Descendants of James (12th Laird) Skene

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Descendants of James (12th Laird) Skene

Generation One

1. James (12th Laird)1 Skene married Johanna (Jean) Douglas, daughter of Archibald (Sir of Glenbervie) Douglas and Agnes (Lady) Keith, circa 1563. He died in 1605.
Children of James (12th Laird)1 Skene and Johanna (Jean) Douglas are:

Generation Two

2. Alexander (12th Laird)2 Skene (James1) married Margaret Johnston, daughter of George (Sir) Johnston, in 1584. Laird from to 1605.
Children of Alexander (12th Laird)2 Skene and Margaret Johnston were:

Generation Three

3. Alexander (13th Laird)3 Skene (Alexander2, James1) married Janet Burnet, daughter of Thomas (Sir) Burnett. He died in 1634. Laird from 1605 to 1634.
Children of Alexander (13th Laird)3 Skene and Janet Burnet were as follows:

Generation Four

4. James (14th Laird) of4 Skene (Alexander3, Alexander2, James1) married Elizabeth Forbes, daughter of Arthur 9th Lord of Forbes, on 14 Jul 1637. He died in 1656. Laird from 1634 to 1656.
Elizabeth Forbes was born on 3 Aug 1611. She died in 1695.
Children of James (14th Laird) of4 Skene and Elizabeth Forbes were as follows:

5. Isobell4 Skene (Alexander3, Alexander2, James1) married George (Laird of Aswanlie) Calder after 1692.
George (Laird of Aswanlie) Calder was born at Aswanley. In 1692 Erected gate at Aswanley with initials carved on it.
Children of Isobell4 Skene and George (Laird of Aswanlie) Calder are:

Generation Five

8. Barbara5 Skene (James4, Alexander3, Alexander2, James1) was born in 1661 at Aberdeen, Scotland. She married Alexander Calder, son of Alexander Calder and (--?--) Elizabeth, in 1682 Aberdeen, Scotland. She died in 1714 at Aberdeen, Scotland.
Alexander Calder was born in 1660 at Assanwanlie, Parish of Glass, Aberdeen, Scotland. He died in 1715 at Assanwanlie, Parish of Glass, Aberdeen, Scotland. He was buried at Aberdeen, Scotland. Married his cousin. He lived at "Assawanlie" Aberdeen, Scotland.
Children of Barbara5 Skene and Alexander Calder were as follows:

See Calder Family

9. George (Laird of 1710 Aswanlie)5 Calder (Isobell4 Skene, Alexander3, Alexander2, James1) married Barbara Skene. On 18 Apr 1710 Sasine on Aswanley.
Children of George (Laird of 1710 Aswanlie)5 Calder and Barbara Skene are:

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