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Almond & Dorothy (Beck) Cressman
My grandparents, Almond and Dorothy (Beck) Cressman

Welcome to my CRESSMAN family page. I am descended from Joh. Georg Cressman (1705-1785, known as (6) Georg, since he's the sixth-known Cressman to immigrate) who came from Rotterdam, Germany in 1729 on the ship "Mortonhouse" and settled in Montgomery Co, PA; my branch of the family ended up in Northampton Co, PA and Clinton Co, MI. If you have any problems accessing anything, or any additions/corrections, let me know at [email protected]. Happy hunting!

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12/ 9/00 Added contacts for various lines and my grandmother's wedding and WWII memories.
4/ 7/01 Added Early German Cressmans file, link to my Beck page, and Shenandoah Valley, VA Cressmans contact.

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