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Dunmore's War
Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Texas Independence
US/Mexican War
Civil War
Viet Nam
Gulf War

From "History of the Scottish Barclays" by Leslie Barclay
"Throughout Scotland, they played important roles in national affairs. Sir David Barclay was one
of Robert the Bruce's chief associates and was present at many of his battles. Sir Walter de Berkeley,
Gartley III, Lord Redcastle and Inverkeillor, was the Great Chamberlain of Scotland 1165-1189.
Alexander de Berkeley, Gartley IX, became Mathers I in 1351 when he married Katherine Keith, sister of the Earl of Marischal. Their son Alexander was the first to adopt the Barclay form of the surname.
Sir George Barclay, Gartley XIX, was Steward of the household of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a later
Sir George was second in command of James IV's forces in the Highlands in 1689."
           "One of the major Barclay families was established at Urie near Stonehaven in Kincardineshire. The first Laird, Colonel David Barclay, was a professional soldier serving with such armies as that of Gustavus Adolphus. He returned home when civil war broke out and served as a colonel of a regiment of horse, fighting for the king."

Dunmore's War
Barkley, John
Capt. John Murray's Company
Botetourt Co, VA

Revolutionary War
Barclay, Robert
Rank: Captain
Rowan Co, NC
 During the American Revolution, Captain Robert Barclay and his son served in the North Carolina regiment.
There was no actual fighting on the Jersey settlement farms. Uniformed and heavily armed, Red Coats camped across the Yadkin River. They were waiting for the river to subside, it being wide and swollen from heavy rains.  The British camped there two days, peering into the fine Jersey farms by spy glass.  The North Carolina Jersey minute men farmer militia lined their side of the Yadkin River, unifromed in their work clothes and armed with rifles, single shot shotguns, knives, hoes, shovels, sticks and rocks.
 One Jersey soldier rode his horse to the bank of the Yadkin and shook his sword in a menacing way at the British.  After a lengthy impasse, the order came for the British to leave the Jersey lands and move on.  The Yadkin
River, that had made their valley so fertile, had protected the Jersey farms, by seeming to be uncrossable.  (excerpts from out of print books in the Archives of old Rowan County, North Carolina provided by the tourist bureau personnel  6/8/1998 )

In later years, a monument was erected by the DAR in honor of Captain Robert Barkley of Rowan County, North Carolina and his son.  At the ceremony, Alben Barkley, then the Senator from Kentucky and later rhe Vice President of the United States, made the dedication. (submitted for Nell Barclay Redman, descendant of Capt Robert Barkley's son, Walter Barclay b. 1774)

Robert Barkley, a Patriot, fought at the Battle of Ramsour's Mill (located in Lincoln Co. NC), Kings Mountain, Cowpens (SC) and the Old Brick House. His widow Eleanor Cathey Barkley received a widow's pension.
Robert's brothers, James Barkley & John Barkley also were Revolutionary War soldiers, serving under the command of their brother-in-law Captain Thomas Cowan. Cowan was married to their sister, Mary Barkley

Barkley, Robert
Rank: Private
Rowan Co, NC

Barclay, Jacob
Rank: Private
Shenandoah County, VA
Barclay, Hugh & Hugh Jr.
Rockbridge County, VA
Public Service Claim
Col. Hugh Barclay of Bedford,  PA
b. July 13, 1747 d. Nov. 24 1807
(submitted by Arthur F. Humphrey)
Barclays in American Revolutionary War
Submitted by Teddy L. Barclay Pope, Ed. D.
(researched by T.L. Barclay Pope & Dennise L. Pope)

From the records in the
Clayton Genealogical Library
Houston, Texas
October 1, 1999


 Alexander - 174? VA, mil Rev War
George, 175? NJ, Rev War Recds, NJ 501
Hugh, 175? NJ, priv Rev War, recd NJ 501
James, 174? VA, mil. Corp - Rev War VA:40
John, 174? VA., mil. Rev War Recrds VA:40
John, 175? NJ prv Rev War Recds NJ: 501
Joseph, 174? Vamil. Rev War Recds VA 40
Joseph, 175? MJ priv Rev War Recds NJ: 501
Robert 175? NH Rev War Recds NJ 1:168, 288, 3:175, 508
Robert, 175? Vt Rev War Rolls, Vt: 657, 832
William 174? VA, mil - Rev War Recds. VA:40

Joseph, 174? VA mil Rev War Recds VA:40

Charles, 174? NJ, wagoner - Rev War Recds NJ: 855

Alexander, 174? VA mil. Rev War Recds. VA:39
James 174?VA mil. Corp Rev War Recds. VA:39
John, 175?Ct Rev War Recds Ct: 171
Joseph, 174? VA, mil Rev War Recds VA:39
Joseph, 175? NJ prev Rev War Recds NJ:500


Barkley, Charles, Ra. War Recds, 1791 - 1815, NJ:46
Barclay, James, 177? NJ Pa Insurrection - War Records 1791 - 1815

War of 1812
Robert Heriot Barclay
Commander, Royal Navy
Davidson, Brackett
Sept. 28, 1814 - April 27, 1815
Capt(s). Samuel Crawford & James McMahon's Company
 (Brackett was wounded in the right hand at the battle of New Orleans Dec. 23, 1814. Dr. David Kerr, Surgeon                    General at New Orleans, LA, Certified his disablity, he could not use the hand for any type of labor. Noted David Kerr
was the father-in-law of Dr. Richard Davidson's son. Richard was Brackett's 1st cousin.)

Barclay, John Rev. War Recds 1791 - 1815

Texas Independence
 William C Barclay b. 1815, NY, age 20, was on his way to Texas to seek his fortune.  When he got to New Orleans, he was tired of overland travel, by foot trail and horse, and it was still another 350 miles of virgin forest to go through, mostly by footpath.  There, he made arrangements to board a ship in the harbour of New Orleans bound for Galveston, the major point of entry by water into Texas.  He would work as a crewman on the ship in exchange for his passage.  Before they got completely out of the harbour of New Orleans, the ship was captured by a regiment of Mexican soldiers.  The crew was arrested on the grounds of priracy, because the cargo was food stuff for the troubled Texas port where unrest had already started that would break into fighting the following month.  A Mexican military trial was held and all crew members, including William Barclay, were found guilty on Thursday and sentenced to be executed by firing squad the following Monday morning at daybreak. Knowing their fate, Sunday, the crew was able to smuggle out a statement by the chaplain, signed by them all, to their relatives to let them know what had become of them and to tell them that they had not been pirates and were not guilty.  The execution took place the following morning. The statement was published in the newpaper of New Orleans the following week. (From an out of print history book in the Shivers Llibrary at Woodville, Texas submitted by Teddy Barclay Pope)

Menard District (later Tyler County)
Anderson Barclay, son of Walter Barclay of Rowan County North Carolina, was at the battle of Bexar at the location of the Alamo in December before the massacre at the Alamo in thirteen days of Glory in late February and early March, and at Goliad (he was out hunting for game when the 500 Texians were captured and executed by firing squad). After the of battle of San Jacinto, he was sent out to blow up a bridge to deter the scattered Mexican army and search for General Santa Ana. Anderson was one of the men who ultimately found and brought in Santa Ana.
 From Republic of Texas Pension Application Abstracts:
Anderson Barclay, Tyler Co., approved 23 Jun 1871. Age 63
in 1870. Served in Capt. M.B. Lewis's company and Col. B.R. Milam's regt. which engaged at the battle of San Antonio in 1835. Received bounty warrant #3396 for 320 acres.
 Stephen Williams and Hanable Good, both of Jasper Co., knew that Barclay served in AOR in 1835. James T. Priest and W.W. Whithead certified A. Barclay was living in 1873.

James Barclay, Tyler Co., Jun 1874. Age 58 in 1873. He volunteered in Jul 1836 for service in Capt. Ingrham's company raised in Jasper.
 Gideon J. Goode and William Byerly, both of Jasper Co., were aquainted with Barclay and served in same expedition with him.
 Barclay was born in Tennessee and came to Texas in 1834. He died 13 Dec 1873 after his wife died in 1857. His children filed for the pension and were named as follows: Avarilla Risinger (adminx.), Mary L. Beatty, Jane E. Bullock, J. Walter Barclay, N.B. Barclay, Phoebe A. Barclay, William F. Barclay, and Charles Barclay. They all resided in Tyler Co.

John Barclay (at battle of San Jacinto)
Robert Barclay
(above received pension from Houston's Army)
Henry Barclay

(submitted by Teddy Barclay Pope)

David Barclay (county unknown)

  US/Mexican War
Barclay, Durett Hubbard
May 08, 1847 - Oct. 18, 1848
Company K
3rd Regiment
Missouri Mounted Volunteers
Capt. David Stockton
Barclay, William
Rank: unknown
 killed in battle in Mexico 1847

Barclay, John McQueen
Rank: unknown
(John & William above sons of Walter Barclay, Tyler Co, TX)

Tignal Jones
Rank: 1st LT
Company E
Winfield Scott's 1st Alabama Infantry
participated in the capture of Mexico City

Charles Bullock b. 1825, Tyler County, TX
second wife was Elizabeth Barclay, daughter of James, b. 1816

Thomas Johnston Barclay served as a Sergeant in Company E,
Second Pennsyvlania Infantry
A diary written by Thomas during his  service in the Mexican
 campaign was published under the title  "Volunteers",
edited by Allan Peskin, Kent State University Press.
(submitted by Arthur F. Humphrey)

Civil War

Barclay, John M. 
Rank: Pvt
Company B
1st New Jersey Volunteers
(wounded at Coal Harbor, 1864 & died of
complications in Trenton, New Jersey 1869)

submitted by Tom Barclay

 Barclay, Lawrence
enlisted February 15, 1865
 Company D
Wisconsin 49th Infantry
until November 3, 1865.

submitted by Barb Schaefer

Maryland Soldiers in Civil War

Name Rank Enlistment/Muster In Discharge/Muster Out Remarks

Brown, Barclay   Corporal. May 31, 1864 Sept. 28, 1864
Brown, Barclay   Corporal. Sept. 20, 1864 June 15, 1865
Barclay, Franklin   Private.   Oct. 23, 1863   Died Sept. 1, 1864,  Philadelphia, Pa.
Barclay, Orrick   Private.   Nov. 22, 1863   Nov. 26, 1866
Barclay, Jacob   Private.   Jan. 4, 1864   Jan. 15, 1867

(submitted by T.L.B. Pope)


Ira Frances Barclay (b. 5 Jan 1894 Novelty, MO)
Died 24 Sept 1918 in the Argonne Forest, France.
buried at the Arlington National Cemetery

(submitted by Wayne K. Steidley)

WW I Civilian Registrations
(submitted by T.L.B. Pope)

Name                               Birth Date     Ethnicity  Birth Place  County State

Charles Sheldon Barclay 28 Oct 1890 White Leeds UT Clark Nevada
Walton LeRoy Barclay 8 Feb 1875 White  Elko Nevada
James Barclay Critchley 26 Oct 1896 White b. Elko NV;dad b. Liverpool Elko Nevada
Bert Byron Barclay 12 Sep 1884 White  Ketchikan Alaska
John Barclay 23 Mar 1875 White Persinard? S-land Scotland Anchorage Alaska
Robert L. Barclay 24 Dec 1875 White  Juneau Alaska
Barclay Roberts Challenger 12 Apr 1899 White  New Castle Delaware
Clyde Poore 23 Apr 1894 White Barclay MD New Castle Delaware
Todd C. Barclay 23 Jun 1895 B Nanticoke MD Sussex Delaware
Albert Ewing Barclay 29 May 1890 White Holtwood PA Wilmington Delaware
George Barclay 24 May 1884 White  Wilmington Delaware
Thomas Henry Cecil 21 Sep 1899 White relative lives Barclay MD Wilmington Delaware
William Carl Fox 24 Aug 1894 B Barclay MD Wilmington Delaware
Wilbert Johnson 8 Feb 1895 B Barclay MD Wilmington Delaware
James Barclay 13 Feb 1897 White Wilmington DE Wilmington Delaware
James Barclay 13 Feb 1897 White his dad b. Edinburgh Scotl. Wilmington Delaware
Barclay Harbert Allen 1 Feb 1894  Vincentown NJ Burlington New Jersey
Clinton Barclay Allardice 1 Aug 1882 White  Cranston Rhode Island
Stanton DeWitt Barclay
Walter Louis Barclay 21 Jul 1882 White  Terry Texas
Ray Barclay 13 Oct 1893 White Kansas Ochiltree Texas
Ira Henry Barclay Feb 1893 White Hayworth IL Mellette South Dakota
David Shanks (Dr.) Barclay 27 Apr 1883 White citizen of Great Britain Jackson CityMiss
Lester Franklin Barclay 31 Aug 1880 White mom lives Woodville AL Copiah Mississippi
Monroe Barclay Postlewait 29 Sep 1873 White  Montrose Colorado
Silas Henry Barclay Mar 1891 White Somerset KY Butte Idaho
William David Barclay 10 Mar 1885 White lives at RFD Halfway OR Elmore Idaho
Wayne Barclay Adams 4 Nov 1896 White Teasdale UT Sevier Utah
Edward Barclay Sutherland Dec 1896 White Carlsbad NM Palm Beach Florida
Edward Barclay Sutherland Dec 1896 White his dad b. Aberdeen Scotland Palm Bch Fl
Thomas Alexander Barclay 22 Jun 1900 White  Howard Texas
Martin Stewart Barclay 8 Jan 1891 White Dundee Scotland Boise City Idaho
George Anthony Barclay 24 Dec 1892 White Goldthread MI Shoshone Idaho
Alexander Barclay 12 Aug 1882 White  Kootenai Idaho
Charles Lewis Barclay 20 Nov 1874 White  Cassia Idaho
Michael Barclay 29 May 1880 White  Bingham Idaho
William D. Barclay 20 Dec 1889 White Greenhook Scotland Bannock Idaho
William D. Barclay 20 Dec 1889 White lives in Rising Sun Alberta Bannock Idaho
Horace Joseph Barclay 30 Jun 1891 White Astatula FL Dade Florida
James Barclay Orr 27 Apr 1895 White Glasgow Scotland Dade Florida
John Barclay Orr 26 Apr 1886 White naturalized citizen Dade Florida
John Barclay Adam 21 Feb 1889 White E. Bridgewater MA Bridgeport Connecticut
William Barclay Acker 15 Jul 1875 White  McCracken Kentucky
Barclay Acheson 3 Jun 1887 White Verson Manitoba Portland Oregon
Leroy Barclay Abrams 20 Mar 1892 White Wilmesdurg PA Westmoreland Pennsylvania
Henry Barclay Arnott 1892 White Paisley Renfrewshire Scotl. NYC (Manhattan) New York
Alfred Barclay Atkinson 9 Sep 1883 White  NYC (Manhattan) New York
Andrew John Barclay 12 Mar 1878 White rel. lives Colorado Springs CO San Fran  Calif
Charles Thomas Barclay 1 Apr 1876 White lives Washburn TX Carson Texas
Walter Lester Barclay 25 Nov 1893 White Tavares FL Osceola Florida
Fred Barclay 17 Sep 1899 White works Cocoanut Grove FL Osceola Florida
John Arthur Barclay 1 Jun 1873 White  Wibaux Montana
Andrew Benion Barclay 5 Mar 1876 White  Pike Mississippi
Arthur James Barclay 13 Jan 1879 B  Washington Mississippi

BARKLEY, DAVID BENNES (1899?-1918). David Bennes Barkley, Medal of Honor winner, was born, probably in 1899, to Josef and Antonia (Cantú) Barkley in Laredo, Texas. When the United States entered World War I,qv Barkley enlisted as a private in the United States Army. Family records indicate he did not want to be known as of Mexican descent, for fear he would not see action at the front. He was assigned to Company A, 356th Infantry, Eighty-ninth Division. In France he was given the mission of swimming the Meuse River near Pouilly, in order to infiltrate German lines and gather information about the strength and deployment of German formations. Despite enemy resistance to any allied crossing of the Meuse, Barkley and another volunteer accomplished the mission. While returning with the information, Barkley developed cramps and drowned, on November 9, 1918, just two days before the armistice went into effect. His sacrifice earned praise from Gen. John J. Pershing,qv the commander of the American Expeditionary Force. Barkley was one of three Texans awarded the nation's highest military honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor, for service in World War I. He was also awarded the Croix de Guerre (France) and the Croce Merito (Italy). In 1921 an elementary school in San Antonio was named for him. He lay in state at the Alamo,qv the second person to be so honored. He was buried at San Antonio National Cemetery. On January 10, 1941, the War Department named Camp Barkeley for the Texas hero.
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Abilene Reporter-News, January 12, 1941. Austin American-Statesman, January 4, 1992. San Antonio Express-News, May 21, 1989. Committee on Veterans' Affairs, United States Senate, Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863-1973 (Washington: GPO, 1973).
James M. Myers
Lance Corporal James Gordon BARCLAY born April 1, 1886 in Darlingford, Manitoba, son of Robert and
Jessie Barclay. Joined the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force 63rd Battalion on Sept. 22, 1915 in
Edmonton, Alberta.  Embarked Canada on the S.S. Metagama Apr. 22, 1916 arriving in England May 5, 1916.  Served in France and Belgium, received gun shoot wound to right arm Aug 21, 1917 Camiers, France.
Discharged as medically unfit June 6, 1919 because arm was useless and it was that way for rest of his life.
Awarded the Good Conduct and the War Service Badges.
(submitted by Stan Barclay)

Veterans Affairs Canada
(Search surname Barclay - should return 31 Barclays killed in WW1 / 2 from Canada)

National Archives of Canada
Soldiers of the First World War Canadian Expeditionary Force
 (should return 142 BARCLAY names)


Russell R. Elgin
U.S. Army - Military Police
Rank: Staff Sergeant
(great grandson of Durrett Hubbard Barclay)

Lindel L. Davison
U.S. Army
Hometown: Santa Paula, CA
(great grandson of  James Hardison & Lucy Barclay Davison)

                      James Edward Barclay, Jr., Ph.D.
                      Capt. USMC
                      Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Manhattan Project
                      Oak Ridge, TN
                      Birth date and place:  3/14/1917, New Orleans, LA
                      Death place and date:  Unknown as yet.
                          (Disappeared Bogata, Colombia, 1953)
                  (submitted by James Worth Barclay, son of above   11/6/03)
Flight Sergeant Phillip Grimshaw Barclay RCAF R/80160
Killed at age 21 on May31, 1942 in the first 1000 bomber raid over Germany
in a Wellington bomber . Mother, Mary Harvey Barclay of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His grave is located at the Rhienberg War
Cemetery, Germany, Coll. grave 14. C. 15-19
(submitted by Stan Barclay )

Sergeant Lloyd William Barclay RCAF night fighter squadron 410 from 1941-45.
                      He was born in Sarnia Ontario in 1917 and died in Toronto in 1975.
 (submitted by Barry J Barclay)

casualty -  RAF
(great great grand son of Walter Barclay b. 1774)

 James Barclay Whitley, only child of Bernice M. Barclay Whitley
died at Corregedor, Phillipines in World War II. Falls County, Texas

Dr. Watt Barclay, Tyler County, Texas

*2nd LT. Ruth Barclay, Army Nurse - South Pacific - daughter of Clyde Barclay of Tyler County, Texas

*Raymond, James Edmond & Ralph Barclay, sons of Clyde, Navy

           Gus Shelby "Sonny Boy", Navy,  foster child of the Walter Barclay family

William "Bill" Barclay, Navy, son of Bower Barclay of Tyler Co., Texas

John H. Barclay, Callaway County, Missouri

*(more info for children of Clyde & Mollie Pittman Barclay)
Ruth Elizabeth Barclay b. 09/10/1919, d.  01/18/1959 (bur. Chester, TX) US Army Nurse
Raymond Leonard Barclay b. 07/03/1922  US Navy
                      Ralph D. Barclay b. 01/24/1924, d. 02/14/1979 (bur. Chester, TX) US Army
James Edmond Barclay b. 01/22/1927, d.  02/15/1988 (bur. Sunset Cemetery, Nacogdoches, TX) US Navy
                       Clyde Doyle Barclay b. 12/27/1930 US Navy


Clyde Doyle Barclay,  Navy, Tyler County, Texas, son of Clyde Barclay

George W. Barclay, Jr., 1st Lt., Army, Jefferson County, Texas

Clyde Elwood Barclay, Sergeant, Army, Somerset County, Pennsylvania*
*(submitted by son Craig Barclay)

Viet Nam Era

James Clifton Barclay
U.S. Air Force
Cam Rahn Bay (2 tours)

Edward H. Honebein
U.S. Navy/U.S.S Rowan
Rank: Petty Officer 2
(2nd great grandson-in-law of Durrett H. Barclay)

James Worth Barclay
                      Sgt. USAF, 1963-69
                      AF14857702, Audio-Visual Specialist
                      551st AEW&C, 551st Combat support Group, Otis AFB, Cape Cod, MA.
                      Birth date and place:  10/27/1946, Lake Charles, LA
                      Presently living in Worcester, MA
(submitted by James Worth Barclay 11/6/03)

Persian Gulf

David Lynn Barclay
U.S. Army

Daniel J. Elgin
U.S. Navy/U.S.S. Constellation
Rank: Operations Specialist 2
(3rd great grandson of Durrett H. Barclay)

Joseph A. Lingross
U.S. Army
Rank: Staff Sergeant
(2nd great grandson-in-law of Durrett H. Barclay)

Daniel A. Keney
U.S. Army
Rank: Sergeant
(2nd great grandson-in-law of Durrett H. Barclay)


Daniel A. Keney
U.S. Army
Rank: Sergeant
(2nd great grandson-in-law of Durrett H. Barclay)

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