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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
Number of Plots:4
1446Albert18 Sept 188113 Sept 1935Lieutenant, Nassau County Police Dept.
1446Leona Abrams2 July 188327 May 1926wife of Albert / dtr of Elmer & Ella Abrams
Number of Plots:2
1520Mary18431925wife of Joseph Wright
Number of Plots:1
La Roza
1375Benjamin S.(23 Oct 1837)23 July 1884footstone: B.S.LaR.46.9.0
1375Emily V.14 Aug 18406 Jan 1917wife of Benjamin S. LaRoza / E.V.LaR.
Number of Plots:2
904William H.1 Feb 18657 Nov 1914
Number of Plots:1
1455Agnes L.18 Sept 186417 Jan 1890wife of Oliver Langdon
483Ananias(31 Jan 1773)22 Aug 185178.6.22
11Ann A.18561898Mother
1113AnnaNo DataNo Data(no dates)
1693Annie E.18711930wife of John H. Langdon
911Bessie Amelia(1871)17 Mar 1889w/Benjamin/adopted dtr.Langdon/Amelia Abrams18
7Capt. Israel(31 May 1862)7 Aug 193935.2.7
697Capt. Thomas W.(26 Mar 1785)7 June 1870wife of Capt. Thomas W. Langdon86.2.25
1142Carmen S.21 Nov 184429 Jan 1917footstone: Father
1254Catherine14 May 189310 Apr 1915wife of Charles Langdon
1254Charles5 July 18562 Mar 1927
765Charles Edward(31 Dec 1847)27 June 1866son of Chrales & Amelia Langdon, Foots C.E.L.18.5.27
520Charlotte(15 Sept 1795)18 Dec 1851wife of John Langdon58.4.0
718Elizabeth18281915wife of Lewis L. Langdon
1142Elizabeth1 May 18151 Sept 1874wife of Thomas Langdon / footstone: Mother
117Ezakiel5 May 177431 May 1852
1664George L.16 Aug 184931 Jan 1917
481Hannah(20 Mar 1806)5 Apr 1859wife of Stephen Langdon53.0.16
482Jane(1779)28 Oct 1857widow of Ananias Langdon78
1142Jane M.26 Nov 184513 July 1909wife of Carmen S. Langdon / footstone: J.M.L.
5Jennie22 Aug 186229 Sept. 1916Mother
519John(19 Aug 1795)28 Oct 187176.2.9
1453John29 July 183811 Nov 1903
1693John H.18661942
50John S.(19 May 1806)10 June 1811son of Amos & Maline Landon, loose stone #492.0.1
1112JosephNo DataNo Data(no dates)
1664Julia A.23 Feb 184511 Oct 1927wife of George L. Langdon
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