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I am pleased that you were able to find us and are taking time to read this message. In doing so, this tells me that you are indeed interested in what our community is all about.

I created this web site in May 2000 as a single Home page for the Discussion Forum. It initially was intended to be a community site for this limited group. As our content grew, it became clear that we needed room to grow. And grow we have. As of the latest up date of this page there are 206 pages of content on Ancestry - The Polish Connection. Many of these pages are robust and could be broken down into smaller pages. If you find a page that is "unusually" long to load, let me know and if enough do, I will reduce the page's size. I might add, feel free to contact me for whatever reason. I promise I won't get depressed if you have a complaint and if it's a compliment about the site not to let it go to my head. Now, personal comments are another thing.... I blush easily.

Today, the primary focus of ATPC is the web site. The Discussion Forum now serves as one of many resources that are available thanks to the generous contributions of our viewers. If you are a new visitor, I recommend starting with the Features Page for a summary of our content and how we've structured them.

When I use the word "we", I mean it in the broadest sense. ATPC has no staff, nor volunteers at this time. There is only you and I to get the job done. This places a lot of responsibility on you and our other viewers to become involved. If you like what this site is about, we need your contributions. That is how our content will continue to grow keeping it fresh and interesting. This is what I mean when I use words like "we", "us" and "our".

You may wonder, what can you possibly contribute? As you browse ATPC, I think you'll be able to answer this for yourself. As for me, I'm fond of personal articles. I also like stories about someone's experience in doing genealogy or learning more about their family's Polish heritage. I also enjoy pictures that help tell a story and stimulate memories. These are just a few my personal preferences. But, not everyone likes the same things I do. That's where your own "taste" comes in. It is the contributions of you and other viewers that keeps ATPC interesting to the widest audience. You only need to focus on what you like, then share it with us. We'll put it on the web site for all to enjoy as they learn more about their heritage.

Everything that we are doing right now has no cost except for time. I'm retired, so I can afford to spend the time required in maintaining the site. We use a number of "free" services, but they do come with advertisements. It would be nice to one day be able to avoid the ads, but then, someone has to pay for the service of website hostings and programs to replace which is now free.

On a personal note, there is another purpose for ATPC. It meant to my "beacon" on the web. I figured that if I couldn't find my unknown relatives, that just maybe they would be drawn into ATPC where they could find me. Please do contact me if you know something about these surnames: CZLINSKA, DRYSWCZINSKA, GASDA, GLIENICKI, KUSMIERZ, LEN~, MULARZ, RYTLEWSKI or any of their variant spellings. More on my family and the community where I was raised may be seen in on "My Surnames" page.

I hope you will find the content of ATPC to be interesting, educational and/or enjoyable. May your genealogy journey into yesterday bring you joy today and reward your tomorrow with an even greater awareness of your family.

Marvin Kusmierz

Terms and Conditions you should be aware of:
  • ATPC uses extensive links to other web pages as well as content submitted by viewers. These resources are presented to provide you with information. ATPC can not accept responsibility, nor necessarily indorses this content. Each viewer needs objectively determine this themselves.
  • The ATPC website honors the heritage of our Polish ancestors. In doing so, it by no means is meant to imply that the Polish heritage is superior to any other, for it is not. We welcome all, as we share a higher common bond... our love of God, family and the gift of life supercedes any difference in our ethnic, faith, or racial background.