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Semper Fi

Email:  Wayne Huckabee


My Loving Wife

Anita Mason Hughes
Nov 17, 1936 - Oct 7, 2001
Anita Mason Hughes


Honor and memory of my mom...Robbie Sue Hiltion Hughes




Thanks for stopping by, Bill

In loving Memory

Roberson William (Bill) Hughes Jr.
He fought a good fight
Semper Fi
September 3, 1946 - December 1, 2003

I encourage all who will, to write a short tribute in his guestbook.

One of Bill's favorite sayings and we had it scrolling at the bottom of the page was, “Hug somebody while you still have the chance.....”.  It's appropriate to mention. Also, I might add, there are many ways of expressing a 'hug.' Go for it!

To those who have commented or inquired about this website, I have helped Bill with his website since the beginning. I plan to keep it up an running as long as there is interest. With all that Bill has done and made available, I suspect that will be a long, long time or at least as long as RootsWeb is up and running. If that changes, I can always tag it onto my personal website. There is so much here that has helped too many folks to even consider taking it down. Bill was so excited to see all of you who stopped by and was able to use something that was posted. That gave him so much joy. He was simply amazed!

One point I need to make, Bill wanted no major changes to this website after his death.  I realize so much has and will change as far as website design is concerned but I still would like to honor his request.  From time to time, I will try to update my current email address, copyright dates and so on but will leave the rest unchanged.  I trust you will understand. Feel free to contact me if you need.

Bill loved each of you so very much. God bless you all!

For his family and friends,
Wayne Huckabee



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July 07, 2012


Grateful Cuzzie