Esom and Jane Handley Leach's Biography
The Family of Jane Handley and Esom LEACH
John or Wm

(m) Grisel


(m) ?



* Archibald Handley      (m)
ca 1730-1796

* Jean "Jane" HANDLEY
b. 1771 Augusta (now Bath) County, VA
d. 1848 Delaware Co, IN


(m) Joanna
(m) ?


William LEACH      (m)
Susanna HUGHES

(m) Esom LEACH
b. 1775 VA
d. Sep or Oct 1828 Rush Co IN (or 1831, Franklin Co IN)

m. 29 Dec 1795 Greenbrier (now Monroe) Co VA (WV) (or on 24 Sep 1797 Greenbrier Co VA (WV)
- to Grant, Franklin County, IN ca 1812 (or 1803?)

LEACH Family Biographies, below - mostly by Roger Greenough, 2006 | also see Jenn Zunker's genealogy info for Esom Leach, Generation No 6 |

William | Susanna | Rebecca | Martha | Archibald | Reuben | James

William LEACH
b 5 May 1793 Greenbrier (Monroe) Co, VA/WV
d 23 Feb 1851 Grant Co IN
m 23 Dec 1813 Butler Co OH
William was Jane's step-son.

William's biography, by Roger Greenough
Other biographical info

Susanna LEACH
b 1796 Greenbrier (Monroe) VA (WV)
d ?
m1 12 Dec 1813 Butler Co OH
m2 3 Oct 1818 Franklin Co IN
Robert HILL
Suzanna died in the Baptist faith (as per James Handley Leach Family History)

Rebecca "Rebeckay" LEACH
b 1798 Greenbrier (Monroe) VA (WV)
d 1860 Delaware Co IN
Rebeckay never married. James Leach claimed that "she was weakly and died in 62 years of her age in Delaware Co. Indiana."
Jenn Zunker's genealogy info shows Rebecca born 1800 instead.

Martha LEACH
b 1800-1 Monroe Co VA (WV)
d April 1850 Delaware Co IN
m ca 1823 (Rush Co IN?)
Hiram LEE

Jenn Zunker's genealogy info shows Martha born about 1805 instead
Martha died of Liver Complications ( 1850 mortality census).

The children of Martha & Hiram were:
* Rebecca Jane Lee, b. 1824 , m. Thomas Maynard September 1,1846 and d. 1891 in Oregon.

* Nancy E. Lee, b. 1827, m. Daniel Lindsay

* William "Jackknife" Lee, b. 1830, died during a blizzard in Woodbury Co., IA sometime after the census of 1860.

* Esom Lee b. 1832, m. Elizabeth McCleerey, Dec, 27, 1854 in Madison Co. IN, died abt. 1909 in north central Nebraska. He had the distinction of being the first settler to file a premption claim at the land office in Kanesville( Council Bluffs) Iowa on May 13, 1854 on a 40 acre tract of land in Maple Twp., Monona Co. IA.

Archibald LEACH
b 1802 Monroe Co VA (WV)
d ca 1 Mar 1858 Howard Co IN
m 5 Mar 1825 Rush Co IN
Nancy RUSK, widow
Archibald followed in his father Esom's foot steps and was both a farmer and preacher of the "old school Baptist faith" all of his adult life. At age 21 he was one of the first settlers in Clay Twp., Decatur Co., IN. He registered his preemption claim to 80 acres of land on August 9, 1824.

In 1823 he was listed as the preacher of the New Light Church also located in Clay Township. During his lifetime he was involved in the organisation of/ or a preacher in at least 5 Churches located in Decatur and Howard Counties, IN.

As a Preacher in the Church of Christ of Salem, IN., he married his youngest brother James to Mary Wilson in 1833. Salem was a pioneer village in Decatur Co. and no longer exists.

Archibald was 23 and his bride, the widow, Nancy Rusk was 29 when they married in 1825. She was the mother of five children at the time. Archie and Nancy later had three children, Nancy E. b. 1831, James A. b. 1833 and John L. b. 1838. They all were born in Decatur Co.,IN.

Archie died as the result of being kicked by a horse while on a preaching tour in late February or early March of 1858.

Reuben LEACH
b 16 Sept 1806 Monroe Co VA (WV)
d after 1880 So Fork Twp, Fulton Co ARK
m1 29 Jul 1829 Rush Co IN
Nancy LEE
m2 20 Jan 1833 Rush Co IN
m3 27 Sep 1850 Bartholomew Co IN
Esther Ann PARKER, widow

Jenn Zunker's genealogy info shows Rueben (sic) born January 16, 1803
Reuben and Nancy had one daughter, Sarah E. b. 1830

Reuben and Sarah were the parents of 5 children: Jane b. 1835, William b. 1836, Rebecca b. 1839, Martin b.1845 and Hannah b. 1847. All were born in Decatur Co. IN.

When Reuben and Esther married in 1850, Esther had three daughters: Minerva b. 1839, Catherine b. 1841 and Marinda b. 1845. All were born in Indiana.

Following their marriage they had five children: Twin sons; Archibald and Reuben b. 1852, Decatur Co.,IN., one dau. Isabell Delphine b. 1856, Decatur Co.,IN and twin dau. Mary L. and Amanda b. 1859 in Wayne Co. IL.

b 16 Jan 1813 Butler Co OH
d 2 Apr 1892 Leach Hollow, Monona Co, IA
(or in Decatur Co IN per Jenn Zunker)
m 14 Aug 1833 Bartholomew Co IN
b Aug 14, 1814 KY
d Feb 12, 1901 Center Twp, Monona Co, IA

Mary's dates from Jenn Zunker.
See James and Mary Wilson Leach's children listed on Jenn Zunker's genealogy info, Generation No 5

Jenn shows James and Mary's son, George Washington Leach,
born December 12, 1849 in Delaware County, Indiana;
died March 12, 1919 in West Fork, Monona County, Iowa;
married Druzilla Ball October 22, 1873 in Shelby County, Iowa.

Jenn shows Druzilla Ball,
born March 19, 1853 in Linn County, Iowa;
died December 21, 1919 in West Fork, Monona County, Iowa.
She was the daughter of Nathaniel A. Ball and Hester Mary Wickham.

Jenn shows that G.W. and Druzilla had 6 children:
Walter (22 Apr1891- 6 Apr 1961),
Rosa Bell (14 Sep 1875-?)
Jennie (11 Oct 1876-?)
Lillie May (19 Apr 1878-?)
Willard (24 Mar 1884 IA -8 Jul 1955 IA)

Willard married twice:
  Marilyn Kneeland - born May 11, 1896 in Smithland, Iowa
  Della Wolfe married November 18, 1908
Olive Sedonia Leach Greenough (27 Jun 1889 IA- 27 Mar 1962 IA)
m Howard Otis Greenough on 22 Nov 1911 Onawa, Monona Co IA. Howard was born 8 Jul 1884 in Danbury, Woodbury Co IA.
It is likely that James was born on his parents farm located in section in section 4 of Morgan Twp.,Butler Co., Ohio. When James was about three(1817) his family moved to Brookville Twp.,Franklin Co.,Indiana and settled on a farm near James' brother Williams farm. The family lived in this area until 1821 when Esom moved the family to an eighty acre fam in Richland Twp.,Rush Co.,Indiana.

When James wrote the two versions of his Family History he stated that Esom, his father died either in September or October of 1828. James gave no cause of death. Though a tradition persists in the family of James' brother William's family that Esom drowned.

When James was 16 , he accepted Christ and joined the Old School Baptist Church called Clifty. This baptism was performed by Elder John Blades in December of 1829.

In 1832 Esom's heirs sold the "old Homestead" and James ,his mother Jane and sister Rebeckay moved to James' land claim of forty acres in Haw Creek Twp., Bartholomew Co., Indiana, just a half mile north of the village of Hartsville.

He married Mary Wilson in 1833 and their first daughter,

Louisa was born Sept. 22, 1834.
Mary and he had eight more children.
Nancy b. March 9, 1836, Decatur Co.,
Archibald b. Feb. 15, 1838, Decatur Co.,
Abigail b. Aug 14, 1840, Delaware Co. Indiana,
Rachal b.June 13, 1842, Delaware Co.,
William J. b. April 22, 1845, Delaware Co.,
Reuben b. Oct. 15,1847, Delaware Co.,
George Washington b. Dec. 12,1849, Delaware Co., and
Sarah b. Dec. 17, 1852, Delaware Co.

James moved his family to section 17 of Jackson Twp., Decatur Co., Indiana in 1835. James suffered the effects of the panic of 1837 and had to sell his farm to his mother for $50. Exactly what he had paid the government for it two years before. As it appears, this was a move to save the property and a place for the family to live. The affects of this Panic appears to have had lasting effects on James. When James moved his family to Delaware Co. in 1839 he became a tenant farmer and it appears remained as such for the next thirty years.

Shortly after the census of 1860, James moved his family to Sullivan Co., Indiana. They spent the Civil War years there and about 1867 the family moved to the city of Terra Haute in Vigo Co., Indiana. They lived there for about 18 months before moving to Guthrie Co., Iowa.

On the 6th of January, 1872, James bought 40 acres of land from the Iowa Railroad Land Company for $226. This farm was located about three miles south of present day Mapleton,Iowa. The valley that this farm is located in is now known as Leach Hollow. At it's peak population years there were as many as seven Leach families living there.

James retired at age 65 in 1878 and died in 1892.

from Jenn Zunker's genealogy info, Generation No 6, James H. Leach was "born January 16, 1813 in Butler County, Ohio; died April 02, 1892 in Decatur County, Indiana; married Mary Wilson August 14, 1833 in Bartholomew, Decatur County, Indiana."

Esom and Jane Handley LEACH's Biography
by Roger Greenough

Jane was the daughter of Archibald and Jean Henderson Handley. She was born 1771 on a fifty eight acre farm located on the Cowpasture River in a part of Augusta county, which is now called Bath County, Virginia. She moved with her family to a farm in Greenbrier County, now Monroe County, West Virginia in 1774.

Based on recently found documents her given name was Jean. The most prominent being a handwritten note by her father Archibald Handley stating that; "This is to certify that all parties is agreed for Esom Leach and Jean Handley to be Joined in the Holy State of Matrimony." Dated" Dec the 22nd Day 1795 " And signed; " Archd Handley"

It appears that Jane was a common nick-name for Jean. While searching for Jane's proper name I found several examples of women named Jean being called Jane. In fact listed in the 1800 Monroe County Tax List Jane Leach's widowed mother Jean Handley was called Jane Handley. She was charged for taxes on two horses.

She had four sisters, Sarah, wife of William Shanks, Grisal, wife of James Foster (there is a mention by her nephew James Leach of her being called Grisal Horton), Ann, wife of Reuben George, Marey, wife of John Miller and one brother called James, who was married to an unknown Isabell. (the sister's names are written as found Archibald's will).

When Esom Leach and his brother-in-law Captain James Jones went to the Courthouse in Lewisburg, Virginia on the 28th of December, 1795 to post the marriage bond required to be able obtain the necessary Marriage License for his and Jane's pending marriage the clerk filed her name as Jane Handly.

Jane or Jean as she is called in the above note and in her father's will, married Esom or Easom Leach, as he is called in his father William Leach's will , on the 29th of December, 1795 ( page 617, Virginia Marriage Records). The ceremony was performed by the Reverend John Alderson, Jr. of Alderson, West Virginia. Elder Alderson also recorded her name as Jane in his records. Records indicate that she adopted Jane as her official name after leaving Virginia in 1812.

At the time of the Leach's marriage Esom was already the father of a two and a half year old son by the name of William (born May 5, 1793). Esom and Jane had six more children, Susanna, born about 1796, Rebeckey (Rebecca), born 1798, Martha, born 1800-1801, Archibald, born 1802, Reuben, born 1806 and James, born January 16, 1813. All of these children were born in a part of Greenbrier County, Virginia now called Monroe County, West Virginia, with the exception of James who was born in Butler County , Ohio.

Esom and Jane lived on and owned several farms in Monroe County from the time of their marriage to about 1812 when as is claimed by James the family moved to Butler County, Ohio.

Sometime before James' birth in 1813 Esom became an "old school Baptist preacher." This event is believed to have occurred about the time of the death of Esom's father William Leach in 1808.

According to James Leach, his father Esom died in either in September or October of 1828, in Rush County, Indiana.It has been reported that the cause of Esom's death was by drowning. No confirmation of this event has been found by me and James makes no mention as to the cause of his father's death in his family history.

James on the other hand gives two years as the date of death for his mother Jane, 1848 or 1850. My choice is 1848 for the following reasons: Jane neither appears in the 1850 census nor1850 mortality schedule for Washington Township,Delaware County, Indiana and it is highly likely she would have been enumerated if her date of death occurred in 1850. Here is what James said about her death in his 1886 version of the Leach Family History. "My mother dyed in the year of 1848 in the 77th year of her age. She died with cansor on her nose. Eat her open lik and nose in tierly before she dyed. eat all of the nose. She suffered intensly Before she dyed in Delaware county Ind."

Roger Greenough
Revised: March 12 and June 21,2005

William LEACH - Esom [b 1816] and Lucinda (Corn) LEACH - William J. LEACH [b 1840] biography
from "Biographical Memoirs of Grant County, Indiana Chicago: The Bowen Publishing Company, 1901.

Blackford Co Biography Ref Page: on
Elge W. LEACH,
grandson of Esom LEACH (and great-grandson of William LEACH):

"Elge W. Leach was born in Fairmount township, August 3, 1879. He was reared and educated in the public schools, graduated from the Fairmount Academy in the Class of 1901, and the following three years were spent as a teacher. At the same time his services were employed in an office, and he also did farm work. With this varied experience and equipment, he was well prepared for his present vocation. Mr. Leach's grandfather was Esom Leach, born in Virginia, reared in Franklin county, Indiana, and after his marriage there to Lucinda Corn, came to Grant county and acquired a large tract of land, comprising more than five hundred acres, partly by purchase and partly by entry from the government. The rest of his years were spent in residence at this estate in Grant county, and his career was one of special prosperity. He died when past seventy years of age, and his widow survived him ten or twelve years, and was a very old woman when taken away. They were both communicants of the Primitive Baptist Church. Their family comprised thirteen children in all, and eight sons and two daughters are still living. Of these children, John B. Leach, father of the Matthews banker [ie, father of Elge], was born in Fairmount township, March 4, 1854, and has lived in this vicinity ever since, making his home on a farm there at the present time. He was married in Jefferson township to Miss Hester Richards, a daughter of Jacob and Susan (Gillespie) Richards. The Richards family has been identified with Grant county for all the years since early settlement, and both Mrs. Leach's parents died here when old people. Jacob Richards was an early minister of the Primitive Baptist Church at Matthews, the church usually being known as the Harmony church, and he lived and labored for many years in the cause of religion, spending much of his time in traveling and riding about the country horseback, covering the large territory and carrying the gospel to many isolated communities during the early days. Mrs. Hester Leach was born in Jefferson township in 1857, and still is smart and active and has been a good mother to her children. These children of John B. Leach and wife were: Elge W.; Jacob E., a farmer in Fairmount township, who married Blanch Duling, and has three children, Lloyd, Carl, and Helen; Minnie is the wife of Ernest O. Crecraft, living in Fowlerton, and their children are John A. and Dora Lee; Fern is the wife of Nacy Wood, living in Fowlerton, and they have no children; Mr. Elge W. Leach was married in Jefferson township to Miss Sarah Anderson. Mrs. , who was born in Jefferson township July 22, 1882, also graduated from the Fairmount Academy with the class of 1901, the same class with her husband, and is an intelligent and cultured woman whose presence in Matthews society is one of secure advantages and esteem. Her parents were Augustus and Elizabeth (Dean) Anderson, who for many years were farmer residents of Jefferson township. Her father died there in May, 1910, and the widow lives on the old farmstead, being about fifty-five years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were active members of the Methodist Epsicopal Church, with which Mrs. Leach is also associated. Mr. Leach is a Democrat in politics. (more on Elge W. LEACH)

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