Iris Butts

© pic of Iris holding son Len - Photo taken in Howie, Alberta in 1926I never met my grandmother... for she died almost thirty years before I was born. She is, undoubtedly, the reason behind my passionate genealogical drive. I was just beginning to dabble in family history when I discovered her story and from then, she stole my heart. I found a young woman, just thirty-two in years, had died leaving ten children motherless. Her life became my quest for answers...

Iris Mae Butts was born the 29th of August 1905 in Golden, British Columbia and died the 21st of February 1938 in McLennan, Alberta. Her father, William Jay Butts, was born in Michigan and died in Turkey Point, Jarvis, Ontario. Her mother, Margaret Mae Pike, was also born in Michigan and died in Piapot, Saskatchewan. If you would like to know more about this family, send an email.

Family tree of Iris (pdf)

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