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By Plot Number
Rockville Cemetery
PlotLastFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
1SouthardDavid Jefferson(10 Nov. 1835)10 Sept 1836Son of Phebe S. Southard0.10.0
2WrightElocey(30 Jan 1810)16 Apr. 1831Wife of Israel Wright Footstone EV21.3.17
3WrightIsrael(30 Jan. 1804)16 Apr. 183121.3.17
4WrightMaria(4 July 1810)10 Jan. 1895Wife of Israel Wright Footstone EV84.5.27
5LangdonJennie22 Aug 186229 Sept. 1916Mother
7LangdonCapt. Israel(31 May 1862)7 Aug 193935.2.7
8PearsallCatherine LangdonNo Data9 May 18??Wife of Israel Pearsall64.2.14
9Pearsall?No Data1877son of Israel & Cath Pearsall
11LangdonAnn A.18561898Mother
12CombsPhebe(25 Feb 1771)4 Nov 1852widow of Nathaniel Combe81.8.10
13CombsBenjamine(14 Apr 1832)22 May 1836son of Benjamin & Irena Combe4.1.8
14CombsHarriet(1810)25 Feb 1845Footstone HAC35.0.0
15CombsNathanial(24 Nov 1788)3 Oct 1867Footstone NC78.10.9
16CraftMary Ann(1829)30 May 18831.2.2
17HerrickWillie Allen(30 May 1863)2 July 1884son of William B.& Lucy Herrick1.2.2
18SouthardEmia(19 Feb. 1771)27 June 1851wife of Thomas Southard80.4.8
19SouthardThomas(6 Sept 1776)3 Dec 184872,2,27
20OliverBenjamin(31 Jan 1850)21 Aug 1848son of The & Martha Jane Oliver1.6.21
21CombsNathaniel(10 Mar 1758)10 Sept 185065.6.0
22BrowerLewis(20 Aug 1814)16 May 183832.8.26
23BrowerJacob(13 Apr 1770)16 Nov 185383.7.3
24BrowerPhebe(1782)21 Jan 1865wife of Jacob Brower83.0.0
25BrowerJeremiah(6 Dec 1807)21 Aug 185850.8.15
26BrowerRichard Levi(27 July 1830)15 Oct 1858son of Richard & Amy Brower28.2.18
27BrowerGeorge F.(28 Feb 1838)25 Mar 1861son of Richard & Amy Brower23.0.25
28PearsallElizabeth(1776)12 Mar 1857prob wife of Bates Pearsall81
29MurrayJames(1 Jan 1800)6 Dec 1861"Father"6.11.5
30MurraySusan(18 Aug 1814)11 Feb 1855wife of James Murray40.5.24
31MurrayNancy(1797)11 Feb 1849wife of James Murry52
32CombsMary F.(1845)18 Dec 1846daughter of William & Ann Comes1.0.0
33CombsMariam(23 Feb 1788)20 Aug 1850wife of Thomas Comes62.5.28
34CombsThomas(12 Oct 1786)18 Apr 187184.7.6
35PowellStephen(1769)27 dec 183669.9.0
36PowellAbigail(17 Dec 1771)26 Sept 1858wife of Stephen Powell86.9.9
37JohnsonWilliam(1802)17 Apr 184543
38CombsMargret(31 Sept 1768)18 Nov 187691.1.18
39Combs?No DataNo Dataa broken stone probably Margret Combs husband
40AbramsMary Ann(23 Sept 1847)23 Mar 1849dau of Alexander & Sara Abrams1.6.0
41YoungsIsaac(21 Sept 1814)3 Mar 1833son of Timothy C. & Mary Young18.5.10
42AbramsDaniel(1806)19 Nov 186660
43AbramsCatherine(1800)18 Feb 1857wife of Daniel Abrams57
44AbramsHowardNo Data10 sept 1846son of Daniel & Catherine Abrams
44AbramsElijah(22 Jan 1826)18 June 1846son of Daniel & Catherine Abrams22.4.27
45EarlePhebe PearsallNo Data28 Aug 1851wife of Rev Samuel H. Earle
46AbramsElizabeth(28 Nov 1806)11 Mar 188578.3.11
47BrowerJacob(4 Mar 1740)22 Mar 182881.11.18
48BrowerAnne(1802)9 Feb 1842wife of Jacob Brower41
49BrowerJane Ellen(9 June 1813)23 Jan 1847wife of Jacob Brower33.7.14
50LangdonJohn S.(19 May 1806)10 June 1811son of Amos & Maline Landon, loose stone #492.0.1
51AbramsC. J.No DataNo DataA slab of Bakelite incribed C.J.A.(Abrams)?
52AbramsAmelia Ann(12 Sept 1818)7 Aug 1885wife of Joseph Abrams66.11.26
53AbramsJoseph(11 May 1814)13 July 188874.2.2
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