Ward, O'Reilly, Gadd and Greene Family History

Ward, O'Reilly, Gadd and Greene Family History

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Ron O'Reilly & Helena Ward (on their wedding day, 7th Aug 1941) ............ Pauline Greene & Bill Gadd (about 1951)

Welcome to our Family History pages on the web. Please note that the information on these pages should be regarded as 'draft'. It is certain that there are errors and omissions. If you can correct or add any further information then please let me know. I am also very keen to have copies of photos that we can add to the family history pages.

I should also point out that a great deal of information has been researched and prepared by others. Notably the late Dr Sidney Osborn did all the hard work on researching the Ward line back to the mid 17th century and this has been added to by Suzanne Easton. Mike & Jean Hides have also provided information on the Ward family and the late Joan Hunter in Newcastle provided some interesting information on the O'Reilly family in the twentieth century. Also, Bernadette Doyle provided a great deal of the research on the O'Connor, Madden lines etc. We are now developing the O'Connor line with help from other cousins including Des Madden from Ballinasloe and Margaret Fisher. Des has come up with some great stories relating to the O'Connor memorial in Ballinasloe!

I am also working with another cousin, Nick O'Reilly who is descended from Alfred O'Reilly, son of Thomas. Nick and I have been exchanging information and that has helped to flesh out the O'Reilly history. We just wish we could find out more about Thomas and Maria Rielly!

Thanks to all of them for the information they have provided.

My apologoes if I have failed to mention you on this list of cousins who have helped me with information about these families - there are so many such 'cousins' out there that I have lost track of them all!

However, I have tried to make sure that tha appropriate source is recorded for each piece of information in this family history.

By the way, if you are looking for the O'Reilly info then start with 'Rielly' as my family seem to have used several different spellings!

Note that these family history pages include photos wherever I have them. There are links below to Family Archive folders where all the family photos I have are available.

**** If you want to contact me by email use bill.oreilly-at-btinternet.com but change the -at- to @. This is just my vain attempt to reduce the level of SPAM I receive.


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