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This is the view looking across the river
at the sawmill in Batsto, 1996.
One of the workers cottages,
from an old postcard
   This is a photo of the mansion taken
in the fall of 1978

This site is a constant work in progress, a repository for any and all historical or genealogical data I come across with regards to the village of Batsto.
Batsto is located in Burlington County, just across the Atlantic County line from the town of Pleasant Mills. In its heyday it was an iron forge and later a glass works, until purchased by Joseph Wharton of Philadelphia. Today it is a state hisoric site,located in Wharton State Forest.

This page started as a strictly historical and genealogical website, and although information is being added regarding the current state of Batsto, it will remain mainly genealogy-oriented. The main reasons for adding the information regarding the current events and other Historic Site information were to encourage others out there to go down and visit Batsto....I did 13 years ago and have been unable to extricate myself from its rich history since. Also, it was a way of repaying the kind staff at Batsto for allowing me the access to their valuable research materials.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some photos of Batsto from 1912 I recently obtained.

A Brief History of the Village of Batsto
Population Figures for Batsto Decade-by-Decade Account of
Who Lived at Batsto
Family Trees of Prominent Batsto Families and other South Jersey towns
Other communities in Washington Township An Appendix of Unresolved
Genealogical Data relating
to Washington Township

An aerial photo of Batsto

Batsto Historic Site and Wharton State Forest Information

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