certificate

Louis A. Terry Jr. Death Certificate

Will of Lewis Terry

Will of Duncan Terry


Letter from Duncan Lafayette Terry to Hettie (Terry) Mosley

Letter from William Lafayette "Fate" to Hettie Terry - WWI - 1918

Letter from W.L. Terry on U.S.S. Lykins to Mrs. Donnie Dugan, Midland Arkansas. Postmarked 1918.

Letter from W.A. Edwards commanding U.S.S. Paul Jones to Mrs. Donnie Dugan, Midland Arkansas. Date March 6, 1922.

Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper Clipping. No date. W.L. Terry's Car hit by train (with picture of car)

Newspaper Article - "Terry Jury Unable to Reach Verdict" - Trial of Louis "Luke" Terry.

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Ohio Penitentiary Register of Prisoners and Index, Volume 115, Feb. 1889 - Jan. 1891 - Excerpts re: Duncan Lafayette Terry

Case of United States vs. Fate Terry, July 1889

  • Warrant For Arrest
  • 4 Indictments
  • Grand Jury Charged
  • Grand Jury Rules Fate Terry Sentenced
  • Fate Terry Received at Ohio State Penitentiary

Easter Card from Leorah to Uncle Fatie. No postage of postmark.

Christmas Card from Fayette to Mr and Mrs OL Dugan Midland, AR. Postmark 1916, Kansas City.

Veterans Administration Card. William L. Terry

Health Insurance Card. 7-1-66. William L. Terry

Military I.D. Card. Issued 10-29-1970. William L. Terry

Certificate of Death. 10-10-1976. William L. Terry

Abstract of Marriage Record. Date of Marriage 12-8-36. William Lafayette Terry and Ruby Unruh.

Notification of Birth Registration. 12-17-42. Duncan Lafayette Terry.

Newspaper Clipping. No date (but mentions W.L. Terry is 69 yrs.). Train Hits Car. Poteau Man Injured.

Funeral Card. 10-10-76. William Lafayette Terry.

Voter's Identification Card. 1-1-58. W.L. Terry.



Invitation to Wedding of Janice Katherine Unruh and Roland Kit McConaha

Unruh Family Bible

Letter from Marie (Unruh) Wiebe to Ruby (Unruh) Terry - 1958.

J. Delayed Certificate of Birth. 6-24-58. Ruby Unruh.

K. Social Security Card. Ruby Unruh Terry.

N. Certificate of Death . 2-16-46. Caroline Unruh.

O. Railroad Retirement Board, Certificate of Annuity. 11-2-39. William Henry Unruh.

P. In the Normal Training Examination. 5-17-24. Pearl Unruh.

Q. Funeral Card. 9-24-79. Kenneth K. Unruh.

R. Funeral Card. 11-27-80. Pauline Unruh.

S. Funeral Card. 3-10-83. Pearl White.

T. Funeral Card. 12-13-76. Henry Peter Wiebe.

U. Funeral Card. 11-24-79. Dora Helene Reed.

V. Funeral Card. 12-21-69. Henry William Unruh.

W. Newspaper Clippings (2). Death of Norman Price in plane crash. No Date. Mentions marriage to Pearl Unruh 10-2-27.

X. Newspaper Clipping Coffeyville, Kas. Journal. Sunday 3-27-55. Unruh (Keith) Lad Can't Hear But He's All-American.

Y. Copy of Newspaper Clipping. No Date. Death of Mrs. Edna Weibe in car crash.

AC. Outpatient Card. University of Kansas (Bell Memorial Hospital). No Date. Ruby Unruh.

AE. Letter from Ervin Unruh in Camp Roberts, CA to Mrs. W.L. Terry (Ruby Unruh) in Kansas City, MO. Dated 1944.

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